Turn me on…

It is cold and rainy here this morning.  I try to focus on my tasks…but my mind keeps drifting back to thoughts of you and me.  Reality and imagination all wrapped up into one steamy train of thought…

Come on home and turn me on….

I’m waiting, Daddy ❤

To my readers…to me, this is one of the most sensual songs ever produced…what is your favorite sexy song? Do tell!



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  1. Oh girl. I’ve been reading one of those domestic discipline romance novels. (Usually trashy I know.) and I’ve been so distracted. And I puddle of submissive horniness.

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      1. Elton John. (Specifically the rocket man soundtrack.) there’s a fair few slightly graphic sex scenes. And hearing the song makes me think of them.

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          1. My pleasure 😉 and you know that spanking I said I was due for? Sawyer came through on his promise. And let’s just say I will not be sitting down for another month. Especially considering my birthday is January 3rd. And I’ll be 28. So this butt is going to die.

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              1. Yes ma’am I did. What hurts the most is seeing the disappointment on his usually happy teddy bear face. (Keep in mind he’s 6’3 and close to 250 lbs of muscle.” And I’m like 5’0 ish. So when I get my cute little self draped over his knee there’s nowhere to go and it’s going down. He did 75 with the hand. 50 with that wretched bath brush. And 25 with the belt. And I know it hurt him to do. But I also know that he knew that I needed it. I’ve been stressed with December, and covid, and family issues. So I’ve been acting up a lot. And he’s given me a lot of grace because he knows how I get when I’m stressed. But enough was enough and I got what was coming to me. Oh and keep in mind he did this bare.

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  2. Unfortunately, I couldnt name one that does the trick. Turn Me On is just a nice song. She is a relaxing voice at best. Pretty songs and what I thought a woman should sound like.

    If I had to be the weird one here, I would say Albatross by Corrosion of Conformity, just for the grind of the guitar.

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  3. Such a great song!!!!!! Norah Jones is amazing!

    I find a lot of music can turn me on in different ways. Sometimes it is a voice. One of my best friends wrote a book and included some of my story in her fictional story. She mentioned this song in her book I had never heard before and I checked it on YouTube and now I am hooked on the voice of Kristina Train. There are two of her songs I really like – one is a cover of the classic “I’m Wanderin'” and the other is a cover of “How Long Will I Love You?” Her voice is so yummy.

    I think I am drawn to a bit of drama in songs. Just recently I watched a documentary about Michael Hutchence (so sad to watch) and I have been listening to the song “Never Tear Us Apart” and I love the version Paloma Faith recorded. That song has so much drama. I love that feeling of being knocked over head over heels with the sensational passion in a relationship.

    And I know it might sound a little corny – but even without thinking about Patrick Swayze – “Unchained Melody” by The Righteous Brothers is just sublime.

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    1. Thank you, Jenna! I was not familiar with Kristina Train and I LOVE her sound. I can’t stop playing the song “How long will I love you” ❤ ❤ ❤

      I don't think it sounds corny at all… I love "Unchained Melody". I learned to play that on the piano years ago… I love that song 🙂

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  4. My wife and I had this conversation a few days ago. We were reminiscent of our dating days. The only really sexy song I can remember sending to her is Sex and Candy. Lol

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