Take your panties off

Today is one of those beautiful changing-of-the-seasons days.  I’d say it’s about 75 degrees, the sun is shining, but the breeze is cool, suggesting the arrival of Fall.  The leaves on the trees are just beginning to change colors as summer desperately tries to hold on.  It is the perfect day to relax in the sun.

Daddy and I arranged our lounge chairs on the back patio.  While we have privacy in our backyard and I often sunbathe naked, I decided to change into a skimpy lingerie set instead…hoping to lure Daddy into our den of pleasure after.  As it turns out, Daddy had his own plans.

I was lying on my tummy, sunning my thong-clad bottom, when suddenly Daddy said, “Roll over, please.”

I lifted my head and smiled at him. 

“But I’m not done on this side yet, Daddy,” I smiled at him, expecting to get my way.

“NOW, baby girl,” he said, and he had that tone.  You know the tone that I mean…the one that is all business, the one that says you had better behave or else….

I pouted like the little girl that I am, but I obediently rolled over onto my back.  I should mention that my breasts were practically bare…

“Take your panties off.”

Wow.  I was not expecting that. 

I sat up, a bit uncertain, and slid my panties down, letting them fall to the ground.

“I want you to touch yourself,” Daddy said, his voice low, almost a growl.  “I will watch.”

Well, hot damn!  I was NOT expecting that!  But…being the good girl that I am and very eager to please Daddy… I began teasing myself with my fingers. 

There I was…sprawled out in the sunshine, a cool breeze upon my body…and my fingers teasing my tiny nub….  it didn’t take long for my fingers to induce wetness….

I know that I should feel more self-conscious, that I should worry about somebody suddenly showing up, that these feelings of discomfort should make it difficult to masturbate there in broad daylight…but I experienced none of that.  Thoughts of naughty girls receiving bare-bottom spankings filled my mind’s eye, images of a strong man taking a woman from behind, fucking her incessantly had me driving one hand deeper between my legs, and the other to tweak my nipples over the flimsy material of my lingerie.  

Within a few minutes, I began to cum…and I came so hard, announcing my orgasm with wild abandon to the trees and the sky and any critters within ear shot.  And…to Daddy.

When I finally recovered and caught my breath, I looked over at him…that’s when I began to blush, realizing he had seen EVERYTHING.  Daddy just smiled that wicked little smile that he has. 

“You may resume sunbathing,” he told me.  “Later, you will suck my cock in the shower.”

Well, don’t mind if I do!

Hope your Saturday afternoon was as fulfilling as mine!



34 thoughts on “Take your panties off

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      1. This sounds like a blast! Sunbathing in lingerie is something I haven’t tried. I’ve been tanning in the nude to try and get rid of my tan line since I stopped competitive swimming when I went to college. I had a pretty uneventful Saturday the baby and I went to my niece’s swim meet! She’s so talented for how young she is. (I’m a little biased) and my family got power and wifi back so I finally have the house to myself for the first time since I had the baby!

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        1. Hi Grace! I prefer no tans lines too…but, you know how men are…they like to see us in sexy, flimsy things. I am so glad to hear that both power and WiFi have been restored after the storms…that must have been such a trying time. I really can’t even imagine. I know you are looking forward to having a little privacy! Hoping you and the baby are well XOXO

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  1. I’m imagining this scene. It was very erotic! So I’d like you to do it again. I’ll morph into a butterfly so I can flitter about and see the whole thing!

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  2. It’s been a while since I have been able to read blog posts, but this simple title captivated my eye. For good reason too. I have one word to describe what I just read. Whoosh!! I have a date with my back deck the next warm sunny day here.

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  3. Frequently sunbathing naked, but then in lingerie? Love it, all sorts of oily, naughty visions of fun are rolling through my kinky mind.
    Love the shower BJ! We have not had shower/bathtub sex in so long, thus overdue. Will add that to our “Sex List” of ideas.
    Thank you Nora!

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  4. Even the title of this post is already mesmerizing and includes the imagination of the reader, frozen in anticipation. Nice start to the day. But I also hope there was a sequel, which was hinted at in the text.

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