Spanking Fiction- Mrs. Ashfield’s School of Manners and More, Ch. 2

Clara shifted nervously in her seat on her welted bottom as she stared at the large phallic object in Mrs. Ashfield’s hands. Her chocolate brown eyes were wide and staring and her anxious little mouth formed a small “o”. Her cheeks blushed in the most beautiful way and Mrs. Ashfield observed that her tight little nipples were has hard as pebbles under her dress.

Spanking Fiction- Crystal’s Story Continues

When Daddy entered the living room, he was greeted by the sight of three naughty young ladies, each in their respective corner. In his right hand he held the dreaded oak paddle, which he would soon use to ensure that none of these young ladies sat comfortably for the next few days. He took an armless chair from the dining room table and placed it in the center of the room.

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