I am a passionate woman.  I constantly think about sex and submission, sexual images flood my mind, and I am most often in a state of arousal.  And yet, I am guessing that many of the people in my “real” world see me quite differently and would be shocked to learn of the thoughts running through my head.  You all are privy to this part of me… you read about the kinky thoughts that I don’t share with others, the experiences I’ve had behind closed doors, the experiences I would like to have… 

If you were to ask one of my family members or close friends about me, I am guessing they would describe me as…always in control, calm, confident, a high-achiever, well-organized, a leader, and perhaps even, formidable. I am calculating, always weighing the options of any decision. I can be quick to anger (though I often hide this) and even quicker to forgive.  I readily own my short comings (controlling, bossy, opinionated).  I put a lot of focus on self-improvement and meeting goals.  I value integrity.  I am someone who others come to with their problems because I am steady and strong. 

But while these things are true, it just doesn’t paint the whole picture.  It doesn’t paint the me that I am inside.  I am passionate.  My desires burn within me.  I WANT so badly…want to be touched, to be consumed, to be taken. I want to lose control. I want to submit to the dark fantasies within my mind.  I see myself there…on my knees, bare skin glistening, strong hands in my hair, tears streaming down my face as my mouth is soundly fucked.  Primal urges being met as two bodies, two beings come together in sheer animal lust.  The pain, and the pleasure…indistinguishable experiences…

I am the wife who gives one hundred percent of herself. I am the girl, bent over his knee, receiving discipline. I am the professor who encourages critical thinking and self-efficacy.  I am the slave, on her knees, wearing only his collar.  I am the dog mom who puts time and energy into molding well-behaved furry companions. I am the girl standing in the corner, her bottom red, and his lessons branded on her heart.  I am passionate.  I am me. 

In reflection,


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      1. Well, after all, you are quite handy with a word, miz nora, as well as up front and straightforward as they come.
        I hope things are progressing positively.

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  1. That was one awesome post! So deeply personal and descriptive. I agree with your post title. Passionate so nicely describes such a multifaceted woman. Thanks for sharing this wonderful post!

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    1. Hi, David. Thank you for being so sweet to me. As you know from my blog, I am married…and very much in love with my husband. I am also blessed to have Sir in my life. I feel genuinely flattered by your response to me. Perhaps in a different life, we might have been D/s partners. Thank you for your readership, my friend😘❤

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  2. Never judge a book by its cover as they say.

    Your book is definitely found in the adult section of the store.

    I’d definitely get off reading it

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  3. When Nora bent over the chair
    Her bottom rise high in the air
    First paddled, then caned
    Her expression grew pained
    From six of the best on the bare.

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    1. Yes Mary Wood.
      It’s not like I am going to be in a party and say “yeah, so looking forward to my spanking after this party! My Lady really knows how to apply a paddle to my bare bottom!”

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  4. What a great testimonial to yourself Nora.
    You know you want a loving and monogamous relationship. You know you want to have a nice home and enjoy your furry friends, animals are such great companions! You know you not only have strong sexual desires, you also have sexual needs. The satisfying of those needs keeps you balanced in all of life until your sex cup has emptied and needs a refill. And when it needs to be refilled, it has to be now! You know you crave a submissive life and found someone to serve, someone who will lead you with love and without abusing you. You know your bottom calls and begs for the snap and sting of the paddle and the crop. Again, the is not a want, it is a need.
    And you do it! Power to you Nora for accepting who you are, what you want and most of all, overcoming your inhibitions and getting what you need! Happy New Year!

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    1. Thank you for for this beautiful message, Zigg! All of this sounds right except the monogamy part. I love Daddy more than life itsself, but I am built to have more than one partner (consensual non-monogamy). Hope this doesn’t change your view of me too much. XOXO

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  5. Here’s the thing, Nora. I find it fascinating that such a smart, confident and high-achieving woman enjoys exploring her submissive side….

    I mean, the second image you chose here is mind-blowing: hints of provocation and vulnerability wrapped in one sensational package. Not to mention the face-down, ass-up posture.

    Chapeau, Madame!

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    1. Smiles. I am glad you enjoy this side of me, StevieO. I so often need to be tightly controlled during my day and in work situations… to give away this control, and to simply focus on obedience…is a great gift to me. Glad you liked the image 🙂 XOXO


      1. The image was so striking because guys like me are so VISUAL in the way we enjoy beautiful women….! (It’s been said that the success of lap-dance clubs is because guys feel like kids in a toy factory when they walk in and see so many scantily-clad babes on display.)

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        1. Well, I can certainly understand that feeling! I’ve only been to a strip club once, but I felt like a kid in a candy store that night! Seeing beautiful women on display IS erotic XOXO


  6. beautifully said by a beautiful soul. I live vicariously through your words and Gemma’s. I hope one day I can so eloquently share that side of me when the right one comes along.

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    1. Awww, Storm… you are too good to me! I am glad that you find pleasure in both mine and Gemma’s writings. And… I can’t wait to hear about your adventures one day…lord knows by that time, you will have a ton of ideas from our sites!!! XOXO


  7. Thank you for this in depth look into who Nora is!!

    I wonder, do any of us truly know the people in our lives and all of their fantasies. We know the outside person that we chose to show to others. I think we have to compartmentalize ourselves to some degree. Not every needs to be privy to our deepest darkest fantasies. We aren’t being two faced, we just chose who we want to reveal these more intimate parts of ourselves with.

    It may seem strange to say, but I don’t want to know my real life friends deepest and darkest sexual fantasies and I am sure that they don’t want to know mine. Especially when things veer into the area of kink, one doesn’t always want to be too open with one’s real life friends.

    Thanks for taking this personal look at who you are Nora!! I am sure, to many of your followers here, me included, we are glad to call you a friend!!

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  8. I enjoyed your self-bio, written so well, you are a diffently a “wordsmith”. So interesting and informative I absolutely loved it! 😉💖
    Keep doing what what you do !!!

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  9. I don’t know how I missed this beautiful post. You really come to life in it. It is well written, but also shows how complex a human is. We cannot be reduced to boxes even though it makes things “simpler “. I wonder if all subs have so much of the dominant in them that submission to another is the vital antidote. That we could not survive without letting go. Having things that others don’t know, whether submission or something else is also a form of self love—we are our own dance if a thousand veils—seducing ourselves. Love your writing.

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