Sometimes life stings!

Sometimes, bad things happen to us.  Scary things, hard things, things that make it hard to go to sleep at night.  The other day, a bad thing happened to me.  I, unintentionally, disrupted an underground hornet nest while planting.  I was almost immediately covered in bites and stings from the angry little black and yellow fellows.  What was incredibly intense about this experience was how suddenly it happened.  I was going about my merry way, very excited to be planting a new tree, and suddenly I was covered in hornets…in my clothes, on my exposed skin, in my hair.  There was suddenly pain everywhere… 

Thankfully, Daddy was home.  He was well across the field, but he came running.  I cried for a good long while.  I’ll admit… I was a bit hysterical at first as the attack came on so quickly.  While I (obviously) ran from the scene and started stripping my clothes off, the angry fellows chased me for a bit, continuing their attack.  And the pain just exploded all over me…I am welted all over my body from bites and stings…between my fingers, in the crease between my bottom and thighs, on my tummy, under my breast where one got into my sports bra, on the back of my neck.  Daddy tended to me…caring for my emotional and my physical well being.  He held me for hours after, reassuring me that I was safe.


Even now, as I write this…well removed from the event, I tremble a bit.  I am reminded how vulnerable we are to nature and to the elements…how precious our health and safety are. And I am incredibly grateful that I do not have to walk in this world alone.

Thank you, Daddy.  Thank you for being my rock.  Thank you for loving me unconditionally.  And thank you for wanting the world for me.  Your wifey always.

With gratitude,


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    1. Thank you, Thomas! These are definitely NOT the welts of my naughty fantasies, though some of them are on my bottom. Thankfully Daddy was liberal with the anti-itch spray before he left home. I really appreciate your kind words. I am feeling a bit down today. XOXO


    1. Yes, it sure can. It would be rather easy to live in fear…but instead, I just tell myself that this is another one of those things that will serve to make me stronger. Thank you for stopping by ❤


    1. I really appreciate this, my friend…thank you! I am feeling fairly down actually, but hoping to pull myself out of this funk. Life is just feeling overwhelming this afternoon. I hope you are well. Sounds like work is keeping you busy. XOXO

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      1. Sorry to hear that you’re feeling down. Maybe take a nice relaxing bath or shower and try to clear your head if you can. Or do a short meditation and try to chill out. You can use brainwave synchronization (or binaural beats) tracks that are very relaxing. They are on Spotify and YouTube. Might help. Hope you feel better soon! It has been busy. I need a vacation!

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        1. You and I are so often on the same wave length, my friend! I did a meditation earlier and am gearing up for a long, hot bath…I have a good book that I am hoping will cheer me up. Thank you for being so supportive❤😘💋

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  1. Wow Nora, that was a terrible thing to have happen! I hope you’re healing well, and you know to use raw Aloe Vera straight from a live plant on the stings and bites. Snap a leaf off just above the base and split the leaf wide open down the centre and place it opened side down directly on all affected areas. It will reduce the swellings, take the pain out of the stings and it will also make it so there is very little if any scarring or marks. Much love my sexy friend, feel better soon!! xxx

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    1. Thank you, Gemma! You know…using aloe from the source is a GREAT suggestion. What is the point of growing all this aloe if I never use it? LOL. Love seeing comments from you again. So glad you are back in blog-o-sphere 🙂

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      1. I’ve been using Aloe direct from the source for years on the boy’s pressure sores. It works like a charm pretty much every time. It’s healing properties are well documented and well used in most products, lotions, creams and potions. Direct from the source means you have it in raw form where it can do most good! I hope it works well for you, that was a terribly traumatic event you went through! I am so glad Daddy was home and able to sooth you and help you. xxx

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  2. Oh my! There are literally hundreds of YouTube videos of people, pros and amateurs, dealing with wasps/hornets. I’ve watched the majority of them because I’m fascinated by these creatures. There are many different species here in the US and around the world, each with their own ways, and some particularly aggressive in defending their nest. Recently, giant killer hornets from Asia have arrived in the northwest. Due to warmer climate, in many places, nests are surviving the winters, and multi-year massive nests are literally life-threatening to anyone encountering one.

    So sorry you found a bad one. I hope I’m not telling you more than you want to know. I’m always warning my wife to be on the lookout in the yard, where there are many places for wasps (bumble bees too) to build. How are you removing the underground nest? If you’re not hiring a pro, do some research and be careful!


    1. Hi Franz! Definitely more than I wanted to know about this…feeling a bit terrified now. LOL. I guess there will always be something to be afraid of. After doing some research, we wanted to use an incesticide powder that you coat the hole with. As they fly in, they get the powder on them and carry it into the nest. Unfortunately in CA, they no longer sell it. My husband is using a foam treatment which you spray in the hole. It seems to be working okay but they definitely aren’t gone yet. Normally we would just let nature be, but it is within 30 feet of our swimming pool. I’m not risking our relatives or pets getting stung like that. Thank you for your concern…it is much appreciated❤


  3. Sorry, nora. I got carried away there. I hope you’re feeling better. The best time to treat the nest is at night, when it’s cool and they’re all back from foraging. If you don’t want to use harmful chemicals, or anything dangerous to pets, people use a little dish soap mixed in water down the hole to kill them. Pro exterminators often use a shop vac to suck the workers up into a water/soap mix as they go in and out, but they have to wear a protective suit to do it.

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    1. Thank you, Franz! We did use the treatment at night with the hope that most of them were in there. The foam is toxic, and we are keeping the pets well away. If we can’t get rid of them ourselves, I’ll call our pest control company. I really appreciate you sharing your information😘

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  4. One sting is one thing , but a whole bunch at once, swarming, is terrifying. Jumping into the pool doesn’t work because they hang around to get you when you come up for air. This happened to me twice—I know how much it hurts and am so glad that Daddy was there to remind you of what Daddy’s can do.

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    1. Thank you for your empathy, my friend! And you are correct…jumping in the pool did not work very well (as that is exactly what I did)…it still took awhile to get them off of me and to leave me alone. But the cool water was calming as I was completely freaked out. I am very glad that Daddy was home. There have been so many times when I mow the fields when he is gone. I never dreamed of something like this happening. A good reminder of how powerful nature can be! 🙂


  5. Glad you are ok and well cared for. We were bicycle riding the other week when Kitten ran into a bee that fell inside her bike jersey. She was stung beneath her breast and it flew off when she opened her jersey. She is allergic but fortunately didn’t have a major reaction. She was feeling off when we got to our car and I immediately stopped and got her chewable children’s Benadryl.
    Doctors are horrible patients. She thought I was over reacting until her bite started swelling. She was glad we stopped. I need to remember to put Benadryl into her water carrier. Glad you are not allergic.
    Be well and may you recover quickly.

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  6. Oh no! Hornet stings are the worst! I feel you with being a little dramatic. I have a debilitating fear of bugs that is almost embarrassing for a woman my age. I’m glad that your Daddy was able to give you the comfort you needed in that moment.

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    1. Thank you, Grace Marie! I’m not a huge fan of creepy crawly things either, but it comes with the territory when you live out in the boondocks. Hope you and baby are well! ❤


  7. Sounds like that is the kind of pain you don’t want. I hope you recover quickly

    In my work, this happens a lot. Red ants are the ones that I hate the most. They manage to get all over you, in large numbers, without you feeling them. Then one of the little *&^%%$$£ releases a chemical signal and they all bite you at the same time. On the other hand, they are only defending their home and kin, even if I did not mean to threaten them


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    1. That is funny you mention red ants, my friend! When I first started feeling the bites, that is what I assumed it was (as I was feeling it all over). Of course, by this point I was running so it took me a minute to realize it was bees….
      Definitely not the kind of pain that I am into 🙂 XOXO

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  8. OMG that’s so scary, I’m so glad your Daddy was there to take care of you. I hope you are feeling better now. I for one am so extremely allergic to insect stings and bites I would most definitely be in the hospital. Sending get well hugs your way

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