Law of Attraction

You may remember some time back, when the self-help book, The Secret, became wildly popular.  There was a movie, and there is now a documentary on Netflix which I watched this morning while on the treadmill.  The premise of The Secret is that like attracts like.  For example, if you emit positive energy, you will attract positive things to you.  If you emit negative energy, you will attract negative experiences.  This concept is referred to as the Law of Attraction.  The books also high lights the use of visualization and approaching your life and the universe with gratitude.

I’m not putting this information before you today because this is a new concept in my life.  In general, I am a very optimistic person, who wakes up happy, and loves her life.  I have experienced some pretty severe depression over the last few years, deriving from traumatic events which transpired, but despite this… I am blessed.

So, what is your point, nora?  This is a sex blog not a self-help pitstop.

Recent conversations with kdaddy (who can be very direct, I might add!) made me realize that I have been my own worst enemy as of late.  He reminded me that when you want something, you don’t limit yourself, you don’t give up on your dreams, and you don’t tell yourself that you can’t have it.  Miss D, CollaredMichael, Marie, Pelgris, and many others echoed this sentiment. 

When I apply The Secret to my life, I must first put out the intention.  So, here it goes.

I am asking the Universe to bring me a Dominant who will be interested in helping me grow as a person and who will have my best interests at heart.  I want someone who will accept my submission and lift me up, helping me to live my best life.    

I am excited to put this out there!  I feel fired up and I feel hopeful.  It is not up to me to determine who this will be or how it will happen…it is just my job to believe that it will happen.  This could happen in so many ways, there are endless possibilities!  It might be that my husband masters himself and further matures and grows into the role of a full-time Dominant, it might be one of my friends here on WordPress who has admired from afar, it might be a couple who see me as their pet project, it may be someone that I haven’t even met yet…

I’m not going to give up.  The Universe has the perfect Dominant designed just for me.  The person, or, persons, who want to help me become the best version of me that I can be.    

While I am not quite ready to take the leap of advertising my submission (I’d like the Universe to make this happen more organically, please), it did bring me great joy today to see how many websites there are designed to help Dominants and submissives connect.  And…who knew!?! So many of those people are looking for on-line only dynamics… I never would have dreamed this!

I am open.  I am not afraid.  And, I am looking forward to the journey.       




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  1. Good girl! I manifest all the time. In fact, Sir and I were just talking about this. I told him I manifested him. I did exactly what you just did. I wrote a list,a description of the Dom I wanted. And put it out there. I told the universe I wsne’t in a hurry, that I would be patient and wait. Less than a month later Sir walked into my life. He checked every single box on my list except one. And I’m finding I may just be able to live without that, with the compromises he has made.

    So I have faith and I too am adding my positive energy to the universe in bringing you and your Dom together. Xoxo

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    1. Miss D…you just brought such joy to my day…thank you! You have no idea how much your continued support has meant to me. I truly hope that we get to meet someday… perhaps when Daddy and I finally travel the great White North again. We’ve always wanted to go back to your beautiful country. I hope you know that I couldn’t be happier for you and your Sir. From the moment you started blogging about him, I knew he was going to be special. He sees you, and he has great integrity. And, he doesn’t let you get away with anything! What more could a naughty girl ask for? Well, knowing the two of us… a whole list of things 🙂

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      1. Lol to meet you would be a dream come true and I bet the two of us would certainly get our naughty selves in lots of trouble, keeping your Daddy and my Sir on their toes for sure! If you ever do plan a trip over here, we must make that happen! Xoxo

        Hmmm I wonder if your Daddy would even let me spank you a little? He might enjoy seeing that…. lol

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  2. Not that some advertisement wouldn’t hurt things. The universe is… fickle. Some might say it’s indifferent and uncaring. And, as one of my bosses told me many years ago, “If you don’t toot your own horn, no one else will…” Attraction is a funny thing in that there’s the way we look at it as individuals and then there’s the way it can really be. Nothing shocks a person more than to find themselves attracted to someone who, according to their internal definitions, they shouldn’t be attracted to… in any way. They’ve always said that opposites attract and being too similar tends to deflect… like people are really those magnets we’ve all played with in science class.

    We talk about animal magnetism (more magnets), that thing about someone that just draws us to someone, lending credence to something that I think doesn’t get paid enough attention, that being, what we find attractive isn’t always what we can see with our eyes… or what we “imagine” it to be when we have reason to sit down and think about what attracts us to someone and what doesn’t… or, again, isn’t supposed to.

    Will the universe help a sista out? Who’s to say? One key to attraction is commonality and literally what things we may have in common with each other. Similar interests and goals, similar mindset and with some opposition mixed in just to keep it interesting. If we find someone interesting, then it’s now about finding out what, if anything, is attractive about them other than that which we can see. But, as many of us have probably learned, the universe is good friends with Mr. Murphy; we can find ourselves attracted to someone even when every fiber of our being is screaming that we shouldn’t be.

    Still, if you don’t toot your own horn, chances are the universe isn’t going to lift a metaphysical finger. If you’re not gonna do it, who’s supposed to? And would you be happy leaving it up to fate to lend a hand… and when fate is just as fickle and indifferent?

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  3. Yes the Universe knows what you want, like, need, desire, lust and think about…..I stumbled into this lifestyle in another platform, I wasn’t looking for anything, but have a strong sexual drive, I’m a Leo too, and was left to my own devices, so explored a little bit on different social media platforms….. hence stumbling on this beautiful blog 🙏🙏

    I had a muse that I wrote a majority of my posts about, on my old account on here. We were a world apart physically and connected by red thread….. then one day a DM appeared and woman #2 said ‘she wishes that somebody would do dedications for her, like I did for ‘Elle’ ….so that was the impetus for a different connection and ‘virtual’ lifestyle…..

    #2 felt I had a domineering personality and was an old hand at being a Sir, and after strongly denying that fact, she introduced me to a world of actions, that really titillated my senses. The online experience lasted for 18 months and I was always open for her guidance to do the ‘right thing’ not use her real name and other beginner issues.
    I feel that I’m rambling a bit, however, to have another person do as you instruct on the other side of the world is certainly one of the most powerful things I have experienced. I can honestly say in my experience, I have said the right thing at the right time, and had online connections that I wasn’t openly looking for, but put effort into helping some women become desired, loved and wanted… I hope this makes sense, as it’s not about ‘tooting my own horn’ ( which I did voraciously, as a teenager, hence the bend in it), but a opinion that opportunities present themselves and it is what you do with those opportunities when they arise.

    You will find your new Dominant dear Nora, and the reign of leather, straps, canes and wood will rain on your firm cheeks as the Universe commands. 😉😉💋

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      1. That’s very kind of you to say young Lady 🙏, no I haven’t dubbed myself that…. the devil on my shoulder kinda overrides the Angel a bit….. 🤔🤔😉😉 I had read and commented on a lot of your works a few years ago, and I guess a connection was built then…. for which I am truly grateful for 💋💋💋

        Have N amazing day 🙏😘

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          1. Ahhhhh yes good point. 😘 it is a song title form Judas Priest. Tea leaf reader said I would make a great paramedic due to my caring nature….

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                    1. I like that word steward, there is definitely something very peaceful and fulfilling about nuturing new life watching it pass through its life cycle and working with and against mother nature

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