Sizzlin’ Saturdays- Bare all!

Hello all!  Welcome back to Sizzlin’ Saturdays…Week #4! I am excited to report that I have followed through on my commitment to myself that I would post four consecutive Sizzlin’ Saturdays’ prompts, and even more excited that so many of you have played along…a big thank you to you!

It is my hope you will participate this week and reveal some of your sexy secrets!  If you’d like to play, I hope you’ll use the Sizzlin’ Saturdays clip art and leave me a comment here letting me know to check out your blog.

Let’s make it hot! Sizzle sizzle!

Love, nora

P.S.   Daddy and I are traveling right now, but I promise to catch up on your blogs ASAP!  Happy reading and writing all 🙂

Sizzlin’ Saturdays Weekly Writing Prompt- Week 4

  1. Describe your favorite sex toy and what it does for you.
  2. What is one of your hard limits and why?
  3. Is there anything sex related that you have never tried but would like to? Details please!

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  1. Week #4- nora’s answers

    1. Describe your favorite sex toy and what it does for you.
    I have written about my favorite toy before…I just can’t get enough of it!!! It is a 7-inch, pink jelly dildo. It has the most realistic veins and ridges on it that feel so good inside me. It also has a suction cup feature, so when it is attached to a chair, a lucky lady can take quite the ride! It is no substitution for my Daddy….but when he’s away, nora loves to play!
    2. What is one of your hard limits?
    I am just not into pee or fecal play…definite hard limit. I know many people get great enjoyment from pee play but I just can’t wrap my mind around it (no judgement, it’s just not for me). Luckily, when it comes to hard limits, Daddy and I are on the same page. There is only one thing that he likes to do that I now consider one of my soft limits…and that is a ginger plug in the bottom while being fully restrained and unable to move. We’ve played around with figging (if you are unfamiliar with this term, it means a ginger fig up the arse) a few times…and it is a terrible punishment for me! But, the one time that Daddy fully restrained me and inserted a ginger plug, I felt like my mind was about to break…I honestly began to go crazy (not in the good way!) and was screaming for him to get it out. He did, but he has warned me that he reserves the right to use that as a punishment for extreme misbehavior. There is nothing that gets me back in-line faster than the threat of ginger!
    3. Is there anything sex related that you have never tried but would like to?
    I would love to have sex in a sex swing! We’ve never purchased one because we just don’t know where we could hang it in our house (you need an appropriate space with a beam that can hold the weight…and where your guests won’t see the hooks…a definite challenge!). There is a scene in the show Sex and the City, where Samantha is fucking someone in a sex swing and it just looks incredible. Someday…things to aspire to!

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  2. Ok so since I use wordpress on my phone, I have no idea how to do what you suggested last time. … I’ll just comment 😉
    1. My favourite toys are spanking instruments. Do they count? I love everything thick and leathery, a belt, a strap, I think they feel awesome.
    2. One of my hard limits is blood. I do not enjoy being hurt so blood is drawn. That is just too much.
    3. Yes. Lots. With a woman, with more than one person, reversed cowgirl. .. that position is unfortunately not enjoyable for my bf.

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  3. Describe your favorite sex toy and what it does for you. I don’t have any sex toys, but my wife likes her Magic Wand. Well, my wife considers my Porta Potty a sex toy…best $20 I ever spent.

    What is one of your hard limits and why? Haven’t come up against any hard limits yet, but my wife has one…she will not let me post nude pictures of her online.

    Is there anything sex related that you have never tried but would like to? Details please! Yes, I would like my wife to turn me into her submissive cuckold.

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  4. The thing I have not tried but would like to — in the right circumstances — is pegging. I like anal stimulation but it has to date been either oral or manual. Sounds like a way to switch and get a different perspective.

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