The art of sensual massage

Hello, my dear readers!

I do hope that you had a lovely Christmas holiday, despite how isolating this year has been.  Daddy and I were fortunate to be able to lean into one another for support and find our joy, despite some recent heartache.  But that is a story for another day.

Today, I am choosing to focus on the positive.  I greatly enjoyed working in my new guided journal this morning (Soul Therapy, by J. Kademian).  This morning’s prompt was one of gratitude and it was a wonderful change of pace to focus on what I am grateful for, rather than focusing on what I have lost.

This year, rather than surprise each other with Christmas presents (especially as stores were closed where we live), we enjoyed a fun morning of on-line shopping together a few weeks ago.  As the items arrived, I put them under the tree and we opened them Christmas morning.  One of our purchases included a hot stone massage kit, which came with the case that heats up the stones.  We also purchased Elemis massage oil.

Now, when Daddy and I were first married, we took a couple’s massage class during our honeymoon adventure.  These are skills we have retained over the years, and I must share that Daddy is capable of giving a very sensual massage.  A few years ago, while on a cruise, I experienced a hot stone massage for the first time and was absolutely hooked!  Now, we will spend some time together reviewing the tutorial videos and will each take turns giving the other a hot stone massage.

The stones are heating up as we speak!

Find your joy where you can, my friends.  Sending my love to you. 



PS…. and I’m hoping for a different type of “massage” later…

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    1. LOL…the work place is definitely not the place to cross those kinds of boundaries! But, at home…just Daddy and I… massage is definitely sensual. Of course, he can allow his fingers to stray to places that would get you in quite a bit of trouble with your clients 😉

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