Confessions of a blogger

Hello, my friends!  This blog post may have a different feel to it today…no kinky sex or tales of spankings (typically, my tail!).  But, it is something that is a long time coming.

For those of you that have been following my blog the past few years, you know that I am currently on a journey of re-discovery.  I am coming out of a long period of darkness, and, I want to get my sparkle back!  During this endeavor, I began to think about who I am as a person and what matters most to me.  The first thing that came to mind was integrity.  My dad would always say that integrity is the one thing that you can give yourself that no one else can take away.  I feel this to be true, down to my very core.  Be honest, be kind.  I live by these words…or, do I?

As a blogger, I have been living a bit of a disconnect between my “real” life and my “on-line life” here on WordPress.  Generally, I have been an open book…I write openly about my sex life, my marriage, my grief, etc.  While some may view an on-line persona as a chance to be someone that you are not, that is not how I ever saw this experience playing out for me.  The friendships that I have made here matter to me deeply.  While I need to remain anonymous, I also want to be my authentic self.

So, here it is.  At one point or another, I have in conversation with some of you, claimed to hold the title of licensed psychologist.  I am not, as of yet.  I initially said this to someone here (and I honestly cannot remember the first time that I made the claim) in conversation to boost my own credibility.  This was incredibly wrong on my part.  It is unethical, and I did the very thing that I try very hard not to do…throw away my own integrity.

The truth is, I have been on the path to become a psychologist for a long time.  About three years ago, I was about a year away from completion.  As many of you know a series of very terrible things happened in my world…infidelity, the unexpected death of my mom, my younger brother overdosing, and we lost our fur baby of 14 years.  Life was dark.  I withdrew from my Ph.D program and took a leave of absence.  About six months ago, I picked back up where I had left off with my training.  I am scheduled to graduate in six months (with my Ph.D in Counseling Psychology) and then will begin the licensure process.

Some may wonder…but what about the Professor part, is that true?  Yes, I am a Professor in my “real” life and I do teach at the University.  I am a Professor of Communication Studies, which was my first love in academia.  But… I am a student at heart and psychology was calling me…and, I answered that call.

Being in a period of darkness was no excuse to lie to my readers.  I value you…I value your readership, I value how you enrich my own life with your blogs, and I value your friendship.  I want to be my best self, and to do that…I want to strive to live my life with integrity and model that with my actions, not just my words.

I want to thank you for taking the time to read this.

Truly humbled,


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  1. Hey Nora, never feel that you need to apologise. Blogging can allow you to give or hide as much about you as you want. Blogging can be an expression or an escape (or both) for the reader and write.

    Be who you want to be, express as much or as little as you want. You have fans and friends here.



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  2. So when you finish, do I have to call you Dr. Double N???

    What I do know 100% is, you are always kind to me. You respond to my post and even my sometimes oddball emails. You have at times been the spark I needed to get through the day just because you made me feel like I mattered.

    That is what counts. Thanks for being a sweetheart and letting boring ole me be a part of your journey!

    Love always


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  3. People blog for many different reasons; for myself, blogging is a form of occupational therapy I discovered after my stroke. There’s always been a question of how much sharing in a blog is too much sharing so if a blogger feels a need to… um, dissemble a bit – and usually to keep their real identity as secret as possible, eh, not that much of a big deal and more so when it’s not unusual for a blogger to what to talk about in terms of what they want to do, how they see themselves, stuff like that.

    While there are people who want to blog to an audience or even specific audiences, my thoughts have always been that one should always write their blog for themselves first and foremost; it’s your blog – write it in any way that works for you and for whatever reason that might be.

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  4. nora,

    Thank you for trusting us enough to share with your friends. It must have been very difficult for you to write this post. I value the integrity and honesty that you’ve displayed today. If you have slipped, then that is understandable; but you have gone out of your way to remedy that stumble; that is praiseworthy and does you much credit.

    If you are brought low by disappointment in your own behaviour, I hope your heart is able to rest easy in the warm embrace of understanding and friendship that your readers here offer you as they lift you high again.

    XOXO Implacable

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    1. Thank you for your kind and supportive words, Implacableone. I am feeling a bit better today and am warmed to see the supportive messages of my community here. Growing is difficult, and painful ❤


  5. I told you once that forgiveness is very important! It is necessary for you to be able to fully resume your relationship as it is necessary for you to forgive yourself for this tiny transgression. Your wisdom has shone through in multiple comments. Your friendship has been freely offered to many on here. It has been accepted by many as well and we all wish you happiness and good health. You are very close to being that doctor of psychology. The papers only confirm your truth.
    I send you my friendship and acceptance. I admire your integrity


    1. Michael, You have no idea how much your kind words mean to me. As my oldest and dearest friend here on WordPress, I thank you for your forgiving nature. I admire you and I greatly value our interactions. Your words mean very much. Much love to you and your Queen ❤

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  6. Good for you for finishing up your Ph.D! I took a year off from vet school taking care of my mom in her final year. Sometimes we kind of have to put our life on hold so we can sort out what to do next. It may be difficult to share the truth at times, but it’s always easier to tell the truth than a lie in the long run =)

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