TMI Tuesday- a little about me!

Are you ready? Get set…Go do TMI Tuesday!

  1. If a crystal ball could tell you the truth about yourself, your life, your future, what would you want to know?

I’ve been mulling over this question for about 24 hours now, and in every scenario I come up with (i.e. When will I die?  When will Daddy die? Will our marriage last forever? Will one of us get cancer?, etc.) I just keep coming back to the answer…I really don’t want to know, I’d rather just experience life as it happens.

  1. What do you value most in your sex life?

What I value most in our sex life is Daddy’s willingness and desire to satisfy me sexually.  He’s always been open and willing to try just about anything I’ve suggested and done so eagerly.  I am a very lucky girl.

  1. What, if anything, is too serious to be joked about?

I am by nature, a fairly serious person.  I work in mental health and as a professor, two careers which are heavily regulated by privacy laws & confidentiality.  With that in mind, I tend to use WordPress, where you guys know me, as my outlet…where I can be silly and let loose, and talk about inappropriate things.  So…a glimpse into the real me…well, I don’t like to joke about race, gender, sexual preference, etc.  I am a very culturally sensitive person and accepting of who others are and it bothers me a lot when others don’t take this as seriously or joke about it in a demeaning way.  I tend to always root for the underdog or the less understood.

Another thing that bugs me…showing disrespect to the office of President of the United States.  Yeah…I get it…Trump is a joke to most and I’ll be honest, I don’t like the guy much and haven’t found him impressive in any way.  However, it really bothers me to see all the memes, the new cartoon depicting Trump, etc., as I feel that this in part, diminishes the patriotism in my country.  I worry about what this blatant lack of respect to one of the most important offices in my nation is modeling for the generations behind me.  In any case…. I’ll probably regret bringing this up as some are going to see me as a pro-Trump person…but the truth is, I am a pro-President person.  Regardless of political preference, I believe that the office of President is one that deserves respect.

  1. If you had to move to a state or country besides the one in which you currently live, where would you move and why?

I honestly love where I live and I have a feeling that Daddy and I will always live here.  If we were to move to another state, it would be to somewhere even more rural or off the grid.  Daddy always talks about Alaska…but I think Washington and Idaho are beautiful too.  If I had to choose another country to live in, Scotland sure is beautiful.  Daddy and I really enjoyed our time there and the people were very friendly.

  1. Are you too nice?

No, I don’t think so.  I try to meet people where they are…if they are super nice, I’m super nice.  If they are a bit reserved, I try to hold back a bit.  And, unlike many, I have no problem saying “no” to people if I am too busy, not interested, etc.

Bonus: Falling in love is _____ . (one word only).

Falling in love is easy.  Staying in love is where the real challenge is.

Thank you for reading, my friends!

Love, nora


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

14 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday- a little about me!

Add yours

  1. I get the Trump thing. In my travels I have met so many Americans who have apologized for him and then said they didn’t vote for him. I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone in person who admits to voting for him. That says something to me. But I understand the reverence for his position. It’s just too bad he holds that position. As a person he’s odious. As a president we’ll only be able to judge properly when everything is done and another resides in the White House.
    And falling in love is indeed easy!! That’s when the hard work begins…

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  2. I agree, I’ve not come across an American I’ve met that likes him (though obviously there are those that do) and admittedly political satire is one of my favourite types of comedy (but then again in the UK political satire’s quite popular) Even though I personally don’t like him at all I understand the respect for the position in taking Presidents as we find them, we have to see what happens next and form our own informed opinions 😊 I did meet someone here who supported him and we had a good discussion. It got a little heated at times but it was nothing like the arguments I’ve seen where people were nearly coming to blows.
    And just as Michael said, falling in love sure is easy and hits you like a smack in the face, then the real work starts! 😂 x

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    1. Thank you for your comment, miss violet! To be honest, I can appreciate a well done piece of political sattire…but what I see happening in my country has gone far beyond that. It saddens me…

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  3. I voted for Trump. There is plenty about him I don’t like, but there is a lot upon which I do.
    Question to all who find him odious. Is he as odious, less odious or more odious than Lyndon Johnson? I won’t offer that comparison to Hillary Clinton or President Obama or either of the Bushes

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  4. Thank you for stopping by, David. I appreciate you sharing but am hoping not to get a bunch of comments about President Trump himself. I only seek to bring attention to the idea of respecting the office and those who hold it, regardless of political preference.

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      1. Thank you for sharing that, David! As someone in their 30’s, my first clear memories of a president was Bill Clinton (though I have a few memories of George HW). While I recognize the value in “transparency”, I think the media has taken it too far, and, not to mention how the media frames a story (or a set of stories) to shape how the public views something. Honestly, it all just pisses me off….


          1. Yes it is. This has become the era of info-tainment, rather than unbiased information reported by the media (was it ever really unbiased…probably not, but much less so)…it makes me feel unsettled…


  5. Your answer to number 5 mirrors how I try to live my life. Particularly not feeling bad for saying no when I don’t have the time or the inclination for whatever is being asked of me.

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  6. It has been interesting for me Nora as an American citizen seeing America’s reactions to Trump and then coming home to Australia as an Australian citizen with what Aussie’s consider and American accent and seeing Australians reactions to Trump!!
    I decline to make any political comments here, on my blog, Facebook or in personal conversations because the political climate right now is so volatile.

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    1. Thank you for your response, Jad! I have really tried to refrain from steering the conversation toward politics as well. I was very hesitant to even include my thoughts on respecting the presidential office and I knew that it might invite a conversation about President Trump. One of the classes I teach at the University is Argumentation…and I honestly dread it every week. As you stated, the political climate is just so volatile right now…

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