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Encouraging dominance

Hi all,

How to encourage dominance in one’s significant other is something that I have been researching for quite awhile.  Tonight, I opened WordPress to find the most articulate and well-written article that I have seen on the subject, written by one of my favorite bloggers, submissy.   This is an easy read, succinct, and intuitive.

Please visit her website to read 5 things that encourage Dominance

Happy reading, ya’all!




Hello all! I'm just an old-fashioned girl on a wild DD and D/s adventure with my husband. I greatly enjoy writing about all things kinky and I enjoy reading about kink as well. Please feel free to drop by my page and leave a comment or ask a question. Have a wonderful day!

9 thoughts on “Encouraging dominance

  1. I can’t imagine that it’s really “that easy” to encourage dominance in a significant other as I understand that it’s a mindset as much as it is a thing to do. It’s kinda like asking, “Hey – do you think us being open would make our lives together better, more exciting and fulfilling?” And it can sound like an amazing idea and one to be discussed and implemented… but ya still have to do it and consistently so that this new thing becomes a normal part of your daily lives. Just like any other kind of alternative relationship, the work still has to be done – it’s not gonna run all by itself – while taking into consideration that there will be some days or moments when, bleh, just not feeling it right now.

    It was a great writing – thanks for sharing it!

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