Smooth as glass….#21+, NSFW

Yesterday, I was craving a particular feeling, a particular sensation…. I needed to touch myself. I texted Daddy permission, which was granted.  He is very generous with me. With great apprehension, butterflies in my tummy, I went to the toy chest…opened it….and peered inside. There it was, waiting for me. Long, smooth, but with very... Continue Reading →

A lesson to be learned #18+, NSFW

A bit of spanking fiction, for your enjoyment 🙂 “Okay, goodbye, Sarah.  Hopefully I’ll be in tomorrow.” Fresh from the shower, Ted only heard the last bit of conversation as his girlfriend hung up the phone. “You aren’t going into work today, honey?” he asked, his frame filling the bathroom door, one eyebrow raised. Cindy... Continue Reading →

A sexy self-growth project- 30 days of D/s, part deux (Day 11) #18+, NSFW

Hello, my friends! Almost four years ago, I participated in the Loving BDSM’s 30 Days of D/s writing prompts and from this experience, I learned a lot about myself and about D/s.  Recently, I embarked on re-reading my former posts and realized that so much of what I have written in the past was either... Continue Reading →

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