Do I need to wash your mouth out with soap, young lady?

Last night, Daddy and I were snuggled up, watching comedian, Dane Cook.  We were talking and laughing and I made some sort of a snarky comment, with disrespectful undertones.  I felt the air chill a bit as Daddy turned to me.  The way his eyes were now boring down into mine made my heart begin to beat faster.

“Do I need to wash your mouth out with soap, young lady?” He asked, his voice dangerously low.

“No, Daddy, I’m sorry,” I said, quickly.  “I didn’t mean to be disrespectful, really, I didn’t. I’m so sorry.”

He continued to stare into my eyes, deep into the depths of my soul, as if checking that my apology was indeed sincere.

Finally he said, “Watch your tone, young lady.  I know we are watching comedy and having fun, but that does not give you license to speak to me however you please.  Am I understood?”

“Yes, Sir,” I said, meekly, eyes downcast.

“This is your only warning this evening.”

“Yes, Daddy…thank you,” I said, honestly grateful that I had received any warning.

“Who are you?” He asked, his voice changing.  I now heard the loving Daddy tone in his voice that made my heart sing.

“I am Daddy’s beautiful, obedient baby girl,” I recited.

“And who am I?”

“You are my Husband and my Daddy,” I responded, beginning to smile.

“And who loves his baby girl?”

“Daddy does,” I said, grinning.

“Good girl,” he said, as he hit resume on the remote.

Whew….a date with the soap was not what I was wanting for our Friday night…I better check myself!

Happy Saturday, ya’all! 😊

Love, nora

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