Spanking Captions- Just can’t get enough!

Hello, my fellow Spankos,

I just can’t seem to get enough of creating these spanking captions. I am realizing that this is an art form though. It is challenging to try and capture a story in only a few sentences. Oh well… I sure am having fun trying! And I would LOVE to hear how you would caption this set of images.

Keeping it kinky!



Spanking Caption #1

Spanking Caption #2

Spanking Caption #3

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  1. Naughty captions, nora. I’ve given it a go…

    Caption #1
    “Well, we can’t handle you any more. We’re sending you to live with your grandfather.”
    “Yeah, sure, mom.” Sandy rolled her eyes.
    “I’m warning you. He’s old-fashioned and won’t tolerate any of your nonsense.”
    “Whatever.” What was old gramps gonna do? She was already planning stage two of the rebellion.

    Caption #2
    “I’m sorry, Elizabeth. What happens in this house to young ladies who post disgraceful pictures of themselves on the Internet?”
    “But they were classic fine art nudes, Ma’am.”
    “How special,” replied Mrs. Andersson. “Then this calls for a classic fine old spanking. Please place yourself across my knee.”
    “But, Mom… don’t you think I’m too old for this now?”
    “That’s a good question, dear. Go fetch the hairbrush, and we’ll see if it still does any good for you.”

    Caption #3
    Bridesmaid Sarah scrapped and clawed her way to catching the bouquet, emerging as the proud victor and luckiest in love. She got to pose for pictures with the Best Man, who felt she could use a little public lesson in proper manners. They’re married now. Never scoff at the luck of the traditional bouquet toss.

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    1. You are so good at this, Franz!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE what you wrote for Caption #2. Thank you for sharing these with us. I have to admit, after I posted these captions, I thought to myself… I can’t wait to see what Franz writes. You have definitely perfected the art of the short short story better than I πŸ™‚


  2. Wow…these are super fun!! They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and it is amazing how just a small caption below a spanking picture can really get our imaginations working.

    Often times these captions are far more fun than the actual spanking video they are pulled from.

    Maybe I should try my hand at this from time to time. Is there a program that you use to attach the words to the bottom of the picture and make it look like it belongs there?

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    1. I would love to see you do this, my friend! Honestly, I just use the standard Paint program on my computer,and save it as a JPEG. I am sure there are much fancier programs, but this is easy and free for me. Good luck! XOXO


        1. It begins when she announces “get those pants down mister and your bare bottom over my knee!” and ends when she gives me the hand double-tap, “you may get up now”.

          We spank for “funishment”, not punishment.

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  3. One of my favs during hand βœ‹ warm-up is “Mmm, this butt πŸ‘ massage is amazing, please wake me up when the spanking starts!” Less than 30 seconds later you could hear the crack 😫 of her fav paddle houses away…

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  4. Caption #3

    Two weeks before the wedding, Edmond Armstrong took afternoon tea with his soon-to-be mother-in-law.

    “You and Elizabeth make a wonderful couple,” smiled June Graydon. “I’m only sorry her father isn’t here to see it.”

    Mrs Graydon paused briefly to retain her composure as she remembered Arthur, who had died of a congenital heart disorder six years earlier.

    “My husband was responsible for disciplining Elizabeth,” she said. “I know that you believe in traditional values, Edmond, so I expect you’ll take my daughter in hand when the need arises.

    “After all, it’s not easy these days for a wife to stay on the straight and narrow.”

    When Edmond replied, the calm authority in his voice impressed his listener.

    “Thank you for your kind words, Mrs Graydon. I consider myself fortunate to be marrying Elizabeth. Part of my duty is to lead and guide her. Please be assured that I will discipline her as required.

    “Speaking of the straight and narrow, I have a cane that fits this description.”

    Mrs Graydon laughed at Edmond’s word-play and offered him another cup of tea.

    A fortnight later, Edmond Armstrong lived up to his word. Elizabeth’s protests were in vain as he flipped her over his knee on their wedding night and hand-smacked her bare bottom.

    “A good beginning is half the work,” he reminded her.

    Edmond noted with pleasure that his bride’s arse was superbly spankable. He relished the prospect of applying various implements of correction to it in the years ahead.

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