Nerdy nora’s book notes: Real Service continued

Hello, my naughty friends!

As I continue to make my way through Real Service, written by Master Raven and Joshua Tenpenny, I will continue to share my nerdy school girl notes.  Hope this is helpful to any service submissives or those of you interested in integrating these ideas into your dynamic.  Keepin’ it kinky!



Chapter Seven- For Masters: Integrating the Servant into the Routine

Service isn’t just about sex or fetish.  It is often expected that a Master might use a slave to complete chores/tasks that he/she/they do not want to do.  For example, a Master might greatly enjoy cooking, but assign his slave to do all the chopping.  When considering your routine, think on the chores or tasks that irritate you or make you sigh, and begin training your slave/submissive to complete those tasks to your specifications.  Be attuned to slaves/submissives who insist on doing things their way….slaves/submissives need to conform to completing a task in the way you instructed, regardless of if they believe their way is more effective or efficient. 

One way to train a slave/submissive to complete a task your way is to integrate them into your process.  Have them simply observe at first.  Then, assign them smaller parts, until finally, they have learned to complete the service to your specifications. 

Be sure to give them honest feedback regarding performance.  Reassure them that your feedback is a demonstration of your caring and that you are trying to get your slave/submissive where you want them to be quickly.  A slave must be able to take criticism graciously.

Chapter Eight- For Servants: Minimally Invasive Organizing

Many Masters are very organized and simply instruct their slaves on their preferences for organization.  But for Masters who need help with organizing spaces, a slave/submissive must observe Master first, to ensure that the space is organized to best suit Master (and not to best suit the slave).  A basic process to organizing a Master’s space includes: 1) Observe the way your Master uses the space.  What items do they use most frequently? 2) Talk to your Master about his/her/their preferences.  Do they like items left out?  Do they like things put away in little storage boxes? Do they want things labeled, etc.? 3) Determine if your Master wants to get rid of unused items (do not take it upon yourself to make this decision).  4) Figure out categories that work with how your Master thinks.  Before you get too deep, share your categories with your Master to see if this works for him.  5) When considering where to store an item, keep in mind the way it is used.  6) There is no number 6 in the book…a typo, I suppose.  7) Reduce the effort required of your Master to maintain organization.  8) After the organizational system is in place, observe how it is working and make an necessary revisions.  9) An organizational system requires maintenance.  Above all else…remember that this is not about you and your preferences…it is about making your Master’s life easier and/or more pleasant.       

Chapter Nine- Correcting Problematic Behavior

This book focuses on real service.  When you provide real service, real obedience is required.  For example, there are real world consequences to your Master if he/she does not have his/her dry cleaning, or if you forget to pick up their children from school.   A Master should quickly establish with a servant/submissive what an acceptable margin of error is as everyone makes mistakes.  A basic process for correcting problematic behaviors includes:

1). Bring the servant’s attention to the situation and verify that they understand what the problem is.  

2). Determine why the problem occurred.  If there were unforeseen circumstances, a Master may need to clarify what an appropriate response might have been, or what steps could have been taken to prevent the situation from occurring. 

3). Develop a plan for preventing this problem in the future.  Some examples of solutions include: finding memory aids, dealing with underlying insecurities, working on mindfulness, training them how to ask for what they want, or getting the slave/submissive involved with finding solutions.

4). If necessary, reevaluate the servant’s capabilities.

But personally, I think that these methods, combined with the method below would be MOST effective in correcting problematic behavior 😉


30 thoughts on “Nerdy nora’s book notes: Real Service continued

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      1. Yes, in parts. I am trying to learn about submission, and I think it is certainly helping me understand service submission and how that works mechanically. What I really want to learn about, however, is how love thrives in a D/s relationship. I have always been afraid of submission because I fear that it engenders a potential loss of respect. The book “Conquer Me” was an excellent read in this regard, as it describes the world from a sub’s perspective, but from the context of a loving relationship. I would love to read the same written from a Domme’s perspective. Have never encountered this.

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  1. I need a good submissive like this in my life. Haven’t had one in some time. I’m pretty organized in some ways (like on the computer), but my house and business affairs could use some assistance. Also, the sex and spanking, etc. wouldn’t hurt! 🤣

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      1. It’s been some time since I had this type of relationship. And I’ve never had anything quite as formal as the arrangements you describe with your master(s). However, I will try to share some things soon about it. It would be fun to go down memory lane. Currently the only post that goes into this territory (and not very deeply) is the recent one about my half-sister.

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        1. Smiles. I would love to read about any of your former arrangements. Also, I refer to my husband as my HOH, and my dominant as my Sir. A Master/slave dynamic has much different connotations than either of my current dynamics, though the idea of becoming a slave is intriguing to me. There are so many different types of dynamics which is absolutely fascinating to me! 🙂

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          1. Ah, ok. Sorry for improper nomenclature! I’m super informal with dom/sub dynamics. I know some do it as a lifestyle and some, like myself, are simply occasional tourists. There are many varieties. Not sure if my dabbling will be of much interest, but I’ll share nonetheless.

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  2. Granted, my opinion could be biased, but after chapter 9 has introduced the topic of correcting problematic behavior, it should be followed up by at least a few hundred pages of Chapter Ten- Spanking.

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    1. You are so spot on, Franz! Unfortunately…it is not the case, and… I even read in Chapter 9 that the authors don’t believe that physical chastisement is the best way… Boy do they have this part wrong 🙂

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  3. I love this! I especially love that it says to look if anything needs readjusting. It doesn’t just say to spank the living daylights out of your submissive the second that they slip up! I might pick up a copy of the book for myself!

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    1. You might be surprised, Grace Marie…this book really doesn’t mention spanking at all (at least, not yet). For me, that is a disappointment. I’d like to see some focus on physical chastisement. But, I am learning a lot about being a service submissive. I often organize my husband’s spaces, as he is not good at organizing. Some of the ideas presented were completely novel to me…I will definitely be giving more consideration to things like, what he uses the most, and making that most accessible to him. Hope all is well there! 🙂


    1. Smiles. MJ…I think you would be surprised, especially given how much I like this book and how much I am learning from it…but it doesn’t even mention spanking! 🙂


  4. I think it would be nice if nora recommended a point number 5 at the end for she would recommend that he should bring his teaching experience for her around full circle

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