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Sunday spank day! #NSFW, 18+

Daddy has developed a new spanking regimen for his naughty girl (me!), which has been taking place on Sundays.  You see, Sunday is the day that I spend with my school work, attempting to get this dissertation written.  However, like many, I am prone to distraction…playing with the puppies, playing on-line, playing with myself… 😊

To help me stay focused, Daddy has so graciously offered to paddle my bottom every hour, on the hour, while I am sitting at the computer.  He believes that a sore, hot seat will provide the focus that my mind needs to get my work done and keep me from distraction.  How I wish he wasn’t right!  I have been getting more done on Sunday afternoons than I have in a long time.

When I am ready to head into my home office, Daddy requires that I fetch the wooden paddle.  He then requests that I bend over my own desk (the indignity!), he lowers my yoga pants (my preferred mode of dress on the weekends), and gives me ten hard swats to my bare behind.  He then hugs me and tells me to get to work, allowing me to pull my pants back into place.

The first round of swats…not so bad.  The second round, however, I was feeling pretty sore by the tenth swat.  And, by the third round, I was in tears just a few swats in.

All in all, I took 50 swats with the wooden paddle yesterday.  But, I am happy to report that I submitted 5 new dissertation pages, as well as completed some other school related tasks.  I am quite sore this morning, but very happy with the progress that was made.

Thank you, Daddy!  Your baby girl loves you so.



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52 facts about nora’s Daddy #NSFW, 18+

Hello my friends!  Daddy agreed to participate in this little game (there may have been some eye rolling)…these are 52 facts about my Dom…enjoy reading!



  1. I like seeing my baby girl’s bottom red (of course he started with this!)
  2. I love being outside
  3. I am what I am
  4. I love to BBQ
  5. I love to karaoke with my girl
  6. My favorite movie is Red Dawn (the original)
  7. The first concert that I ever went to was George Straight… ewww!
  8. I love our fur babies
  9. I like fucking my baby girl’s mouth
  10. I have a beard
  11. I love a clear night sky
  12. I am not good at looking inward
  13. I like helping people
  14. Creating this list is hard for me
  15. I used to be a wildland firefighter
  16. I love having sex in front of the fire on a rainy day
  17. I express my emotions through music
  18. I am not artistic
  19. I experienced hiking on top of a glacier and it was amazing
  20. I was invited to a fancy dinner in the middle of the forest by a Jeep Co. vice president while off roading
  21. I enjoy swimming
  22. I hate hypocrisy
  23. I love being my baby girl’s dominant
  24. I really enjoy traveling
  25. The number one travel related item on my bucket list is to step foot on all seven continents
  26. I hate drama
  27. I like beer
  28. I also like a really good scotch
  29. I love my family
  30. I despise the heat
  31. My least favorite foods are brussel sprouts, lima beans, and asparagus
  32. My favorite holiday is Christmas
  33. To me, Christmas is happiness
  34. I love the deafening silence of snow falling
  35. My favorite spanking implement to use on my baby girl is the wooden paddle. It has the best of everything.  A good sound, a good feel, and produces good redness and good pain.
  36. I love the way my baby girl takes care of our home
  37. I really miss my grandma and grandpa
  38. I like playing video games
  39. I feel most dominant when I put a plug in my baby girl’s bottom
  40. I have a dark sense of humor
  41. To me there are no jokes that are “too soon”
  42. I would like to learn to communicate better
  43. I enjoy my job
  44. I try to avoid conflict
  45. I love my girl’s eyes and her smile…her smile lights me up.  Her boobs are pretty fantastic too.
  46. I like to fuck my girl with her legs on my shoulders. Of course, there is something about doggy style that makes a man feel powerful.
  47. My favorite bands are Volbeat, Tool, Breaking Benjamin, and Disturbed
  48. I loved visiting Alaska
  49. I also loved England, Ireland, and Scotland
  50. I once charted a boat in Greece with my family to cruise the islands
  51. I feel that I have good work ethic
  52. To nora’s audience…I read all of her posts and all of the comments. Keep the suggestions coming


P.S.  Daddy selected the image as well!  Happy blogging 🙂


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100 Facts About Me

I recently started following Penny Berry, who authors a blog about the BDSM & DDLG lifestyle.  Today, she posted a list of random facts about herself (which was highly entertaining!).  To fill my evening while my Daddy is away on business, I attempted to do the same.

Thank you for joining!

100 facts about naughty nora

  1. Daddy and I will be celebrating our 17th anniversary in November
  2. Nothing lights me up more than hearing “you are a good girl”
  3. I like puppies more than babies
  4. I would give anything to have my mom back
  5. I’m not sure I could survive without my morning coffee
  6. I believe that integrity is a person’s greatest quality
  7. Fall is my favorite season
  8. I strive to sparkle!
  9. A good spanking and buggering is the perfect Saturday afternoon
  10. Decorating for Christmas is one of Daddy and I’s favorite things to do together
  11. I’d like to have two donkeys, a regular sized one and a mini in our field
  12. My favorite movies are Sense & Sensibility, Love Actually, and Moulin Rouge
  13. I’ve actually been to the Moulin Rouge in Paris
  14. Something on my bucket list that I have yet to accomplish is to publish a book
  15. My favorite sex toy is a pink jelly dildo
  16. Many nights I sleep in handcuffs to remind me that I belong to Daddy
  17. I love collared michael and his Queen…two amazing people on a similar (yet different) journey
  18. Everyone should experience the occasional pedicure
  19. My favorite meal (that has carbs) is a dark meat turkey leg with a red potato with all the fixin’s
  20. One of my favorite low carb meals is hassleback chicken (stuffed with mozzarella, tomato, spinach)
  21. My favorite feature on a man are his forearms
  22. My daddy has an amazing butt
  23. My favorite compliment that people give me is that my house “feels like a home”
  24. I lived in Hawaii…and let me tell you, islands get small fast!
  25. I am a mountain girl at heart
  26. I am terrified of mountain lions
  27. I love to wander around the nurseries (for plants, not babies. See #3)
  28. We bought a “fixer upper” and have put a lot of our own blood, sweat, and tears into our home
  29. Last year, I rode in an ambulance after trying to bust my skull on the bathroom door
  30. I love dressing up for Halloween
  31. I once had a stalker (who was a student… yay me, police escort on campus the rest of the semester)
  32. I despise talking about philosophical matters and politics
  33. I despise talking about the former because it goes round and round with no concrete answers
  34. I despise talking about the latter because it makes me feel incompetent
  35. One of my greatest fears in incompetency
  36. I love coloring and listening to piano music…to some degree, I identify as a “little”
  37. Swimming is my favorite exercise
  38. Zumba is my second favorite exercise
  39. My puppies are the miniature loves of my life
  40. My favorite blanket is made of Alpaca fur
  41. My all time favorite novel is Nicholas Evans’ Smoke Jumper
  42. Next on my reading list is the Lord of the Rings trilogy
  43. My favorite adult beverage is Captain Morgan…shot, anyone?
  44. I believe that many products people use every day (deodorant, sunscreen, etc.) actually contribute to cancer
  45. I know shaving one’s nether regions is popular, but I prefer a strip of short hair “down there” for sensation
  46. I fear the cane
  47. I also fear Daddy’s tawse, his strap, his wooden paddle, I could go on and on…
  48. I am excessively fond of “fall” scented candles
  49. I have way too much lingerie
  50. Are you still reading this? Consider yourself on my favorites list
  51. I rarely carry cash
  52. Due to the fact above, I got a toll booth ticket the day I went to pick up my puppies
  53. I am allergic to fish (but not shellfish- go figure)
  54. I enjoy pyrography
  55. My husband is a bit of a pyro
  56. I love to ride my husband while he sucks on my nipple
  57. My husband loves my boobs
  58. I wish doctors would stop prescribing addictive medications
  59. I love my eyes & my hair
  60. My husband and I love karaoke so much…we built a room for it!
  61. I don’t know how the heck Penny made it to 100, but I am throwing in the towel! 50 facts in all I’ve got in me tonight.  Off to enjoy some Netflix!


If you made it through…thank you…no small feat!

Happy blogging 😊



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Let’s get kinky! #NSFW, 18+

Hello ladies and gents!

I was referred to a toy website awhile back by a friend (I sure wish I could remember who so that I could thank them!) that I never took the time to check out…but I finally did this morning, and my oh my!  Talk about deliciously kinky.  I haven’t ordered anything yet, but I’ll be honest…this is seriously turning me on and I’m not one to have fantasies about the supernatural.  But…these toys are just so outrageously provocative!

Please check out this link to Bad Dragon, if you haven’t already done so!

If you visit, check out the sizing chart…all of these enchanting toys come in the size of your choosing.

Also, if you have ordered from here please let us all know!  I would love to hear if it was a good purchasing experience and if the toy was to your satisfaction.  And, which one you chose 😊




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An old-fashioned spanking story #NSFW, 18+

He’d known Sara May all his life.  As kids, they’d run through the sprinklers togethers, and in middle school, he’d teased her mercilessly about her braces.  Now, both seniors in high school, here they were parked out in the woods in his truck.  The heat between them was undeniable and he couldn’t take his eyes from the rise and fall of her breasts under her pretty dress.

With great care, he placed his hand on her knee.  He heard the sharp intake of her breath, but she didn’t pull away.  Encouraged, he leaned in and placed a warm kiss on the nape of her neck.  Her eyes closed.  He placed his hand on her chin and pulled her face towards his and for the first time, he kissed the girl he had always known would be his.

Soon, they were wrapped up in each other’s arms, their kisses deepening…hands wandering.  He pulled Sara May onto his lap so she straddled him and he pulled her in close.  He knew he’d better slow this down if he was going to do right by her.  He wasn’t going to take her right then and there in his truck like some animal.  He loved this girl.

“Sara, honey, let’s slow down,” he whispered, breath hot on her neck.

“Oh, Jed, please, please kiss me,” she moaned, wrapping her arms around his neck, and pressing her pelvis to his.

“I think we’d better take a walk honey,” he said, gripping her waist and pushing her off the stiff front of his Levi’s.

What happened next, took his breath away.

Never breaking eye contact, Sara May sat up straight and slowly pulled the straps of her dress down her arms, revealing her beautiful, perky, bare breasts.  She offered him a shy smile as he looked on in shock, his manhood tightening underneath her.

Every part of him wanted this girl.  He wanted to reach under that dress of hers, rip her panties right off, and find his rightful place between her thighs.  He wanted to crush her body under his as he took her on the seat of his truck.  He wanted…

But, he stopped.  This wasn’t how it was meant to be between them.

“Cover up honey, you are so beautiful…but please, cover up,” he requested, trying to advert his eyes.

“You don’t want me, Jed?” she whispered, sliding forward in his lap, pressing her bare breasts against his shirt.

Who was this wanton girl, half dressed, pressing herself against him, tempting him?  He felt his temper begin to flare.

“Sara, I said stop,” he said sternly.  “Put your clothes back on”

Instead she leaned in and began to lightly kiss his neck, grinding herself on his lap.

“Common, Jed,” she whispered, coyly.  “We’ve been waiting for so long.”

Jed closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensations she was providing, almost losing his resolve.

With a groan, he firmly pushed his girl away.

“That is just about enough, young lady,” he said, shocking himself by how much he sounded like his father.  “Pull your dress up.  I think it’s time I took you home.”

The slap to his cheek surprised him.  It must have taken her just as much by surprise as her hands flew to cover her pretty little mouth.

Before he could consider the consequences, he had Sara May turned over his knee.  In a flash, her dress was up, and he pulled her cotton panties right down to her knees.

Without a word, his raised his hand and brought it down sharply on her delicate flesh.  She squealed and tried to wriggle away, but Jed held her firmly with his left hand and spanked her soundly with his right.  His hand continued to descend upon her backside for several minutes and she began to sob over his knee.

“Please Jed, please stop,” she cried, tears fresh on her cheeks.

He ignored her pleas and continued to spank her bottom to a rosy red.  He had seen his father deliver plenty of spanking to his sisters so he was well familiar with the pleading of a well-spanked girl.  He also knew that if he wanted all that sass to disappear and his sweet Sara May to reappear, he had to spank her soundly enough to ensure better behavior.

There was nothing Sara May could do but lay across his knees and take her medicine.  It had been a long time since her own Daddy had spanked her bottom and she had forgotten the fire a strong male hand could light on an unprotected backside.  She pleaded with Jed to stop, but he was implacable in his endeavor to modify her behavior.

Continuing to spank soundly, he tried to ignore the fullness of her bare breasts hanging off one side of his lap and the suppleness of the bare bottom over his knee.  She was such a lovely sight in this half-dressed state.

“Have you had enough, young lady?” he asked, resting his palm on her now fiery hot behind.

“Yes Jed, please. Please stop, I promise I’ll be good,” she cried, trying unsuccessfully to rise from his lap.

With another round of sharp spanks, Jed answered, “You had better be, or there will be more where that came from.  Do you understand me?”  His hand continued to reign down repeatedly on the sensitive area between her bottom and thighs.

“Yes, Jed…yes, I understand. Please stop,” she begged him.

Reluctantly, he drew her up and into a sitting position on his lap.  With his strong arms around her, she sobbed into his chest from the humility, the sting, and… in remorse.

“There, there,” he whispered, holding her close, well aware that her bare backside was pressed firmly into his manhood.  Oh how he wanted to take that bare nipple into his mouth and bring them both to the ecstasy he knew would exist between them.  But instead, he rocked her gently, kissing her forehead and soothing his freshly spanked girl.  Slowly, he helped her pull her dress back into place and he wiped her tears away.

“I love you Sara May and I promise you…when the time is right, I will have you out of your clothes so fast your head will spin.  I will make you see stars, Sara May.  But for now, honey…you’ve got to keep your clothes on.  I intend to do right by you and when you come walking down that aisle, all in white, on your Daddy’s arm… well, then you will belong to me.  And believe me honey, I’ll be giving you everything you’ve been waiting for”

Sara May threw her arms around him, bestowing him with the sweetest of hugs.  As she drew away, it was then that she remembered that her panties were still down around her knees and her bare bottom was in his lap.  Her face blushed hotly and she looked away.  But Jed, took her by the chin and drew her eyes back to his.

“There is more where that came from, Sara May.  I will expect obedience in my household, so you better get used to that idea.  Understand?” he asked, his steely gray eyes boring into hers.

“Yes, Jed,” she answered, meekly.

“Good girl,” he told her, rewarding her with a kiss.

“Now, let’s get you home before you miss your curfew and give your Daddy something to really be angry about,” he teased, starting the truck back up.  He looked over at his sweet girl, who was trying to pull her panties back into place and smooth down her dress, flustered, but happy.

Theirs’ was just an old-fashioned romance.

Thanks for reading! 🙂



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A heartfelt thank you

My dear readers,

I just want to express my sincerest “thank you” for your readership.  I took a look at my stats today, which is not something that I do often, and was blown away to see that I’ve had over 43,000 visitors to my page!  Now, I know that many of your blogs are far more popular and these statistics may not be impressive.   However, I was left awe struck that so many have chosen to see what naughty nora’s journey is all about.  And, over 300,000 views!  I never dreamt that anyone would find all of this of so much interest.

I also found it interesting that the top five countries viewing my page include the great USofA, Turkey, United Kingdom, China, and Finland.  My, my, aren’t we culturally diverse?

The top referring websites (how others come to find my blog) include:

My Bottom Smarts

The Spanking Bloggers Network

Madam’s Submissive Husband


My top commenters include:


Miss D



So…thank you!  This journey wouldn’t be nearly as fun without you.  Blowing you all kisses and wishing you the naughtiest and most joyful experiences!



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Playing hooky…. #NSFW, 18+

Something about the changing seasons has gotten into me!  This morning, as I enjoyed my coffee and listening to the rain…I knew I just needed a day to do whatever I pleased…and I played hooky from work!  This is not something that I often do, and I was a little surprised that Daddy didn’t have much to say about it (sometimes I do wish he would be a bit stricter).  So…I feigned my illness to the workplace and stayed exactly where I was!  Two cups of coffee, some blogging, and one incredible spanking story that sent tingles to my naughty places later… and I headed to the bedroom for some me time.

I’ll leave the rest to your imagination, but let’s just say it was a great day.  Twice.

Until Daddy’s text came in this afternoon.

“Please be in the corner waiting for your spanking when I get home, young lady”.

Uh oh.  I guess he did mind that I played hooky today.

Happy blogging!