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Sunday spank day! #NSFW, 18+

Daddy has developed a new spanking regimen for his naughty girl (me!), which has been taking place on Sundays.  You see, Sunday is the day that I spend with my school work, attempting to get this dissertation written.  However, like many, I am prone to distraction…playing with the puppies, playing on-line, playing with myself… 😊

To help me stay focused, Daddy has so graciously offered to paddle my bottom every hour, on the hour, while I am sitting at the computer.  He believes that a sore, hot seat will provide the focus that my mind needs to get my work done and keep me from distraction.  How I wish he wasn’t right!  I have been getting more done on Sunday afternoons than I have in a long time.

When I am ready to head into my home office, Daddy requires that I fetch the wooden paddle.  He then requests that I bend over my own desk (the indignity!), he lowers my yoga pants (my preferred mode of dress on the weekends), and gives me ten hard swats to my bare behind.  He then hugs me and tells me to get to work, allowing me to pull my pants back into place.

The first round of swats…not so bad.  The second round, however, I was feeling pretty sore by the tenth swat.  And, by the third round, I was in tears just a few swats in.

All in all, I took 50 swats with the wooden paddle yesterday.  But, I am happy to report that I submitted 5 new dissertation pages, as well as completed some other school related tasks.  I am quite sore this morning, but very happy with the progress that was made.

Thank you, Daddy!  Your baby girl loves you so.