A new writer on scene…

Hello, my kinky friends~

I recently came across the blog of a Daddy Dom who has A LOT of wise things to say about dominance. While I described him as a new writer on scene in my title, it actually appears that he used to blog quite a bit, and is now returning. In any case, I always find it thrilling to read the words of a man who is able to openly and clearly articulate what dominance means to him.

This is the first post that I read by him: Perceptions from a Daddy Dom: The Gentleman Dom. Ramblings on Old World Values

Just a little preview… “In my Dominance, the structure I provide extends a lot into the level of care I provide for my sub, and I’m not even talking about rules or contract. Through my actions and my words, I strive to show her that she is important to me while safeguarding her well-being both physically and mentally.” ~ Stormrolfr

Ooooh….that gave me tingles in all the right places!

I hope you enjoy this as much as I did! Let’s grow his readership, my friends 🙂

Keeping it kinky,



12 thoughts on “A new writer on scene…

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  1. Thank you for the kind words and encouragement. I took a long break from the LS and almost didn’t come back. This kind of encouragement is not only uplifting, but proof positive I made the right choice.

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  2. I can’t wait to do a deeper dive into his work. On an unrelated note I’d like to thank you for not making this a political space. I see far too many kink bloggers branch into political content or make a hot button comment. You don’t do such things and I appreciate it.
    Keep it kinky!

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    1. Hi Gracie! I hope you enjoy his work. I found it VERY sexy. I see other kink bloggers delving into politics too… that is just not what I come here for. Smiles. I am glad that works for you 🙂


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