Alternative forms of discipline- any thoughts?

Hello, my kinky friends,

I was reading a blog recently that discussed alternative discipline methods to spanking, especially when noise had to be considered.  The author mentioned a few implements that are relatively quiet- the cane, the loopy, the tawse, the switch…though in these instances, the recipient of such discipline may not be able to keep from crying out loudly (personally, I cry very loudly when the cane is applied to my bare bottom).  But a few other ideas for quiet discipline were floated out there… corner time, lines, loss of privileges, and capsaicin cream.  This piqued my interest!

Sir and I have tried IcyHot for this purpose.  IcyHot uses menthol to relieve aches and pains.  While other have recommended IcyHot as a quiet form of discipline, I’ve found that all IcyHot does (for me) is leaves my bottom tingling a bit and later, it goes a little numb.  The IcyHot product definitely makes me very aware of my bottom after applied.  However, there is no real stinging sensation, or any type of pain associated with IcyHot (at least, not for me).

But I’ve read capsaicin cream can be a whole other story.

If you aren’t familiar with capsaicin, it is the active component in chili peppers.  My understanding is that capsaicin is responsible for the burning sensation felt in your mouth when you consume a hot pepper.  Imagine having that same burning sensation on your bottom and backs of your thighs without an actual spanking?  I know the head of every spanko in the room just turned…

I must be a glutton for punishment because upon reading about capsaicin cream, I immediately began seeking a suitable product.  While having quiet discipline isn’t really a concern between Sir and I, we are long-distance…being able to apply a cream as discipline at his command is something I thought he might find appealing.  Upon finding something suitable on Amazon and reading the reviews, I emailed Sir and filled him in on my naughty research.  Sir is responsible for my discipline and in charge of making these types of decisions.  I am allowed to float ideas past him, but he makes the ultimate decision.  In this case, he wrote back and said yes… please order the capsaicin cream.

While checking the mail this afternoon, my heart began to pound.  There it was, sitting so innocent like in my mailbox.  My tummy filled with butterflies.  Once in the house, I opened the product.  I read the label closely.  Don’t touch this product with your hands and then touch your face (note to self…use disposable gloves).  And then…like the obedient submissive that I sometimes am… I put the tube of cream away in my bathroom drawer.  I emailed Sir and let him know that the product had arrived.  I requested his permission to experiment with it but was denied.  Sir directed me to wait for him.  He would be in control of when this cream was applied to my bottom. 

Sighs. It’s hard to be a good girl!

I am curious to hear about your experiences with capsaicin cream, or any other alternative forms of discipline.  I am a spanko at heart but am always curious about other forms of discipline too.  Please share your thoughts!  I am particularly interested in loss of privileges.  This sounds hard and I think might serve as a real deterrent, depending on which privilege is taken away for naughty behavior…

I remember Daddy grounding me from my blog for 24 hours once… it was TERRIBLE! Not that a discipline spanking is any easier… XOXO

Keeping it kinky,


78 thoughts on “Alternative forms of discipline- any thoughts?

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    1. Hello, my traveling friend! I haven’t had much to write about lately. Life has been hard with my husband’s health condition. It’s kept me away from WordPress a bit. I’ll try to write posts when I can 🙂 XOXO


  1. Great to see your spirits up my friend. As you know online friends have always been in my life they use capsaicin, plastic hangers and ginger root. These are all excellent forms of punishment. If you’re never tried ginger root for punishment, I would recommend it.
    It is a silent form of punishment and after cut into the shape of a butt plug and inserted, you will know it is there. Anyway, let me know if you try any of this and if it “fills the bill.” 🤣

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    1. Ah! I should have mentioned ginger root. We have tried that a few times. That is VERY stingy! One of the elements of ginger root that I enjoy are the preparations. Being sent to the store to get it. Having to select one that looks like it will make a good plug. Once home, having to peel it and carve it into a plug…knowing full well that it is going into my bottom shortly. ~ shivers in delight. And then it is so stingy!!!! Definitely a good form of discipline. Speaks to a naughty girl both mentally and physically.

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  2. You did some great research…hope this cream hits the spot. ☺️ I’m sure you will find yourself in trouble soon enough and will get to experience it. Can’t wait to hear about what you did to get in trouble and how the cream felt. 🔥

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  3. 0) test on a very small area of a sensitive skin – maybe a square inch of inner thigh – before playing to ensure no allergic reaction
    1) very little cream is needed – an amount the size of a pea, or a bit less, per cheek is enough
    2) the applier may want to wear a disposable glove whist applying the cream. The fingers/palms can generally handle the capsicum but eventually another part of the body will be touched…
    The glove will also allow a smoother and more even application
    3) following from 2, apply to full skin areas only. No lady parts or too deep in the crack!
    4) I find the most effective method to be to apply the light film of cream and leave the bottom bare until it dries (corner time?!). This won’t sting much if at all. However any subsequent spanking for the next 6-24 hours will sting more while being applied and will active the cream leading to additional sting/pain for 15-30 minutes after the spanking stops
    5) a light very smooth hairbrush/paddle can be used to good effect as well
    6) no worries, the cream can just be washed off in the shower. Ha! – a shower or any water will activate the cream for a least 12 and sometimes 24 hours after an application. Soap will not take it off!!
    7) if you absolutely need to remove the cream try rubbing the affected area with olive oil/vegetable oil, then washing that off with soap. Be careful not to slip in the shower from the oil

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    1. Hello, Midwest Reader! Thank you for this VERY valuable information! This is exactly the type of advice I was hoping to receive. I will be sure my Sir sees this comment, and I have no doubt your advice will be heeded. I have read that this stuff is serious…and not to overdo it. Thank you so much for this very thoughtful comment! XOXO

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  4. Good to see you online! Hope things are going (a bit) better again.

    My Sir bought ginger root over the weekend and has decided we will try it next time a quiet discipline is in order. I’m quite intrigued, but equally fearful! Maybe you try it first and let me know how it goes?!? Lol.

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    1. Hello, Marie! Yikes! Ginger root is painful, I won’t lie to you about that. It must be peeled, and then shaped into a plug. Make sure you leave yourself something to grasp to pull it back out (it wouldn’t be difficult for it to go up inside you too far). I’ve only had the ginger applied twice…but it is VERY stingy! Hope we get to hear about your experience! XOXO

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        1. I promise you, you will survive! It is a burning like no other though. It is very hard to have ginger inserted into a well-spanked bottom and be made to stand quietly in the corner…. hard to hold still! Best of luck XOXO

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    2. One thing about fresh ginger root: some people have an allergy-type reaction to it (even if they do not have such a reaction to ground dried ginger powder), and it can cause swelling of affected areas. I suggest not jumping right in to figging, etc with ginger root before trying it on a small area of the lips or similar exposed membrane.

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  5. I’m not sure I’d call it a punishment but grated ginger smeared into labia and ALL those folds.

    It’s deliciously painful! And when you remove it the sensations return when you visit the bathroom.

    If you prefer to go down the figging root, the sensation wears off after about 20 minutes of inserted time as the moisture is drawn out of the ginger root.

    The potency of the ginger reduces as it ages too.

    Punishment, for me, could never involve physical pain. Instead it’s all consensually psychological. (Not ready to share mine publicly yet but feel free to pop me an email should you fancy. I’m more than happy to share privately. X)


    1. Yikes! Smearing ginger around my labia sounds like a punishment to me! I am very intrigued about your discipline being “consensually psychological” versus physical pain. I will definitely reach out when I can to hear more 🙂 XOXO

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      1. Sometimes, especially when in public ,there is nothing like a couple hard bottom pinches .
        There is some pain and pinches are a great precursor to a future bottom reddening later at home. They are silent and can be administered subtly almost anywhere.
        Of course, waking up in the AM to solid pinches on a bare bottom is an excellent reminder that a proper spanking is coming to deal with last night’s egregious mis behavior.

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  6. I have absolutely no experience of capsaicin cream. But an electro spanking from a TENS device can be painful and totally silent. As long as the recipient can keep their cries from coming out. I should do a post about this. A TENS device saved my sanity during the lock-downs.


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  7. Capsaicin cream is in a league of its own, and once applied, you have to ride it out. If you try it, start out with a little bit and test it out. BTW, the person applying it should wear rubber gloves. If they goof and touch their eyes, it will be very bad.


    1. Thank you very much for this advice! I heard the exact same thing from another reader and will be sure to adhere to these recommendations. On the flip side… I’ve heard it is a true punishment! XOXO


  8. I am glad to see that you are posting.
    I was unaware that a capsaicin cream was being marketed. Do be careful with that. Depending on its capsaicin concentration, if you get it on your hands and later touch eyes, nose, mouth, anus or genitals, you could be in for an unpleasant ride that seems interminable. You could wear gloves or use a butter knife to spread it.
    I smoke various chilis with various hardwoods, dehydrate them, then grind them, producing shake-on chipotle. I much prefer it to black, or red pepper. Handling hot peppers can leave capsaicin bearing oil on your hands that can cause problems by touching sensitive areas, especially by rubbing your eyes, much later, even after washing your hands.
    Again, I am glad to see you have posted.

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    1. Hello, Master Silkenlash. I do apologize for having been so out of touch. We are facing yet another crisis in our personal lives, one that has consumed me the last two weeks. Regarding this post, it wasn’t easy finding a capsaicin cream. None of the local pharmacies carried it, but I did find it on-line. I promise to be very careful. I have disposable gloves that I will use for this purpose and I will only use a very small amount at a time. Thank you for continuing to follow this blog even though I don’t post very often anymore. I hope you and your lovely lady are well. XOXO


  9. A women from a group of spanko’s that I was a member of told of a spanking party went to when she was just starting to play. She got a hard paddling from a guy then was given some aftercare with some arnica applied to her freshly spanked butt. She was going to her car to return home when her butt began burning horribly! She went back inside where it came out that two of the girls had put capsaicin cream in the tube of arnica in order to brat. Another women help by using milk on her butt in the shower while the two “brats” got a intense punishment spanking. Hope it went way beyond what they were after.

    Tried ginger root one time, it wasn’t too bad, but it just went on in on and I finally asked for it to be removed, (I was tied up).

    I inadvertently applied a punishment to myself during what I thought was going to be a “self pleasuring” session. I previously cored a large apple for use as a homemade “fleshlight”, it worked pretty good. Well later the same day I went to use it again. I reached under the bed to retrieve the apple and bought it under the covers to “reapply” it. Instantly I was hit with a lot of stinging in my penis. What had happened was a lot of tiny ants had found that apple an objected to sharing it.

    Man did I turn red in the face when I shared that story with that group, also got a new nickname out of it.

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    1. Well hello, appleTom! Thank you for sharing these stories with us. I hope the two brats that caused the woman such trouble got a serious punishment spanking. That was just awful behavior. From what I have been reading, the capsaicin cream is no joke. And oh my…your apple story. That is something I will never forget! Thank you for sharing XOXO


      1. Yeah, that is taking brat-ing too far, and yes they did get an extra hard punishment once their part it it came out. I might be tempted to brat a little to get extra, though to tell the truth I never have, goes against my male stereotype ideas, (although so does wishing to get put over some females lap…), anyway I would never do something like these woman did. That capsaicin really burned according to my friend.
        Not to say that I was above throwing another sub under the bus, but that was just get them more of what they were interested in anyway.
        Thanks for the reply Nora, the anonymity of the internet helped me to share the story, you so have seen how red I got when I told the story to our group, and was forced to retell it one one of the women participants came in late.

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        1. I have never really understood “bratting” to get extra punishment. While I totally fantasize about spankings, and need them, I don’t actually like them and try to behave well to avoid them. I am glad that anonymity has allowed you to participate with us here! XOXO


  10. Wow. I have seen and heard about the use of hot sauce on the nether regions–ouch! But there are some people I deeply admire who swear by it. As for the sounds of a flogger, I think that nobody ever knows what that rhythmic swoosh and swat really is unless they’re in the room with you. Though, I once stayed at an AirBnB where the owner’s house kitchen and outdoor dining was just below my window as I was getting a good seeing to…and I wondered from the sparkle in the rather enchanting hostess’s eyes the next morning whether she had an inkling of kinky goings on.

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      1. I would love to hear more about caning experiences. Having just had my first real whipping, that left me with marks that lingered for a month, I am actually eager to try something more difficult. I understand that the cane is the worst of all.


  11. I see you’ve moved to the less sexy side of domestic discipline. Alternative punishments work better than spanking but they’re so much less fun. Be super careful with the capsaicin cream (if you’ve ever chopped jalapeños and rubbed your eyes it’s like that but worse) Grounding is the worst. But it works. I can’t do timeout with my anxiety but it’s popular. Loss of privileges really make you feel like a naughty little girl.

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    1. Oh, don’t you worry! There are still plenty of spankings. But it’s fun to experiment too. And, I have a few goals coming up that Sir is going to help me with…and this may serve as a good alternative to spanking if I start to stray. Hope all is well, Grace! XOXO

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  12. It’s so nice to see you back. Expanding the breadth of what is in bounds in terms of “punishment,” I’ve often thought about the submissive being required to provide sexual service to another man whom she does find attractive but otherwise cannot stand (due to his cockiness, smugness or some other quality, maybe a rival at work or in a group of friends). And then being required to ask for a hard punishment spanking afterwards to thank him for punishing her.

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  13. The classic silent punishment is of course corner time. Nose right into the corner, touching both walls. Arms clasped behind the back. Bare bottom exposed. For long distance he can have you put it on webcam so he can work at his computer and have you in the corner of the screen. Add the fresh ginger root in the bum to the above. Squirming is allowed, but the nose may not leave the corner. 30 minutes is interminable!

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    1. Well…hello, Julie! That certainly sounds effective. Fresh ginger root is the WORST. Thank you for putting in your two cents. I am imagining that you have spent some time in the corner in exactly this state… XOXO

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      1. They said they are going to continue thinking about it, but their first reply was this. One time they were staying at a beach resort. They were sharing a condo with another couple of friends. Not friends they shared their kink with. They had a couple of opportunities to play while the others were out, but a couple of times they were getting very horny and wanted to play. Plus, Lara had done something that required punishment. So, Anders got creative. He had some kind of gloves in his car. He went out and found a bunch of sandspurs, or stickers. He got some that were on the ground and he was lucky enough to find some still growing ones on stalks as well. When it was time for Lara’s punishment, he stuck them all over her ass and then used the stalks to spank her. She had to put her face in a pillow to keep from making too much noise! Apparently they sting pretty good and it actually lasts a bit. Also, while her ass was covered in them he used a slightly thicker throw pillow to smack her ass with it. She said it hurt like a fucker! Since then he’s used other types of stinging plants. Also, he used thumb tacks and other small sharp objects to give her some pain back there. I hope he never does this to me! 😫

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        1. Oh my goodness….that does sound like a punishment! I follow a woman who is in a DD dynamic with her husband. He created a “tack bra” for her… it has little thumb tacks that just barely graze her boob when she is wearing it…it is her punishment bra. Yikes! So much room for creativity….


    1. Hi, Heather! We have two canes (that we purchased from Cane-Iac)…we chose a thicker, heavier one and a lighter one. If you do a bit more perusing on the web I am sure you can find someone who gives advice on canes. All I know is that they sting my bottom a good deal! XOXO


  14. I once gave a very well deserved birthday spanking to my gf while her children were asleep across the hall. For the spanking, I stuffed her own panties in her mouth (which she had been wearing all day, and since she was excited to see me, she had wet with her excitement several times during the day) For her spanking, I used a metal switch (at one time in its life, it may have been an antenna, very quite, but very stingy, and it doesn’t have to be swung that hard). I gave her her age, plus a to grow on spanking, that was a fast whipping of no particular number of spanks that made her twist and squirm. I would doubt if her children were awake they would have heard it. Cane-Iac also has some delrin canes that would be just as quiet.
    Also silent is a punishment enema. That can be given to you or you can be ordered to give it to yourself. Mix some hot (not too hot) water with some ivory or castile soap for some bloating and cramps. Holding that solution for a period of time is some good discipline. So is taking two or three in a row of soap/water solutions before you take 2 plain water rinse enemas. There are several nozzles out there where their insertion alone is punishment enough, then the clamp is let loose. Pulling those nozzles out without leaking takes discipline too.
    Lastly, something that rarely gets mentioned, is controlling what you use for protection during your period. If you normally use tampons, making you use a pad can remind you all day of your submission. He could make you use a tampon that is not absorbent enough so you have to frequently change it throughout the day. Another silent, although messy, is being made to do corner time with no protection at all, then being made to clean up afterward. There’s many ways you can go with discipline during your period, but that is a start.



    1. Hi Prefectdt. No, still here, unfortunately. I am healing but it will be a long road. I had a hole in my colon. Thankfully they did the surgery and were able to put me back together again without a colostomy bag. Hoping to be out of here in a few days. Thank you for checking on me, my friend XOXO

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  15. Capsaicin cream is pretty bloody intense, and once applied, it’s there till it wears off. you can’t just wipe it off. So, is may be just what you need, but use sparingly at first.

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