Sugar Daddy?

Hello, my kinky friends~

I was out and about yesterday, when I witnessed the sexiest encounter between two people (at least, it felt sexy to me!).  As I was parking, I saw this incredibly handsome, older man get out of his car.  He was dressed well, distinguished, and probably in his early 60’s.  He leaned against his car casually, crossing his arms.  His confident smile held my attention.  When I realized he was smiling at someone, I followed his gaze to see a very attractive, much younger woman, crossing the parking lot and headed toward him.  He stayed where he was, letting her come to him.

When she reached him, he embraced her, his right hand gently squeezing her bottom.  She was wearing the shortest shorts I’ve ever seen, and I watched as his fingertips grazed the bare skin directly beneath the hemline of her shorts.  I was blushing furiously as I watched them, acutely aware of his dominant stature.

My niece was with me and needed me to unlock the car as she had forgotten her phone in the center console.  As I waited for her, the two walked into the store ahead of us…this handsome older man, and gorgeous younger woman.  I imagine there was a 30-year age difference, gauging him in his sixties and her in her early 30’s.  As we trailed behind them, I was able to hear parts of their conversation.

“But I put it in the cart, Daddy.  You said that you would buy it last night,” she said, her tone a bit whiny.

My heart fluttered to hear her call him Daddy.

“I saw that, Cassandra, but that was well over the amount we agreed to, “he responded.  As a submissive girl, I recognized his stern tone with her and my tummy filled with butterflies. 

I could see that she was pouting, but instead of arguing, she linked her arm through his.

As we all moved through the store, I tried to focus on my niece and what we were shopping for.  But I couldn’t keep my eyes off his strong hands and how they lingered on her body… her shoulder, her arm, her waist…

At one point, he drew her into his embrace, kissing her deeply and squeezing her bottom again.  I felt gooey inside as I stared at his strong arms.

I’ve got this thing for a man’s forearms….

As I write this, I am laughing at myself a bit.  This submissive girl needs to get laid!  I feel confident that what I was witnessing was a Sugar Daddy and his girl.  I could be wrong, but there seemed to be a power dynamic there revolving around sex and money.  How I wish I could have followed those two around all afternoon!  Of course, in my mind…he gave her a good spanking for her whiny tone when they got to his place…



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    1. Hi MJ! I was thinking on that too…how often I probably come across couples engaged in some sort of kinky moment of which I have absolutely no awareness. And I really hope he DID give her a spanking…she deserved one for being so whiny with him! LOL.

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  1. It is great to see your post tonight.!
    If the girl was sulking and whining in the store, a sound lesson teaching spanking would seem appropriate (to me anyway.)
    The question for some would be do you take her to the car right away, move the car to a lonely parking spot and wear her bottom plum out . Then after the tears have dried and she is somewhat fit to be in public escort her back into the store and finish
    Finish shopping then take her home and put your belt to good use.
    I LOVE to fantasize scenes like that.
    Thank you Nora for providing the starting point!
    It’s always good to see a post from you. You’re great !

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    1. Hi Paddlefan! You are too sweet to me…thank you, my friend. I think my vote would be a few sound swats right there in the parking lot….and later, an old-fashioned, over-the-knee spanking…with a dozen licks with his belt or a paddle after to finish her off. She would of course stand in the corner for a bit, and then be made to kneel before him and thank him properly for disciplining her (with her mouth, if you catch my drift 😉 ). Thank you for reading! XOXO

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  2. I Can just imagine her stomping her little foot and telling daddy that she wanted the item. Sticking her little tongue out and pouting with all her might. The stern glare he would give her making her immediately retreat hoping that her apology would get her out of the spanking when the get home. It doesn’t he spanks her until she can’t take it anymore and then he comforts her. As a good daddy should.

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        1. Hi Grace! My husband’s health is okay. We received more hard new recently and are working to process it and adjust. We are going to be trying some holistic treatments through a licensed medical doctor and we are both feeling hopeful about that. Our puppies continue to be a source of joy to us both. And things with Sir are good. He is still a part of my daily life. We haven’t had as much time together lately as either of us would like, but we still have some pretty thrilling times. How are things with you, Grace? XOXO


  3. Fantastic to find a post from you! What fun to see this situation unfold in front of your eyes too…….I hope she was given a spanking when they got home.

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    1. Hi David! Great to hear from you and thank you for continuing to follow my blog. I know I’m not posting much anymore. But this was a sexy scene to witness…and I will fantasize about how he might have spanked her again and again! XOXO


  4. what a truly delicious encounter, people watching is fabulous when you find just the kind of people you are talking about here. They make your mind wander through all of the delightful possibilities and outcomes of the pout and overspend, don’t they! Wonderful little interaction and yes it does sound like you need to get laid girl, and possibly a sound spanking too. Love you gorgeous woman! 💖💖💋

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    1. Hello, my beautiful friend! I am so glad to hear from you. I DO need a good screw and spanking. Ugh. But it sure was fun to witness this little exchange! Hope all is well in your world. Thinking of you. XOXO


    1. Hi Simon! As a girl attracted to older men, I thought the age difference was PERFECT. There is something about older, dominant men and younger beautiful women that just makes the world go round. Thank you for continuing to follow my blog! XOXO

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  5. I agree with the rest of the folks here. Such a very hot, sexy little anecdote about these people you happened to notice. Their arrangement certainly does make one curious (and speculative). Thanks for sharing! XOXO

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  6. Sorry, but I cannot but help but to flip this around in my mind, where really she is the HOH and is an elder brat. Who is in for it when they get home for not getting the item that she wants. And as for getting overly physical with her in public, I can imagine her marching off to get the big cane, to finish the fun. We all have our own spin on things. 🙂


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  7. It would be amusing if he reads your blog. I can imagine him reading your account aloud to her, along with the comments. He might be inspired to give her an extra good welting, and require her to thoroughly service the reaction caused by that welting. Afterward, he will recall the women with whom he made eye contact in the store. He would file away those images for his next trip to the store, planning his “revenge” for all the discomfort this blog has caused him in the past….perhaps a good singletail thrashing, followed by a sub kneeling with face held to the carpet for a good ravaging? My, my….the possibilities are endless…. =0)

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    1. Oh my, Silkenlash! *fanning myself* I LOVE your take on this. The idea of him reading my blog makes me blush…he was so damn dominant. There is a part of me that wishes that dominance was directed at me! It is really nice to hear from you. You know…email works both ways. It would be nice to hear from you once in awhile 🙂 XOXO


  8. That’s a wonderfully vivid telling. I think you are right. It sounds just like that. And I love your reaction to it. How joyful it is to see others enacting our own fantasies in such an out and about way.

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  9. Neat choice of image atop this story, Nora. What’s not to love about a shapely, pouting beauty connecting with her inner Daisy Duke?

    No doubt you’ve witnessed some seriously short shorts in your time. So if the ones in this case are the shortest you’ve ever seen, it sounds like the lady in question may be hankering for a spankering….

    The good news is that Sugar Daddy can be relied on to discharge his disciplinary duty; the young lady’s extravagance and financial irresponsibility demands nothing less……

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    1. Hi StevieO! I couldn’t find a very good picture on-line of very short khaki shorts…the ones she wore were very sexy, and very short. Thank you for reading! XOXO


      1. The girl in the photo is so pretty that you forget to think about the length of the shorts and everything else. I just want to fall in love with her. But the truth of life is that this sugar daddy, apparently, is far from being a poor dude, and this beauty plays her role solely for the sake of money.

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        1. I agree, Mark, that she is stunningly beautiful. But no, this doesn’t cause me to forget about the length of her shorts. And there’s no way – none, I tell ya – to ignore that delightful derrière!

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  10. You’re welcome, Nora! Always a pleasure.

    Now let’s imagine what might have happened next…..:

    She sensed trouble when he addressed her as Cassandra rather than Cassie. The formality in Sugar Daddy’s voice was unmistakable and disconcerting.

    “I’ve spoken to you before about fiscal responsibility, Cassandra,” he intoned firmly. “But it appears I didn’t express myself clearly enough.”

    With deepening dread she tried to placate him. “No, Daddy, you were perfectly clear. It’s my fault for not listening to your advice. Please, let me make amends the next time we go shopping.”

    Her response failed to impress him. “You should be well beyond the point of merely listening to my advice, Cassandra – you should be acting on it,” he stated with calm, measured authority.

    Then he spoke the words she hated to hear most of all.

    “You’ve disappointed me, Cassandra.”

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      1. Displeasing Sugar Daddy was never a good idea. Cassandra knew this from painful experience.

        It was equally unwise to try to bargain with him. But instinctively she attempted to do just that.

        “Please, Sir, don’t punish me,” she implored. “It’s bad enough to feel I’ve let you down, and I’d feel ten times worse if you decided to spank me.”

        “Don’t say another word, Cassandra!” The commanding tone of his voice silenced her immediately.

        “I thought you’d know by now that it’s completely out of order to pre-empt or influence whatever action I choose to take in a situation like this,” he continued.

        She trembled at these words. Tears were forming in her dark brown eyes. He paused his address to intensify its impact on her.

        The way Sugar Daddy saw things, being almost twice Cassandra’s age made him doubly responsible for leading and educating her. So when she so blatantly ignored his advice, and then tried to manipulate his reaction to the offense, he had no alternative but to impose two penalties.

        As though she could read his mind, Cassandra burst into tears in anticipation of the sanctions he was on the verge of announcing…..

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  11. This is somewhat strange. They should both know the limits and I am surprised she was trying to push them in such a way. It can be easily sorted between the two of them even before the date.
    But who am I to judge – if they are happy together, why not admit that you have indeed met a couple enjoying their Sugar Bown experience.

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  12. Sugar Daddy sat comfortably in the middle of the bedroom. The chair’s central position was a commanding one – just as he intended – and it served to emphasize his authority.

    Cassandra stood in the corner, facing the wall, in accordance with his instructions. After five minutes’ silence, her gentle sobbing betrayed a sense of foreboding.

    He watched intently as her beautiful body began to tremble. “Excellent,” he told himself. “The more apprehensive Cassandra becomes, the more receptive she’ll be when I punish her.”

    Sugar Daddy’s considerable experience of disciplining younger women had convinced him that psychological preparation was an essential part of the exercise. So, when he ordered Cassandra to stand in the corner, he hadn’t said how long she should remain there. Her growing dismay would tell him all he needed to know.

    Not a word passed between them. Cassandra found the tension unbearable, and her sobbing grew louder as she ached to hear what penalties awaited her…

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    1. Ooooh…. I LOVE this, StevieO! How an older, dominant man carefully maneuvers the emotions and behaviors of a younger woman is of GREAT interest to me. I love the psychological component. It sounds like Cassandra will be very receptive to the spanking she is about to receive! XOXO


  13. The mindset of a submissive woman is complex and contradictory.

    Cassandra hated the pain of being spanked, yet deep down she craved the security that came from being taken in hand.

    Sugar Daddy was an accomplished disciplinarian, and at one level Cassandra despised his ability to bring her to heel so thoroughly. Another part of her, however, yearned to obey his commands without question – to connect with her submissive self ever more deeply when, inevitably, he would pile on the punishment.

    Sugar Daddy was equally aware of the psychological drama playing out between them. He decided to increase the tension further.

    “Kneel down, Cassandra,” he commanded. “Continue to face the wall. Join your hands behind your neck.”

    She obeyed instantly, her shoulders trembling as she sobbed in dreadful but eager anticipation….

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  14. Sugar Daddy’s approach to spanking Cassandra could be summed up in three words: Make Her Wait.

    The twenty minutes he left her in the corner (evenly divided between standing and kneeling) were designed to concentrate her mind on the forthcoming chastisement. If they also served to raise her anxiety levels, so much the better.

    Make Her Wait would apply also to the spanking itself. For a submissive woman to feel the full benefits of discipline, she needed to absorb the impact of every swat administered to her bottom. So, a pause between strokes was an important part of taking her in hand. Besides, the intervals would allow him to judge her reaction to his handiwork, and to make any adjustments that might be required as the session unfolded.

    They had been together for five months, during which Cassandra had earned two spankings. But the second was only three weeks ago, and Sugar Daddy was concerned by the absence of self-control her conduct at the shopping mall revealed, not to mention her subsequent attempt to evade the consequences.

    His mind was made up. If Cassandra saw fit to challenge his authority so soon again, she must be taught a lesson…..

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