Late to the spanking party

Hello, my kinky friends~

Daddy and I were binging a new show last night (well, new to us anyhow), when much to my delight, the best spanking scene I have EVER observed was played out right in front of my greedy little eyes. 

Before I go any further…this is a SPOILER ALERT.  If you have yet to watch the show Outlander, and are a fellow spanko, you might wish to stop reading and start watching this show immediately (Season 1, episode 9).  However, as this episode was aired in September of 2014… I will feel free to continue with this spoiler. It seems I am a bit late to this particular spanking party 🙂

A little back story… a woman from the 1940’s is suddenly transported back in time to the 1700’s.  Life was a little different back then.  She finds herself soon married to a very handsome, rugged Scotsman, who apparently believes in the effectiveness of spanking for misbehaving wives.  At the end of this episode, after some extreme misbehavior (that almost gets some people, including herself, killed), her husband delivers a spanking with his belt to her bare bottom (this actress has a mighty nice derriere, if I do say so myself). 

This scene touched on ALL of my spanko buttons.

Time period in history where spanking one’s wife is acceptable and expected.

Strong man who calmly explains to his wife why she needs to be disciplined, while taking off his thick leather belt.

Beautiful woman with a great bottom, growing increasingly nervous, very determined not to receive said discipline.

Even more determined man who takes woman in hand, raises her nightshift, and soundly spanks her with his belt.

Woman is crying out realistically during the spanking. 

And to top it off… his fellow clans men are downstairs, hearing it all, glad to know that justice is being served. They even tease her about her spanking the next morning.

This scene is absolutely AMAZING.  A must see for all spankos, especially those turned on by spanking as discipline.

I’ll be honest, life has been hard lately.  Daddy and I are exhausted from the stress of health stuff all the time, and Sir and I have had very little time together.  This spanking scene could not have come at a better time for this girl.  While I have been struggling to masturbate successfully lately, this scene has me VERY hot and ready.  I’ve cum twice today. Blushing.  I can be a very naughty girl 😉.

Hoping all is well in your world, my friends!

Trying to keep things kinky,


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    1. It really is a GREAT scene! I’ve enjoyed reading various articles in which the actors discuss filming this scene. Apparently, he really was striking her, but with a very light weight belt. They both talk about trying to make the scene as authentic as possible and that really comes across to the viewer. I love when she is trying to talk her way out of it, and promises to “obey” him from here on out. He says something like “yes, you will” and still proceeds to give her the discipline he intended. Love it 🙂


  1. Thanks for this post, I haven’t seen Outlander but think I should take a look. My wife and I are talking about exploring a more D/s-oriented relationship and it’s examples like this that arouse our curiosity. I’ve also pointed her to this blog ( I appreciate the information and perspective here). On another note, I am also experiencing less than satisfactory masturbation lately but I often find that exposing myself to something new (like the spanking you mention) can give me a jump start. Thanks for the post and the content you create!

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    1. Hi Mike! It sounds like you and your wife are beginning a very exciting journey. You both might enjoy some of my much older material, when my husband and I first got started with incorporating domestic discipline into our marriage. That was a fabulous journey for us and we learned so much about each other and ourselves. We also healed a lot of our old hurts through the power exchange. Please let me know if I can ever be a resource on a particular topic. Best of luck to both of you! Happy spanking 🙂 XOXO

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  2. I watched the first two episodes of Outlander and found that it was not my thing. But I might just indulge my spanko curiosity and watch that episode 🙂 It is nice to hear that you and Daddy have gotten some quality time together.


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    1. If you think the scene in the show is hot, you need to read the books!!!!! That scene is amazing and, I admit, my erotic reading passage for years now. I read the book when I was about 13-14 and it was when I realized how much spanking turns me on. Best scene ever!

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    2. We are LOVING it! But I also enjoy shows set in a different time period. Definitely look up this episode (Season 1, episode 8)…though the spanking is toward the end of the episode. It was nice spending that time with Daddy. We definitely need more of this. XOXO

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  3. Loved this one! Will have to check this out. Reminds me that I was thinking just yesterday about some story ideas with you in mind. If I can ever get caught up on my backlog of editing, I’m looking forward to putting you in some interesting situations that I think you’ll enjoy! Hope you’re well! 😘

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  4. I’m surprised I never heard of this one. Seems spanking enthusiasts would have been talking about it somewhere.

    We see spanking entertainment all over the place on the net. I’ve become somewhat jaded about spanking for spankos, like, yeah, another role play… whatever. It seems much more powerful when mainstream producers depict spanking as discipline, presenting it to the world-at-large as an element of real life. It’s always intriguing to look back at times when a wife having her bottom punished by her husband, against her wishes, was actually a fact of real life. I know you love to imagine yourself living under such conditions, and what might have been. I’m a feminist, but history or what we perceive of it can still be a great source of entertainment.

    I’m glad you had some moments of pleasure in these difficult times. Stay naughty, my friend! XO

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    1. History IS a great source of entertainment! And you are right… I do love to fantasize about living under those conditions. Actually, I think I would thrive under the firm hand of a loving, but stern man (Daddy is very loving, but not so stern). I am surprised that this scene hasn’t gotten more attention from spankos, but then again…maybe it did. This was released 8 some years ago. I actually think I may have read a blog about it a long time ago, but I never followed through with searching out the clip. It was a REALLY fun surprise last night. I have been thinking of you and your wife… I hope you both are doing well! XOXO

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  5. I was on the phone with my parents the other night (I know not exactly the sexiest way to open a comment) and they were telling me about this show they liked called outlander. And now I have so many questions about their TV habits. Looks like I need to check this show out. 💕

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    1. I have read the book and seen the episode. Both are hot.The problem with the book is he repents of spanking her and keeps his promise.noy to spank her again
      I agree with his lecture to her and his explanation as to why the belting of her naked bottom was necessary. I thought it was very well done

      Thanx for the post!

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    1. Hi MJ! Daddy and I decided to watch this show, after seeing an advertisement. We were both totally shocked (and pleased!) to stumble upon this scene in episode 8 of the first season! Totally LOVED it. Hit all my spanking buttons. Hope you are well! XOXO

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