Earn your degree from Spanking University!

Hello, my kinky friends!

This morning, my good friend Prefectdt over at Spanked Hortic II, introduced me to Spanking University. That’s right… a school for us spankos 🙂

Oh my goodness!

This gal, Princess Kelley May, is FABULOUS! I have already watched most of her videos this morning and I must say, the following video on spanking positions is my favorite so far.

There are three reasons why I have a crazy girl crush on Princess Kelley May ❤

  1. She loves talking about spankings…and that is MY favorite topic!
  2. She is just about the cutest, most bubbly girl I’ve ever seen! IF I were looking for a girlfriend, this is exactly the type of girl I would look for.
  3. She actually provides helpful information! This isn’t just fluff, but information designed to help people be successful and to learn more about spanking.

I hope you will give her YouTube channel a shot! If we all bombard her with views, hopefully she will continue filming new content.

And while you are at it, please visit Spanked Hortic. He posts spanking pictures and videos every day, has a wicked sense of humor, and is someone whom I greatly enjoy interacting with. I promise you that you will find something of interest over on his blog 🙂

Happy spanking, my friends!



19 thoughts on “Earn your degree from Spanking University!

Add yours

  1. OH! You made me blush 🙂

    Kelly May doesn’t make the mistake of over philosophizing about things, when folk are looking for practical information. The art of “Getting to the point” seems to be sadly rare these days. It is good that these videos do get to the point, without messing about.


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    1. YES! I completely agree, Prefectdt. Some of the other videos I’ve seen just go on and on…covering topics like consent and safety every single time (which, I know is important….but it just gets so damn redundant). I like that her videos are clear, concise, and fun! Thank you so much for bringing Kelley May to my attention 🙂

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    1. YES! I love seeing this kinds of videos, normalizing our spanking kink. I think it is incredibly helpful to see normal, smart, fun people talking about spanking, reducing the stigma for those of us that love it. I am so happy to have found this!


  2. what a lovely authentic video. Thank you for posting it. The kinky side of me would have loved if she talked matter of factly about the sheer importance of the spanking being a true lesson, meaning that it Does need to be embarrassing, even humiliating for the bottom. I’d even love more if she opined that the bottom should, by all means, express thanks to the top for punishing him or her. xoxo

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    1. I am only teasing you. Who knows, maybe she feels that way, or maybe she sees spanking as a fun way to blow off steam or a preclude to sexy activities. I love the way she does her videos ❤


  3. I remember Kelly May had a blog years ago that I enjoyed – the name of it escapes me right now. It’s great to see her in videos. She’s super charming and knowledgeable. I’ve been researching the subject for decades, but I still want to earn my Master’s in Spankopology.

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    1. LOL…oh, come on, Franz…surely you have a master’s degree in spankopology by now? Smiles. (Good one, by the way!). This is my first introduction to her….she is such a cutie! ❤


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