Daddy & me

Okay…so another big revelation this week… 

For the past couple of months, Daddy has been experiencing a physical health issue.  It is serious and it does prevent us from having penetrative sex at the moment, but it is also fixable.  He is working closely with his doctor, and it will require surgery.  But…he will be back in business in hopefully just a few short months depending on when the surgery is (the holidays may complicate things).  To protect Daddy’s privacy that is all I am going to say about that.

Obviously, this is negatively impacting our sex life which has been bumming us both out.  Daddy’s libido is just nil right now as he is feeling pain in that entire area. So… I was quite surprised when he looked over his laptop at me this morning and told me to go to the bedroom.

Without thinking and very excited, I asked, “Are you going to spank me?”

He just smiled. 

I raced off to the bedroom.  Often, Daddy gives me explicit instructions as to what I am supposed to do when I get to the bedroom, but he didn’t this time.  So, I took some liberties.

The first thing I did was lotion my entire body.  Thankfully I shaved yesterday!

Then, I opened the top drawer of my armoire…the drawer where all my naughty lingerie lives.  I took out a panty/brassiere set that Daddy had not seen yet.  It can best be described as a Scottish tartan pattern…in red, green, white, and black.  While I couldn’t find my exact set, this is similar.  Feast your eyes, my naughty friends 😊

As Daddy had not yet arrived, I decided it would be more dramatic to walk back out into the living room wearing only this.  Let’s just say Daddy’s jaw dropped.  He made me twirl around, giving me butterflies in my tummy as he took in my scantily clad form.  He definitely approved!  And he told me to GET to the bedroom now, giving me “that” look. 

Once there, I fetched Daddy’s strap (pictured below).  I placed two pillows on the bed and laid over them, my bottom high in the hair.  I arranged the strap so that it way lying across the peak of my bottom and laid my cheek down on the mattress to wait.


Daddy made me wait several long, agonizing minutes.  When he did arrive, he made one of those deep guttural sounds of masculine appreciation.  I smiled, keeping my face pressed into the mattress. 

He left the strap where it was, perched across my bottom, and began trailing his fingers anywhere there was bare skin…the backs of my thighs, the small of my back, down my spine… I was covered in goose bumps!

Daddy picked up the strap.  But it was his hand that smacked my bottom first…that first delicious spank landed.  I cried out, more from the shock than the pain.  But as his palm continued to descend, I was soon crying out from the pain too.  My bottom was already quite warm when he switched to the strap.  Again, and again Daddy’s strap fell across the seat of my naughty panties, making me squirm and cry out his name.  It was only then that he lowered those naughty panties to the backs of my thighs.

Daddy continued to apply the strap until everything else melted away.  My bottom felt swollen, and my heart felt light.  And I was soaking between my thighs.

“On your back.”

I obeyed and Daddy came around the other side of the bed.

“I want to hold you first,” he said, taking me in his arms gently.

We laid that way for several minutes when suddenly his hands began to wander.  His fingertips brushed my nipples through the thin material of my brassiere.  I was crying out again but this time from sexual frustration and lust. 

Daddy is unable to fuck me in the traditional way right now…but he fucked me hard with his fingers, his mouth affixed to my nipple. It did not take long before I was screaming his name, cumming all over his hand. 

We lay there for several minutes, and I told him how strange it was to not be able to touch him (as that whole area is off limits right now).  He reassured me it was okay, and I cried a little, missing him in this way.  He held me.  And then I asked….

“Can we do this again tomorrow, Daddy?”

What can I say? I am a greedy little girl!

Hope you have a FANTASTIC weekend, my friends!!!

Keepin’ it kinky,



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  1. First of all, I hope that Daddy’s health issues are sorted out as quickly as humanly possible for him and you both. There is nothing worse than when one of you is poorly. My best to him for a speedy recovery. Secondly, that last comment you make ‘ Can we do this again tomorrow Daddy?’ And this is why I love you Nora, you are just so delightfully naughty! XXX

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    1. Thank you for dear friend, Gemma! I will pass this on to Daddy. We are hoping for a speedy recovery too. I want you to know that I read your last email, and it made me cry (that last bit that you had written). I will respond to it over coffee in the morning. For now, we’ve got people coming soon and I am still wearing a towel… have a great sleep (hopefully besides that gorgeous man of yours). XOXO

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              1. Haha! Yes very wicked indeed!! But he is so ahead of you on this one, he just read something I said to Michael in a comment earlier and after he stopped reading he upended me and spanked the living daylights out of my bottom! Not because he didn’t like what I’d said, but because it had made him hornier than hell in a nanosecond when we don’t have the privacy for another hour to do anything about it! I’ll take that! (and the spanking) LOL Frustration of a Bear is a dodgy place to find oneself! Oh but the benefits one can reap… I am unrepentantly naughty today! 😛 xxx

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                  1. Can’t it though!! Who needs to be naughty? Well… me and you actually, but … a spanking is a spanking no matter what reason it arrives for, and… there is always an added bonus if it’s not just for punishment! I adore added bonuses! Just sayin… 😛 xxx

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  2. I’m Sending out all of the positive vibes for you and your husband right now. I hope he has a speedy recovery from this ailment and gets well soon!! ❤️

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    1. Thank you, Storm! Yes, he IS incredibly sweet and thoughtful in that way. He rocked my body with orgasms both Saturday and Sunday. I am so worried about him, but grateful that he still wants to pleasure me during this time. I am a lucky girl ❤ Thank you for your kind words! It means a lot to both of us.


  3. Nora, although I don’t know exactly what “Daddy” suffers from I can say I’ve been in the same situation “Daddy” finds himself in now. I survived prostate cancer. Yes, it’s treatable and eventually with medication of sorts he’ll be able to once again enjoy things as he knew them. However , in my case I discovered other ways to enjoy sex and make a woman go wild.
    There’s an old sort of crude saying that when you can’t use the dick, give it a lick. I found pleasing a woman in that fashion much to my enjoyment, needless to mention hers.

    I wish Daddy all the best in his treatment, he’ll be fine.

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    1. Thank you, hands63! I really appreciate this supportive comment. I am grateful Daddy is not suffering cancer, and glad to hear you got through that okay! Thankfully, Daddy is very in tune with my body and has a great desire to satisfy me, even when he is out of commission. We appreciate the support😘💋❤


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