A Man’s Sport, Part Two #18+, NSFW

Hello, my kinky readers!

If you haven’t read A Man’s Sport- Part One, you might want to do so before continuing on 😊

I am having a particularly good time writing this story…




Scott did his best to enjoy his beer and watch the game, but both his mind and his eyes continued to drift over to the beautiful woman standing in the corner like an errant child.  Words Tom had said continued to flood his mind.  He spoke so casually of misbehavior and discipline.  Tom’s words “punished for naughtiness” haunted his mind and his cock as he desperately waited for half time and whatever was to come next. 

Tom noted his friend’s edgy behavior and smiled to himself.  Scott’s reaction to Andi and the situation was not lost on him.  He had been wanting to discipline Andi and embarrass her in this way for quite some time, but he had been waiting for the right moment.  He knew this would serve to deepen her submission to him. 

Finally, the second quarter was over.  Commercials began to play out across the screen. 

Drawing out the moment, Tom sat back on the couch, muting the television.

“Good game, isn’t it?” He asked Scott.  He noted the bead of sweat on his friend’s forehead.

“Yeah, sure.  The defense is really on it today,” Scott managed, wiping his brow.

Tom grinned.  Sitting up straight, he slapped both his knees.

“Well, let’s get on with this, shall we?” he asked to no one in particular.

The room was silent.  The suspense was all but killing Scott…

“Andi, come here please.”  Tom’s voice had changed, no longer jovial, but with an uncompromising edge.

Andi reacted to his tone and immediately obeyed.  She stood near his side, arms crossed behind her back in a show of submission, clad only in her panties and football jersey.

Tom smiled at her.

“Andi, I am a bit disappointed with your behavior here today,” he began.  “We invited Scott here to watch the game with us and I expect you to be a good hostess and on your best behavior when we have company, honey.”

Andy was blushing and looking at the floor…very much the picture of a contrite young lady receiving a stern lecture.

“Did you behave yourself, young lady?”

Andi blushed deeper.

“No, Sir,” she said, quietly.

“No, you sure didn’t.  Tell me how you misbehaved, Andi,” Tom commanded.

Looking quickly at Scott and back down again, Andi whispered, “I was teasing you, Sir.”

“Teasing me how, young lady?”

Andi swallowed hard and tried to force out the words.

“Speak up, young lady!”

“I… I was teasing your cock, Sir,” she finally managed.

Scott’s own cock sprung to attention at these words and he shifted, trying to hide his erection.

Tom smiled at Andi.

“Yes, you were teasing my cock, Andi.  And is that polite to do in front of company, young lady?”

Andi shook her head.

“No, Sir.”

“No, it’s not polite, honey.  It seemed like you were needing some attention, Andi, weren’t you?” Tom asked her gently.

Andi nodded her head yes.

“Yes, Sir,” she began.  “I just…I just needed you….”

“I see,“ Tom said.

Both men were quiet, watching Andi intently.

Andi squirmed under their collective gaze; her eyes locked to the floor.

Finally, Tom stood up.  He took Andi’s chin firmly in his hand, lifting her gaze to his. 

“Well, little girl…if attention is what you are needing, I will certainly give you some attention.”

Tom was quiet, staring at her.  The moment seemed to stretch out into eternity.

“Put your hands on your head,” he commanded, releasing her chin from his grip.

Andi obeyed.  Tom let her stand there a moment, in her shirt and panties.

Reaching out, Tom lifted Andi’s jersey, exposing her perky, bare breasts.

And then…

He swiftly lowered her panties to her thighs, exposing her cleanly shaven pussy.

Andi let out a sob but remained perfectly still…and perfectly exposed.

“I’ll give you some attention, little girl.” 

Scott’s cock was so hard he thought it might burst from his jeans.  Before him stood a gorgeous, outrageously sexy woman (at least in his eyes)…her perfect breasts available for his viewing pleasure, her smooth pussy on display.  With the way Tom had arranged her clothing…she seemed particularly bare and vulnerable before them in a way that Scott had never seen…her hands on her head like that…the blush across her cheeks…

“Scott,” Tom said, bringing Scott out of sex-hazed trance.  “Could you keep an eye on her for a moment?  I need to get something.”

“Um, sure, no problem,” Scott answered, eyes wide.  What was he supposed to say in this situation?

Tom left the room, and all Scott could do was stare at the woman before him.  He felt sure that he was seeing moisture at Andi’s slit and her nipples were as tight as tiny pebbles.  He took in the curve of her bottom, her trim waist, her bare hips.  He had never been this hard in his life. 

When Tom returned, Andi’s eyes went wide.

Tom carried a small, wooden paddle.  He returned to his seat on the couch, resting the paddle against his thigh.

“You were very naughty today, Andi,” he said, tapping the paddle against his leg.  “And I am going to paddle your bare bottom until I am sure that you have gotten all of the attention you have been needing.  Over my knee, young lady.  It is time for your spanking.”

Part Three coming soon.




32 thoughts on “A Man’s Sport, Part Two #18+, NSFW

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  1. I want to spank you naughty Nora just for making us wait! Excellent story thus far, as one who enjoy writing erotic naughty girl spanking stories myself (and enact them too 😈), I truly enjoy your writing style…But you ARE STILL a naughty tease ; )

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Big K! I will assure you….I am spanked with great regularity, my friend😊. And, I’m still just as naughty as ever. I would love to read one of your stories some time….do you have a blog that I can follow?


      1. No, no blog but I sure do enjoy writing for ladies that I have a connection with and the like…So many deserving naughty ladies in need of firm guidance 🙌

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Seriously? You’re leaving it there? You are a TEASE Naughty Nora! Daddy should spank you soundly for teasing your loyal readers like this! Sheesh!
    On the other side of my little temper tantrum, brilliant build up, excellent execution of tension and wonderful imagery, I’ve said this about your writing before, but it bears repeating, when you write you draw your reader into the room with you and allow them to actually ‘see’ your characters and the story as it unfolds!
    Love this story line! Now part 3 PLEASE!! 😛 xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I sure love your compliments, Gemma! Even if you did suggest that Daddy give my bottom a good spanking 🙂 I will do my best to post Part Three tomorrow morning. Tonight I am diligently writing to meet a work deadline. Hugs & kisses, my friend!!! XOXO
      PS….when do we get to see some new fiction from you? I am having withdrawals!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I agree with Gema. You need strong and severe spankings from your husband just for this masterpiece of a cliffhanger. Where is chapter three Nora!!? Great job my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I love cliffhangers. Anticipation is a key element of this kink. I want to be in Scott’s position. When it comes to spanking, I’m an enthusiastic voyeur, at least when I know the naughty young lady is a willing participant in the exhibition.

    I love your writing. I feel some inspiration to try writing something myself when I have the time.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, franzcoughka! I would love the opportunity to witness a real spanking. I know many here who have (usually when you are younger and you witness a sibling or friend get a spanking), but I have never had the viewing pleasure. Please let me know if you do write something… I would love to read it 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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