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Hello, my kinky friends~

I’ve been thinking about love lately, and its different forms.  There is the love born of friendship, the love born of lust and passion, the love born of respect and admiration, the love that stems from family and shared experiences, and there is an enduring kind of love…the love that sees you through both the good times and the bad times.  Daddy and I share an enduring love.  We’ve had/have lust, friendship, becoming lifelong partners, learning to love unconditionally, etc.  Over the years we have loved hard, we’ve broken each other’s hearts, we’ve experienced coming back together and rebuilding what we trampled on, we’ve shared each other’s hearts with others, endured grief, endured addictions…and now, we face the “till death do us part” thing. 

We are hoping for lots more time, but it’s hard knowing that our reality is that Daddy has a life-threatening condition.  The stage four kind.  Our reality is a series of doctor’s appointments, procedures, medications, etc.  Daddy experiences chronic pain and has very little energy.  I spend a lot of time worrying about the future, to the point I am exhausted much of the time.  Daddy needs to vent his frustrations and fears, and I spend a fair amount of time crying and feeling scared of whatever might be (don’t worry, we are both seeing therapists and getting extra support right now).  It’s a lot, and it’s hard. 

But there are things to be grateful for, as well.  Daddy has fantastic medical coverage, which is not something that most Americans experience these days.  I have my health and am able to care for his needs.  We are financially stable and love where we live.  We have family and friends to support us.  But most of all…we have each other, and twenty years in…we still genuinely love one another.  I am really grateful for that.  I am part of a Facebook support group for people with Daddy’s condition and I will share that not everyone still loves their partner at this point and some see that person as more of a burden than anything else.  That makes me feel sad for them. 

This morning, when I walked in the bedroom and announced that I was horny… Daddy smiled at me and said, “Well, you better get back in here.”  Even though he has no sex drive, and his man bits aren’t working quite right, he was more than happy to give his girl pleasure.  I was seeking human connection… I just wanted to be close to him, to feel his hands on me (and in me 😊 ).  And… I am pleased to report…my libido was in full swing… I wanted an orgasm, and I wanted it now!  Daddy was happy to oblige, and it didn’t take long with his lips on my nipple and his thick fingers in my cunny for me to see stars.  Thank you, Daddy!

Grab onto your happiness where you can, my friends.  This life is much too short.  Thank you for the continued support, the comments, and the emails.  I am very grateful for my kinky WordPress community.  You make my life better!



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      1. Not only do we make your life better but you do the same for us.!!!
        Your posts are coming from way down deep and are enlightening about always relevant topics.
        You may not be able to write as often but when you do the posts are special and memorable . They touch people.
        I am thankful for you, I really am. I am also thankful to you for touching me with your words.
        May God richly bless you and Daddy

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        1. Thank you for this beautiful message, paddlefan! You brought me to tears (the good kind 🙂 ). I am grateful for all of the connections I have made through my blog…messages like this buoy my spirits and make life a little bit sweeter. Thank you ❤


  1. I have often wondered about you and your Daddy over these past few months. I’m glad you’re still able to get these small moments. I cannot even fathom the range of emotions you have to be dealing with. Much love, my friend.

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    1. Thank you, my friend! We must take our joy where we can find it. And Daddy is very sweet to me, accommodating me in this way…wanting to bring me pleasure…even when he is unable to enjoy sexual pleasure himself. The last six months have been a bit of a blur, but things are slowly starting to come into focus. I am anxiously awaiting to hear about how it is going with the new sub you are vetting. Such an exciting process!!! XOXO

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        1. This is VERY exciting, Storm! I am happy for you. I cannot wait to read about your courtship and negotiations of your D/s connection. The beginning is always so exciting. To beginnings! XOXO

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            1. I think it is great that you asked her if it was okay to write about the experiences you two share. That shows great consideration on your part. When I first began serving my Sir in our D/s dynamic, this blog was slightly problematic for him. He wasn’t wild about reading about himself. But, we were able to establish some rules (which I always follow) and he would pre-read anything I was going to post that included him. We’ve been together a year and a half now, and he fully trusts me to obey the rules he laid out so I no longer have to run my posts by him first. Working through these things as a D/s couple is VERY exciting (at least to me). And I look forward to reading about your negotiations as well! XOXO

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    1. Thank you, Sir! We are doing our best to do just that, and experience our joy where we can. This was the first time in a long time we were able to connect in this way. My heart feels so full right now. Much love to you and Kayla ❤

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  2. Read this last night before bed. It’s simply lovely (though heartbreaking). I’ve been thinking about you a lot lately as I know things are very difficult right now. I’ve been concerned since you haven’t been as active on here. So I truly appreciate this reflection and update on your situation. I wish you guys the very best and hope things improve for your daddy and you posthaste! You will be in my thoughts. Good vibes and positive energy are coming your way! ❤️😊

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  3. You are amazing, nora. You are positive attitude with a capitol “P.” I am familiar with the range of emotions with which you contend every day, and the complexity of their combinations. It is a cacophony of love, sorrow, fear, affection, confusion, anxiety, sadness, compassion, anger, despair, grief, desire, impatience, depression, longing, and not enough happiness. It has been almost twenty years, but I well remember. You are pulled in so many different directions, yet you keep your head in the here and now, getting it done, taking care of business, being strong, showing your brave face, because….you must. I hope the best for you and Daddy. You have my respect and admiration. You are one tough woman.

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    1. Thank you, Master Silkenlash…thank you for believing in me, and for sharing your own story with me. I don’t always succeed in having a positive attitude but I will continue to try. I am strong ❤

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      1. No one has a positive attitude all the time. You are impressive because of how hard you work at it. Many people just allow themselves to feel whatever, positive or not. You work at exercising emotional discipline. That is different from acting positive. You work at BEING positive. You go, girl. If I was a gambler, I’d bet my money on you every time.

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  4. This piece is so beautiful, I’m a wreck awash in tears. I wish you and yours ALL THE BEST. We ALL need to regularly be reminded that life is short and we must grab it by the throat, wring the juice out of it!
    Jean Marie

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  5. Yeah, now love start with lust. Your life is so difficult. Can you share your and his age? I think both you are old. I konw you can not your sexual life with him because he is old now and facing health issues.i hope for his good health.In love sexual enjoyment also too much important.
    Xoxo 😘

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  6. Such a great post, especially considering how much and what is actually going on for you. I love your reflections on love…it is true, what you describe is love, from both of you, for one another, for yourselves. Wishing buckets and buckets of love.

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  7. Nora thinking of you. Went through something similar. Some of the moments were transcendent and shifted the earth beneath my feet. I wish you both light to pierce the darkness.

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  8. As always, dear Nora, you impress me very much.
    I think a lot about you and your daddy.
    It remains for me to send you both, much love and positive energy.
    It is actually unbelievable how it is possible to suddenly give people you don’t really know a place in your life.
    Please feel hugged.

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  9. I hear you my friend. I am so happy you and he can still share in your love where and when you can. Take your moments as they are presented. I wish you both happiness in this leg of your journey together. You have been an inspiration to all of us . I hear the fear and sadness in your words and I wish we could be a source of comfort and compassions to you. Stay strong for the both of you and I will continue to keep you two in my prayers.


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      1. Much love and healing hugs and kisses to you and your Husband sweet beautiful Nora, you deserve peace of mind body and spirit Hon 🙏🏻

        P.S. nice to see you posting again young lady 🌹

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  10. I am so sorry that you and your Daddy are going through this right now. Life have it’s twists and turns and it teaches us not to take everything for granted, especially our loved ones. I am learning that lesson from my past and now from you. I am cherishing every hug and kiss I get, because even if we are in good health, there is no guarantee for tomorrow. Hope you and your Daddy find joy and beauty in each and everyday.


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  11. If music be the food of love, play on! Give me excess of it!
    Thank you for sharing, Nora; you & yours are in my thoughts & prayers (I wish politicians hadn’t overused that phrase because for me it has real meaning.) Take care!
    Jean Marie

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  12. Oh Nora, my heart breaks for you. I know exactly which fears and thoughts you have. Even after more than a year, I still have them. But, I also try to see the beauty in every day, to enjoy time with my man, to love and care for him. Sending you love ❤️

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