Finding joy

This morning I am at peace…my mind is calm, and my heart is joyful.  Life has been VERY busy lately, but this morning I had a chance to just relax, sit outside in nature with a good cup of coffee, and revel in the sheer beauty of this thing called life.

We all know that life is hard sometimes.  Almost unbearable.  There is so much pain in this world.  To love, also means to lose…and inevitably, we will suffer loss.  But there is also beauty and love and joy.  This morning, I choose to focus on my joy and my heart is swelling with gratitude. 

I am a lucky girl, a blessed girl.  I was born with all my abilities, to two people who loved me very much.  Growing up, my parents taught me to believe in myself and they protected me from the hardships of the world.  As a young woman, I met the man who would love me unconditionally and who I would grow with (I love you, Daddy ❤ ).  As a woman in my 40’s, I enjoy a career that I find fulfilling, hobbies that nourish my soul, and a community where I can be my kinky self (I love you all, my WordPress friends ❤ ).

But now, I want to focus my gratitude on the men in my life… my father, my husband, and my Sir. 

My father is a hard man.  He grew up under extremely harsh circumstances (poverty, abuse, addiction).  But despite this, he prevailed…and went on to be an excellent father and provider for his family.  These days, he spends A LOT of his time at my house, helping us to fix it up.  He is teaching my husband a lot about carpentry, plumbing, etc., skills that are invaluable as a homeowner.  While my dad may not be good at telling me he loves me or that he is proud of me…he does show his love by giving me his time and his efforts.  Just thinking of it brings tears to my eyes.

I am also grateful for my husband.  I smile when I think back on all the years we have shared.  We have grown so much together!  We continue to carve out a life together, to choose each other, and to put effort into our marriage.  While most of our friends are on their second/third marriages (and there is no judgment there), we are still together… still loving each other, still doing our darndest to make each other happy.  We have certainly had our share of trials and tribulations (affairs, deaths, periods of time where we weren’t happy together), but neither of us has ever walked away…and I am grateful for this.  Daddy knows me better than anyone, and he genuinely wants to see me happy and see me having my needs met.  While we may be engaged in a domestic discipline (DD) dynamic, with the idea that I serve him, he shows his love for me in so many ways.  I adore him for all those times he walks in a room, picks up my coffee cup without asking, and reheats it for me because he knows I like it better hot. I am grateful for the respect he shows me and how he always cares to know what my opinion is on a matter.  And I LOVE that even after a long day of work, even if he is not particularly horny, that he is always up to helping me achieve climax…because he loves seeing me enjoy sexual pleasure.  He is the love of my life, my soul mate, and “my person”. 

Lastly, I am grateful to my Sir.  Sir hasn’t been in my life very long (five exciting months!), but he has quickly become a man that I hold dear and that I respect very much.  He has dedicated his career to helping vulnerable populations and he adores his family.  He is also incredibly thoughtful, insightful, and intelligent. I am very grateful for the huge amount of time and effort he puts in to improving my life through structure and discipline. 

So you see… I am one lucky girl!  Life is GOOD.  Grab onto happiness where you can, my friends. There will always be storm clouds following us around…but focusing on finding our joy is so important. 

With much love for all my readers,


PS…And a little song that always puts joy in my heart!


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    1. Thank you, Marie! Life is good at the moment, and I am fully enjoying it. I think you and I both know how quickly things can turn. So while the sun is shining on me… I’m out in my bikini soaking up the rays 🙂
      Hope you and Master T are well! XOXO

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