The First Time

As Daddy and I navigate tumultuous waters (aka, serious health problems), I have been trying to focus on the happy, bright spots in our life.  One such spot is recalling memories of Daddy and I from our nearly 20 years together…and there are LOTS and LOTS of good ones to recall.  I’d briefly mentioned the first time Daddy put me over his knee in a different post, and one of you mentioned being interested in hearing that story (sorry, I can’t recall who at the moment).  So, here is the story of my first spanking from Daddy ❤

Daddy and I met the old-fashioned way (in a bar 😊).  I was a few months post-break up, but Daddy had only recently (the day before) broken up with a woman he’d been living with.  In any case, I went home with Daddy after our first official date (Day #2 of knowing each other).  However, while he took me home with him, Daddy informed me that he had a “one month” rule about sleeping with a woman.  That shocked the hell out of me then, but now I know that Daddy was raised Catholic, and he had a bit of the Catholic-guilt thing going on.  In any case… I went home with him, and we made out heavily.  I remember sleeping in a pair of green sweatpants he loaned me that evening.  They were super tiny, and I remember thinking it was rude of him to give me a pair of his ex’s sweat pants.  LOL.  Turns out they were his from before he got really into working out and was skinny as a rail.

During that month of no sleeping together, we did everything but.  Daddy would often put his hands down my pants and grope my bare bottom.  This (obviously) turned me on A LOT.  Finally, one night when we were making out, I just blurted it out. 

“I like to be spanked.”

“That sounds good,” responded Daddy, who promptly turned me over his knee.

I was THRILLED!  Daddy spanked me over my panties for a bit, but then he pulled them down. 

I was in high heaven.  He wasn’t spanking me hard, but it was hard enough to sting a little.  I could have spent the entire evening over his knee, but soon he pulled me back into his arms and started kissing me again.  Of course…my panties remained where they were, and Daddy had great access to other places as well… 

A few days later, Daddy’s roommate teased us about being able to hear our activities.  I don’t think I’ve ever blushed so hard!

It was a great beginning to our sex life.  I love you, Daddy ❤



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  1. That’s such an exciting memory to treasure, nora. I’m imagining what it would have been like when I was young to have a girlfriend tell me she likes to be spanked. After picking myself off the floor, I might have said, “Then this is your lucky day.”

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  2. Og dear me, thats a sweet story! Reminds me slightly of my own first time (to be spanked). In the age of nearly 30, after a series of long term relationships with men who were really just boys, I finally met a MAN at last. The sweetest, lovliest, most caring, most responsible man possible. And after all those years pleasing others, I finally managed to put into words ‘I like to be spanked’ to another person. He just looked at me teasingly and said ‘Ill just have to put you across my knee sometime then’, and then he DIDNT. But just the words and the look he gave me, made me nearly faint. And then, the next time I dared remind him of my desire, he turned me right over his knee, I was already naked, held me tight, and spanked my butt pink and warm. I melted like butter in the sun. He had never spanked anyone before but got plenty of practice after that first time. He is now my husband.
    Happy holidays!

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  3. I’m sorry to hear there are health issues in your home. May health return soon and fully. Lovely story of your first spanking Nora! (Or first by Daddy). lol
    I wish you both a very merry Christmas!


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