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Sunday spank day! #NSFW, 18+

Daddy has developed a new spanking regimen for his naughty girl (me!), which has been taking place on Sundays.  You see, Sunday is the day that I spend with my school work, attempting to get this dissertation written.  However, like many, I am prone to distraction…playing with the puppies, playing on-line, playing with myself… 😊

To help me stay focused, Daddy has so graciously offered to paddle my bottom every hour, on the hour, while I am sitting at the computer.  He believes that a sore, hot seat will provide the focus that my mind needs to get my work done and keep me from distraction.  How I wish he wasn’t right!  I have been getting more done on Sunday afternoons than I have in a long time.

When I am ready to head into my home office, Daddy requires that I fetch the wooden paddle.  He then requests that I bend over my own desk (the indignity!), he lowers my yoga pants (my preferred mode of dress on the weekends), and gives me ten hard swats to my bare behind.  He then hugs me and tells me to get to work, allowing me to pull my pants back into place.

The first round of swats…not so bad.  The second round, however, I was feeling pretty sore by the tenth swat.  And, by the third round, I was in tears just a few swats in.

All in all, I took 50 swats with the wooden paddle yesterday.  But, I am happy to report that I submitted 5 new dissertation pages, as well as completed some other school related tasks.  I am quite sore this morning, but very happy with the progress that was made.

Thank you, Daddy!  Your baby girl loves you so.



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Where pleasure meets pain #NSFW, 18+

Daddy and I had one of those rare, beautifully perfect days yesterday.  It began with our morning ritual of coffee and hot cocoa, which we lingered over till almost noon.  It was then that Daddy told me there would be no sexual escapades that afternoon…I would have be a good girl and earn this privilege.  This concept is fairly new to us (pleasure being withheld), but I did my best not to pout.  We enjoyed a lovely lunch at one of our favorite restaurants (the lobster artichoke dip is phenomenal!) and spent time at the craft store selecting a few new fall decorations.  At the end of the day, Daddy told me that I had been a very good girl and that I would get my reward in the morning.

And boy did I ever!

He ordered me to our bedroom, to strip off everything except the leather cuffs he put me to bed in, and to lay face up on our bed with my legs spread.  I obeyed, the fantasies building in my mind, until I finally heard his footsteps in the hall.

“Good girl,” he told me, running his finger from my ankle to my hip causing me to shiver from the thrill.  He spread my legs even wider and began inspecting my freshly shaved lady parts.  Recently, Daddy has re-instated the rule that I must shave myself bare twice per month, ensuring that I am well-groomed to his liking.

“Roll over unto your tummy,” he said, heading to our walk-in closet.

I complied immediately, ensuring my thighs were spread so that I was fully exposed to his advances.  He was gone for several minutes and the anticipation was stirring great desire in this little girl.

When he returned he began to immediately strike my bare behind with an implement that I couldn’t recognize.  In some ways it felt like the cane, as it was unyielding and felt rattan.  He spanked me with this implement several times eliciting my cries and lighting fire to my backside.  He set the implement in front of me and I was dismayed to see the rattan carpet beater.  This is a fierce implement if you have never had the pleasure (I say this facetiously) of suffering under its wrath…

Next, he began to lightly run the leather flogger up and down my legs, letting the leather tease out pleasure.  He paused for a moment and I feared he might return to the carpet beater, but instead, he placed a vibrator underneath me, gently pulsing against my most sensitive pleasure button.  He resumed lightly flogging my thighs and my buttocks.  Switching positions, he began to flog me in such a way that the leather strands wrapped around my bottom and down between my legs…which was quite delicious.  Though I was a bit fearful that he might start striking with more force to that sensitive area…

I began to lose myself in the pleasure when he set the flogger down and began spanking me with his bare hand again.  When he switched to the wooden paddle with holes in it, tears came to my eyes and the pain began to consume me.  Just as suddenly he was back to lightly flogging me, producing the loveliest sensations.

It was then that he picked up the strap.  He tanned my bottom a glorious shade of red before ordering me onto my back.  He moved the vibrator down towards my naughty hole as he began to expertly manipulate my clitoris with his fingers, while sucking on my nipple.  The arousal that had been escalating all morning exploded and I was launched into the abyss…where all that existed was an all-encompassing feeling of pleasure.

I must say, earning this reward was far more satisfying than simply receiving it.  Perhaps I am growing in my submission!

Happy writing, my friends!  Hope life treats you well today 😊



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Authenticity #NSFW, 18+ only

It all began with a text to Daddy that read, “I need sex”.

And, boy did I get some!

Yesterday, I was feeling incredibly needy.  Life has been busy and we’ve had little down time.  But, I knew that we only had a few chores that Daddy had to do last night in order to be ready for the incoming painters.  So…I communicated my need for some sexy time….

Daddy replied with a message of his own, commanding me to be waiting, bare bottomed in the corner for him upon his arrival.  This was both thrilling and scary, as this typically means that he intends to spank me and I hadn’t been spanked in some time…it always seems to hurt more when there is much time in between spankings…

I was standing in the corner of our bedroom, fully nude, when I heard the chimes go off on my phone, alerting me that his truck had pulled into our driveway (we installed the Ring cameras for security- very cool product).  I felt a little shiver run down my spine as he opened the front door.  His boots were heavy on the hardwood coming down the hall and into our bedroom.  He stood behind me for a moment, breathing on my neck, and whispered “good girl”.

He told me to lie on the bed face down, while he put the puppies outside.  I then heard him walk to our closet, where all of our spanking implements and toys are.  When he came back, he began trailing the fingers on one hand down my back and sides, while peppering my bottom with firm slaps with the other.  The combination of sensations- pain and pleasure- caused me to grow wet very quickly.  The spanking continued for several minutes when he stopped suddenly and began to kiss my exposed neck, back, and down the sides of my body.  By this time, I was wild and wet with desire.  But, he wasn’t quite finished with me…

Gripping the leather paddle in one hand, his other on the small of my back, he began to firmly spank my bottom.  The heat and pain were intense and everything else faded away…it was just Daddy and I, doing what we do.

Lost in hazy submission, I barely registered when he told me to roll over.  What followed was two incredible orgasms, and the authentic coming together of a Daddy and his little girl.

We are back.

2019 is going to be a fabulous year!

Love to you all!

~ nora

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Sex, sex, and more sex!

Sex?  Yes please!  It’s what’s on the menu 😊

Daddy and I had a fabulous mini-getaway.  We stayed at a beautiful hotel on the marina and while we did a lot of fun things while there, the sex was the best part.  Having the time to really connect in a physical and emotional way was just what the doctor ordered.

In my last post, I wrote about how Daddy packed along some toys for us as a surprise.  His choices were soon revealed and it was clear that he had one thing on his mind…domination.  He brought the wooden paddle, the wrist cuffs that link together, the anal hook, and a very large steel anal plug that has a handle.  He told me that he was going to violate me to remind me that I belong to him and that he owns both my pain and my pleasure.

First, he allowed me to change into the lingerie I had brought… a maroon camisole trimmed in black lace, and black lace panties which have a cut out in the back so one’s bare bottom can be fondled.  When I came out of the bathroom dressed this way for him, he hugged me tight and kissed my forehead…but then he pulled my head back by my hair and bit my neck.

Picking up the wrist cuffs, he affixed each to my wrists and then linked them together behind my back.  With a slap to my bottom, he ordered me to the chair in the corner of the room.

Now, this particular chair was most obliging.  When I kneeled on the seat, face toward the corner, my breasts perched most magnificently on the back of the chair.  However, Daddy wasn’t quite pleased with my current state of dress….so, panties came right down to my knees and my camisole was peeled up so that my bare breasts now rested on the back of the chair.  Now Daddy was satisfied with how I was presented.

I felt nervous as the size of the steel plug scares me a bit.  But Daddy had other things in mind.  First came a slow and hard paddling.  I felt incredibly self-conscious as the paddle makes a very loud smacking sound.  I felt sure that our neighbors (if there were any) could hear my spanking.  I tried not to cry out, but that didn’t last long.  Soon, Daddy had me in tears and my bottom was stinging terribly.

But as soon as my spanking was over, I felt a bit of dread as Daddy left my side.  I heard the lube.  And then he was coming toward me again.  It happened very fast…my cheeks were spread, and Daddy began to slowly fuck my bottom with the steel plug.  He reminded me that I belonged to him and that I would obey him.  He told me that he could do this to me whenever he wanted.  The humiliation and the violation of my most private place had me begging and pleading with him to stop.  But, he didn’t stop.  Instead, he fisted his hand in my hair and began fucking me harder and faster, with deeper strokes.

Finally it ended.  He left me there on the chair, ass out and panties down, hand cuffed, while he took the plug to the bathroom to rinse it.  When he returned, he told me how proud of me he was that I had endured his lesson in obedience.  He uncuffed me and led me to the bed where he held me in his arms and whispered sweet words of love.  The pain and humiliation was over.

Next, came the pleasure.

Unbeknownst to me, Daddy had one more trick up his sleeve.  Out came the dual vibrator…one part goes up your cunny and the other up your naughty bottom hole.  I am unable to use this toy often as it is a struggle on my own to get it into, and keep it, in both holes.  But Daddy maneuvered this just fine.  He suckled my nipple while he penetrated me in both places, vibration turned up on high.  It was almost too much sensation.


I had the most mind-blowing orgasm.  I was spent.  My eyes closed and I melted against Daddy.  He pulled the comforter up around me and held me…I’m not sure how long.

When he was sure I had recovered, he said, “Now you will suck my cock until I cum”.

And like a good girl, down I went.

Needless to say, it was a great start to the weekend!

Love, nora

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A little more strict…

This morning, after a pretty good spanking, Daddy informed me that he has been too lenient with me lately.  He warned me that he was going to focus on greater consistency with regard to monitoring my behavior and attitude, and that I should expect him to be a little more strict.   Unfortunately, this translates to more discipline for me, unless I can reign myself back in and be more submissive.

I earned a spanking after throwing a bit of a tantrum last night.  Daddy and I were watching The Ranch on Netflix (which I LOVE), when he paused it to share with me some thoughts on politics which were mentioned in the show.  First off, I hate discussing politics, with anyone, least of all after I’ve had a few drinks to relax.  Second, did I mention how much I love this show?  Sadly, instead of nicely asking Daddy to resume the show, I got a bit mouthy.  Daddy informed me that I had a bad attitude and that I would be spanked the following morning.  That shut me up real quick.

So, now I am writing this post on a fairly sore behind.  Daddy brought out the wooden paddle with holes in it…one of our more painful and effective implements.  Followed up with six of the best from the cane.  I was sobbing and promising to be a good girl by the end of the session.

Despite the craziness of the holiday season, I must focus on my submission to Daddy.  He needs my respect and my obedience, and, I truly desire to give that to him.

Be good, my friends! Happy writing 🙂

Love, nora

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Return of my babygirl side #NSFW, 18+

I’d say that I barely recognize her, but that would be a lie.  She is the little that lives inside of me, who rarely makes an appearance.  But boy did she make an appearance today!  Bratty, full of sass and downright disobedience.  And the tantrums!  Daddy had only been home for lunch for a few minutes when he recognized her appearance in our day and that I was in dire need of an attitude adjustment. I was sent to our bedroom to stand in the corner.  I was made to strip down to my birthday suit and then he left me there for about 15 minutes to think about my misbehavior.

When Daddy arrived, he led me to the chaise lounge and told me to kneel on it, facing the mirror.  What I saw was my bratty naked self in full pouty mode (but my breasts sure looked nice!).  Standing in the corner had not made me any more compliant and if anything, I was feeling sassier than ever.  Until Daddy came back with the spanking stick.  I call it a spanking stick, but it is really just a long, thin paddle.  I think it is about 20 inches long, about an inch wide, and an inch thick.  Picture a heavy duty ruler of sorts.  Upon seeing Daddy’s chosen implement, I began to regret the talking back, the disobedience, and the general disrespect I had shown him.

A few minutes into my spanking and I was really regretting my behavior.  As Daddy set my behind on fire, I began pleading with him to stop and promising to be a good girl.  Daddy was not impressed and continued on with my spanking.  I began to tear up as my bottom was turned cherry red.

There was a lot of squirming, a lot of pleading, and a lot of tears.  On Daddy’s end, there was a lot of stern lecturing about obedience and attitude.

Finally, it was over.  Daddy stopped spanking me and pulled my head back by my hair.

“Are you going to be a good girl now?” he asked, forcing me to look at him.

“Yes, Daddy, I will,” I cried.  “I promise.”

He released my hair and smacked my bottom again.  And then, it was back to the corner, where I was to remain with my nose pressed against the wall, nude for the remainder of Daddy’s lunch break.

Now I am sitting on a pretty sore backside as I write this post.  My mindset has been mostly corrected, but I can still feel babygirl lurking…

My babygirl side gets me in trouble every time.  The little in me comes out when I feel needy…and she tends to be naughty and throw tantrums to try to get what she wants.  I don’t really care for this side of myself, but I accept her.  And, I know Daddy accepts her, and knows exactly how to deal with her.

Now…time to get productive! Daddy was not impressed with how little I have accomplished today.  Time to put on my big girl panties 🙂

Thank you for reading and happy writing!

Love, nora

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Daddy, will you please? #NSFW, 18+

“Daddy, please dominate me tonight,” were the words that I whispered into my husband’s ear last night when he arrived home after work.  Grinning, he whispered back, “Oh, don’t you worry, little girl.  I know just what to do with you.”

And, he did.

After my evening bath, I stood nude, waiting in the corner of our bedroom for him.  Not long after, he came in, ignoring me as he went to our toy chest in the walk-in closet.  Behind me, I could hear him bringing things out, but I didn’t dare turn around as once I am in the corner, I am to stay there until he releases me.

Without a word, he took my arm and turned me around so I was facing him.  He instructed me to lift my hair and he firmly attached the collar around my neck.  He then led me to the bed and ordered me to lay down, face first.  I obeyed and soon my wrists were hand cuffed above my head, my nude body stretched out behind me.  Then, without warning, he forcefully thrust the silver plug into my bottom.

Patting my cheeks, he said, “Aren’t you a cute little bunny?”.  My face burned in shame, knowing that he was seeing me nude, with the white bunny tail plug thrust up my rear.

He kneeled down by the bed, and in my ear he said sternly, “I do this because I love you, baby girl.  This is to remind you who you belong to.  You are mine forever.”

His sweet words said, he was through with talking.

After a brisk hand spanking, the carpet beater rained down all over my naked backside.  I cried and squirmed the best I could, but the hand cuffs hurt if you wiggle too much.  My spanking seemed to go on and on.  How had I forgotten how much this particular instrument hurt?

After seven or eight hard strikes right to the middle of my bottom, he paused, setting down his means of pain.  But he wasn’t finished with me, not by far.

Next came the wooden paddle.  My wooden paddle, with the naughty images drawn on each side.  This brought tears and desperate pleas for him to stop.  I tried my best to hold still, but each stroke had me kicking and revealing my feminine charms.

He asked me if I had had enough.  I cried out yes.

He asked me if I could take more and I was silent.  I finally whispered, “yes, Daddy”.

He left my side and returned to the closet.  When he returned, I felt the cold touch of the cane on my bottom.

“You will get six and you will count them,” he told me.

Before I could even consider pleading with him, the first blow landed, burning Daddy’s mark across the lower cheeks of my backside.

I cried out, the pain flooding my mind and body.  And, I counted.

He laid five more searing stripes across my bottom before he set down the cane and released my hand cuffs.

He came to the other side of the bed, and ordered me into his arms.  He didn’t have to ask twice as I was desperate for his comfort.  He held me until my tears subsided and he reminded me that he loved me more than anything.  I expressed my love and my gratitude to him for fulfilling my request.

We didn’t make love, as life’s responsibilities were calling.

But tonight, I plan on showing Daddy how much this little girl appreciates the discipline he gave me last night…

Oh, and these are Daddy’s means of pain…all purchased from Cane-Iac.

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Thank you for stopping by 🙂

Love, nora