What I want for him…

Yesterday, I came upon a post written by TheKingsCastle.  The writing prompt for this post was, “What do you want Him to have?”.  Simply put, I thought the post was incredible.  The selflessness, the sincerity, the intent…absolutely beautiful.  I am also incredibly moved by the prompt and thought that I would address it myself (though I have no doubt that my words will be far less eloquent).  Thank you TheKingsCastle for the wonderful writing prompt!

Prompt: What do you want Him to have?

Above all is, I want my Daddy to be happy in his life.  One thing that I have learned on my own life journey is that happiness comes from within, but, I feel that there is so much that I can be doing to help create an environment in which my Daddy can be happy.  I can be more aware of how I treat Daddy…ensuring that I give him cause to feel respected and safe.  I can work harder to provide a clean, comfortable home for him to relax in at night after a long day’s labor.  I can be more focused on his needs, anticipating when he may need sexual pleasure, a foot massage, or just to be left alone so he can decompress.

I would also like Daddy to feel good about himself, which lends to happiness.  I want him to feel confident and secure in his own choices.  More often than not, I find myself falling into that trap of being critical.  I sometimes cringe at my own words.  I would like to work on thinking before I speak, to ensure that my words have a positive effect and not a harmful one.

As described by TheKingsCastle, I want my Daddy to feel like a King in his own home.  I want him to feel that he reigns over it all…that his word is law, and that his needs will be met without reservation.  I want to be his princess, his precious girl who lives to care for him and see to his happiness.

I want so much for him, and for us.  I can see the end goal…but sometimes getting from point A to point B is harder than it should be.

I’ll keep trying, Daddy.  Please don’t give up on me.

Love, nora

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  1. Nora,

    Everything you want for your daddy is everything that a wife should want for their man. Too many women dictate from the moment he gets home until he goes to work the next day about what he should be doing and how he’s not doing things right and what’s wrong with him. He needs to feel like he can come home to a house that’s free of hostility, to the best of your ability.

    You have the power to make him feel like he is the ultimate person on Earth. You have the ability in the power to make sure that he comes home from work and doesn’t have to worry about much at all. Too many women, and I have seen and known many, don’t make their man feel like they are special. So I’m glad that you came across this and you have learned from it. I hope that you will always make sure that your daddy knows that you believe him to be the greatest man you’ve ever had in your life, and you will ever have in your life. Men deal with a lot of crap at work everyday. So they want to come home and feel like they’re the king of the castle, and there is a special Queen waiting for them to make sure that they are loved and cherished, and even obeyed.

    There’s a book called love and respect. If you show him respect, he shows you love. If he shows you love, you show him respect. Both go hand in hand.

    But at the same time, I hope he always make sure that you know you are his only Queen, and his greatest and best friend.

    Take care of Noah, and God bless you both.


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  2. One more thing. I love the picture that you chose. The night or the king with the sword in the woman Submissively on her knees. It’s just a great representation of the way that I believe things should be in the home. Not that the husband needs to have a sword in his hand, but I think you know what I mean.

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    1. Thank you, sayyidsgirl! I know he wants these things for himself. He struggles with low self esteem at times, like most of us. I am incredibly thankful that he reads my blog and almost always remembers to bring it up when he does😊

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      1. yes we all struggle with low self esteem at times and I’m sure you do a great job of building him up too. I love reading about your marriage because it’s obvious how much you both love each other and are meant to be xoxo

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