I am his #NSFW, 18+

Yesterday, I received a text from Daddy while I was at work.  This wasn’t the mundane “what should we do for dinner?”, or “don’t forget to pick up such-and-such”…oh no, not a text of the vanilla variety.  This text read, “You’ve been needing a reminder of my dominance over you.  It will happen tonight.”

Needless to say, I immediately felt those special tingles, imagining what such a reminder might entail.

Fast forward through the rest of the day, and Daddy is ordering me to strip right there in the living room.  He then sent me to stand in the corner of our bedroom and wait for him.

He hadn’t given me any special instructions for what I was to think about while standing in said corner, so I allowed my mind to drift.  I’ve recently had cause to reflect on some of our earlier D/s experiences, and I found myself turning these memories over in my mind and drifting into a more submissive mindset.

When he entered the room, he took me by the hand and guided me to our bed.  He ordered me to lay down, face first.  He gave my bottom a small pat when I was in his desired position and left the room.  I lay there, face down, bottom bare and exposed, thighs slightly spread.

I could hear him in our walk-in closet.  That part of me that always needs to be in control, assumed that his show of dominance meant a spanking.  However, when he returned, he held my cuffs and a bottle of lube.  A bit in shock, I audibly whimpered.  Lube is not required for a spanking, and I had been ordered onto my tummy.  That could only mean one thing…

But first, he placed each of the leather cuffs on my wrists and locked them together.  Bending down, he whispered in my ear that he was doing this because he loved me.

He left the room again.

When he returned, I was almost quivering in anticipation (and a little bit of fear).  We have many toys for that particular part of my anatomy, but they have not been used in quite some time.  What did he choose?  Would it hurt?  Was he going to plug me, or fuck me with this toy?

I had my answer shortly.  Out of my peripheral, I saw Daddy pick up the bottle of lube off the dresser.  It felt like eternity that he stood over me.  When his hand began to spread my cheeks, I tried not to tense up…but it didn’t matter….in the stainless steel plug went.

“That’s my good little bunny,” he said.

Inwardly, I shuddered in humiliation…as much as they fascinate me, there is nothing like an animal tail plug to knock someone down a peg or two.

Daddy then began to tell me things.  Things like he loved me, that he would protect me, that I was safe with him.  Things like I am his, that he owns me, that I belong to him.  All of those perfect words that bring out the little girl in me.

And then he picked up the riding crop.

I hadn’t seen the crop yet and it was quite startling the first time he brought it down soundly on my upturned bottom.  There were a few strokes to my bare behind, but then he began to repeatedly strike me right on my sit spot.  He commanded me to repeat the line, “I am Daddy’s little girl” after each stroke.  I’m not sure how long this went on, but the transformation was complete.  I am HIS little girl and he will do with me as he pleases.

Later, he released my cuffs and held me as he stroked my sore backside.  I felt safe.  I felt loved.

Thank you, Daddy ❤

Love, nora

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    1. Hi sugarjane! It has been quite some time since my Daddy has played in that particular area. I wish I would have been more ready for him in the physical sense (freshly shaved, etc.), but overall, it was more about me being emotionally ready. I think it was a good exercise in trust for us. I am looking forward to continued anal play…it is something that we used to be quite into. For me, nothing gets me into the submissive mindset quicker that my Daddy invading my most naughty place.


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