A different love- a D/s love story

Hello, my naughty friends~

I want to share a little story with you.  You see, recently, I had the pleasure of conversing with one of my blog followers for the very first time.   He read my recent post, Bend for me, and felt compelled to leave me a comment…correcting my grammar!  Now, you might think that I would be offended by this (I wasn’t) but in fact…it stirred something in me.  There is something about a strong, unfamiliar man having the gall (and confidence) to call me out on a grammar mistake (of which I make plenty) in such a public way.  I will admit, I found a certain sexiness to the encounter.  We conversed a bit and I learned that he is a published author!

Intrigued, I looked up one of his books on Amazon.  Within two minutes I had purchased his book, and within ten minutes I had read the first few pages and was HOOKED!  Hook, line, and sinker. I’m not kidding you guys…this is (and I say this sincerely) the BEST D/s love story that I have ever read.  I could not put it down and finished it in two sittings. 

When I talked to John about his book, he let me know that while it is fiction, it is based on real-life experiences.  While he’s had some failed relationships (haven’t we all?), he shared that his current relationship (with his submissive) is incredibly fulfilling.  He wrote to me, “But this one is different. D/s is a very real part of why it’s been so much more fulfilling than I’ve ever experienced before.”  And after reading his book…hot damn!  If kinky sex and spankings are your thing (and if you are reading this blog, I suspect they are) then this is a book for you.

All kidding aside, this book moved me.  I laughed out loud, I cried, and more than once I thought to myself “you two are so fucking lucky” as I read about all of their firsts.  As my eyes danced across the page, eagerly anticipating each new adventure, the characters came alive for me.  The sexual tension was palpable, the surrender intoxicating, and the sweet relief of finding that one person who needs exactly what you need…well, is there anything better than that?

I asked John if there was anything that he wanted me to share with my readers.  His response made me smile.  He wrote, “you could let them know that my goal is to present D/s relationships between real people, as opposed to moody billionaires and innocent young beauties who instantly fall under their spell!’.  This really struck a chord with me as one of my goals for my blog has always been to “normalize” D/s, spanking, and everything else kinky for people who feel embarrassed by the nature of their desires. 

Without further ado, I’ll stop rambling, and share the damn link already… I do hope you enjoy this! And PS… I am not recommending this book for any sort of financial gain or recognition… I am recommending this book to you because I LOVED it. It is simply fabulous.

Click here: A different love: A dominant/submissive story- real people, real love

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  1. I love that you mention D/s between real people. I find in D/s novels (and internet stories) the plot line of Hot and brainless young girl gets coerced or kidnapped by a dazzling but moody billionaire and they live spankingly ever after. And that’s not accurate and also in most cases kidnapping, and rape. Anyway I’ll probably order a copy of his book!

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    1. I highly recommend it, Grace! I am being very sincere when I say that I thought it was the best D/s love story ever. It was just so real. None of the fake stuff that so many of these stories typically include….


  2. I really enjoyed this post and also reading your other post about your exchange with John and how it led you to read his work, and to like that he came across as a Dom. I had been thinking that when he wrote to me once about one of my posts, and I couldn’t help but squeak out in my mind “Daddy”.

    One of the most unexpected and beautiful parts of being on this voyage of discovery into D/s is community, and being able to recognise and be recognised as members of a community. In the D/s world there are people to either side of the slash. Being recognised and understood as to the right of the slash is very validating to me, but it is equally validating to me to recognise the others I encounter, whichever side of the slash they are on.

    By you putting your thoughts on his grammar comment into words, I was able to say it out loud. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you, my friend! I really couldn’t agree more. I love being a part of this D/s community and making friends on both sides of the slash. I imagine John will smile when he reads your comment. Whether he is consciously aware of it or not, his dominance comes out loud and clear when interacting with him.


        1. Smiles. He does have the best manners, in a very authoritative way. I am not sure if he considers himself a Daddy Dom or not. He hasn’t mentioned that particular title in either of his books…perhaps he will chime in. Either way, his D/s fiction makes my heart go boom boom 🙂


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