College girl woes (#18+, NSFW)

Hello, my kinky friends! Just a little spanking story for your enjoyment! Thank you for reading 🙂 XOXO, nora My tummy was in knots as I stared at the large D- score scrawled across my latest history exam.  Two months ago, I would have laughed this off and gone about my merry way.  But that... Continue Reading →

The Spanking Machine- fiction, 18+ NSFW

Hello, my naughty friends, This story is a bit unlike the spanking stories you are used to seeing from me.  Typically, I keep things rather light and simple...focusing on the most important parts... a naughty girl receiving a well-earned spanking for her misbehavior!  Well, there is a naughty girl in this story, and of course,... Continue Reading →

A sexy self-growth project- 30 days of D/s, part deux (Day 6) 18+, NSFW

Hello, my friends! Three years ago, I participated in the Loving BDSM’s 30 Days of D/s writing prompts and from this experience, I learned a lot about myself and about D/s.  Recently, I embarked on re-reading my former posts and realized that so much of what I have written in the past was either no... Continue Reading →

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