Take a deep breath, nora

Hello, my friends,

This is not a kinky post.  This post falls under more of the “real life sucks sometimes” category.  Life has felt really hard lately.  I know many of you can relate to this and that I am not alone in dark times.  With Daddy’s health, it feels like one step forward and two steps back.  It is so hard to see him suffering, both physically and emotionally.  My big strong man, my rock… beaten down by life-threatening health issues.  It is almost too much to bear at times.

Sometimes I feel like I can’t breathe.

But I take a deep breath, and I remind myself of the importance of gratitude, even in dark times like these.

I am grateful for the blessed day twenty years ago that Daddy and I officially met.  We had seen each other around a few times, had some mutual friends.  I saw you too, Daddy.  And I thank the Universe every day that you were put in my path.

I am grateful for my beautiful, strong, safe home. 

I am grateful for furry companions and the unconditional love they give freely.  I sure love those puppy kisses.

I am grateful that Spring is on the horizon.  I cannot wait to get my hands in the soil. 

I am grateful for Sir’s presence in my life and the privilege of engaging in the D/s dynamic we have built together. 

And I am grateful for all of you who take the time to read these posts and interact with me.  Thank you for being top-notch human beings.  Thank you, Gemma, Silkenlash, Franz, girlieboy69, Marie Rebelle, Eros, Olivia…and everyone else who brings such joy to my blogging adventures.  While I would still write for the sheer joy of self-expression… each and every reader here is what makes this blogging adventure a daily pleasure.  Thank you for being fabulous, my kinky friends ❤ 

I will keep putting one foot in front of the other.  I will try to be strong for Daddy.  And I will remind myself that there is joy in life, even on the darkest of days.

With love,


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  1. Amazing of you to dig deeper and focus on the things you are thankful for amidst a very difficult time! I admire you for your strength. Keep your chin up, Nora! Love and good vibes coming your way! 😘

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  2. I’ve dealt with the challenges on these Covid-times by saying frequent prayers of gratitude, shifting the paradigm on its head. That’s what I’m seeing here. I know that you’re going through difficulty. Keep the faith! I find a valued gift in you & your superlative writing; thank you!

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  3. Oh Nora, I can hear your anguish. Please know this: you spread such goodness and warmth and joy here to this community may it echo back a thousandfold. I know that Daddy and Sir both are blessed to have you and that itself should be a source of joy. Yes, Daddy has fulfilled you in amazing and beautiful ways, but you too have enriched his life tremendously. We all feel for you and for Daddy’s suffering, but thank goodness he has you there by his side.

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  4. I’m sorry girl. Illness especially chronic ones suck. There’s really not a more eloquent way to put it. I’m sending you and your husband all the love and positive vibes. 💕

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      1. She’s getting so big. I feel like I just had her and now she’s crawling and I had to baby proof the whole house. We’ve been making our way through solid foods which is fun! (The mess in my kitchen from making her baby food from scratch is not) But I love her and I don’t know what id do without her.

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  5. It’s nice to hear that you know how to appreciate and be grateful for the joys of life that fate has given you. And may you be able to avoid big troubles and disappointments in the future.

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  6. I don’t know you but just came upon your blog a few weeks ago. What a wonderful writer you are. So sorry for what you’re going through. The words you wrote are so meaningful to me and what a great attitude you have. Count your blessings that you guys have had 20 years together. So many of us would love to have even 1 year of that kind of happiness. I hope your Sir makes a speedy recovery and that you both can continue to comfort each other for many more years to come. God Bless. .

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    1. Thank you, my new friend, and welcome to my blog! Daddy and I are lucky to have had these 20 years together…and hopefully 20 more. Sir is a different man in my life; my Dominant. He and I have been together about 14 months. Thank you for following my journey and for offering your support! It is much appreciated ❤ XOXO


  7. *Big hugs* Dealing with chronic illness is a tremendous challenge. It’s incredibly hard on the loved ones and caretakers of those who are ill as well, so remember to take care of yourself.

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  8. I know how bad this can feel from reverse positions. My second ex-wife had chronic health problems and eventually developed an opioid addiction that radically changed her personality. Having walked a similar path in so far as fretting over your SO’s health, there will be good days and bad. Cherish the good ones and learn from the bad ones. To quote one of my favorite movies and a line that has helped me throughout the years, “It can’t rain all the time.”

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  9. Really sore to read one step forward, two steps back. Hoe that this can be reversed. Wishing you and partner happiness and health, and that spring helps strengthen you both.
    best wishes

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  10. Hi,
    I have disappeared for a bit, thanks to a whole bunch of changes, settling into a new community, etc.
    Recently, I was telling a friend (who was being very kind while struggling herself) that I felt guilty for having some pretty bad days when I find myself in some pretty gorgeous new surroundings, making a fresh start, etc…
    She reminded me that talk of fresh starts and such flows quite easily from people who want to see you fixed, or want to get a happy ending written for you. But life carries on delivering its good days, its bad days and its days where it’s hard to tell the difference.
    There is something precious in all these, both for you and those you care about, because of who you are.

    Oh, and one thing I am working on right now is some new material so I can finally get a site together for a series of stories I’ve been woefully lax in sharing – and you’re one of the people who helped me see their value… again, because of who you are.

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  11. This is indeed a difficult time. But you wrote about it with great warmth, addressed to your “Rock”. I even cried while reading.
    And perhaps now he is not as strong as before, but you remember better times. Support him. Now he needs it more than ever.

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    1. Thank you for these beautiful words, Mark. I am doing my best to support Daddy, and to maintain some semblance of happiness for myself. These are hard times. It really helps when people reach out in such a meaningful way. Thank you ❤


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