Putting the past in the past

Over the weekend, I wrote about some emotional events that Daddy and I experienced together, in our younger years.  I also shared that we had decided to use our D/s relationship in a way which would allow us to move forward and let go some of the pain associated with these events.  And, I am happy to say…that it truly has helped!

On Sunday evening, Daddy told me that “it was time” and that I was to go and wait for him in our bedroom, nose in the corner and pants and panties pulled down.  I’m not sure exactly how long I stood there, but it was for a fair amount of time.  I used that time to think about my actions and the lies that I had told Daddy.  When he finally came in, I was close to tears all on my own.

He took me by the hand and led me to our bed.  He placed me face down and raised my shirt high on my back and lowered my panties even farther.  He then headed to our closet to retrieve his implements of choice, which included the wooden paddle and the cane.  I was a bit terrified when I saw the cane as he recently decided that if it isn’t leaving red welts, that he isn’t applying the cane correctly.

Daddy began to lecture me, and I felt the tears well up in my eyes again.  I was projected back to the time period which this happened, and the guilt overwhelmed me.  He told me that he was “doing this for us, so we can heal” and he began to spank me with his hand.  Usually his hand doesn’t hurt that much, but this time, I was crying and squirming before he even picked up the paddle.

If I thought I was experiencing the pain of a spanking then, there is nothing that really compares to the first swat with a wooden paddle.  I cried out, but the swats continued to rain down upon my defenseless bare bottom and thighs.  I was trying to be a good girl and hold still, but I know that I was wiggling all over the place.  I did maintain my hands above my head on the bed and managed not to reach back during the paddling.  This went on for several minutes and lots of tears were cried.

When he finally laid down the paddle, he began to lecture me again.  He told me that we were letting this all go and that we were moving forward.  He told me that he always wanted me to be honest with him, no matter what it was.  And, he told me that he loved me, right before he picked up the cane.

“You are getting ten and you will count them,” he said.

“Yes, Sir,” I managed between my tears.

And, one by one, Daddy laid ten perfect stripes upon my bottom.  It hurt so badly and I did reach back once.  Daddy smacked my thigh and warned me against disobedience during a spanking.  He continued until he had delivered the ten promised, allowing me to cry it out into the pillow.  When finished, he began to rub my back and tell me that everything would be okay.  He left me there for a few minutes while he put the implements away.  When he returned, he asked me to stand up, and I saw that he was holding my leather cuffs in his hands.

“You will wear these the remainder of the evening, to remind you that I am in charge of this relationship and that you belong to me.  It is also a reminder of my love and that you have been forgiven,” he said as he affixed the cuffs to each wrist.

“And, to complete this discipline, you will write me an apology letter which his due by the time that I get home tomorrow.”

Finally, I was in his arms, and I sobbed there…telling him how sorry I was.  He stroked my hair and my bottom and held me.

My heart began to lighten.  We were finally on our way from moving past this.


By now, I have written and submitted my apology letter to Daddy…but let’s save that for another post, shall we?

Happy reading and writing, my friends!  Thank you for sharing in my journey 🙂

Love, nora

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  1. Do glad you can now move on. I know how the past can stick around and play havoc with your life.

    It is good that you could get that punishment and a release. Now you can say thank you Lord and move on forward.

    Glad got the both of you.🙂

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  2. Nora, I’m sorry you had to endure such a punishment. However you know it was deserved and know the great feeling of having it off your slate. The good feeling of putting these kinds of issues in the past will outlast the temporary pain of the hand, paddle and cane. This was one of the terms both my Dominant and I agreed upon at the onset or our relationship. Once the punishment is over, so is the issue. It is in the past and never to be brought up again.

    spanked cowboy

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      1. We were away for over a month in Florida living off the grid. No TV, no internet, and virtually no cell phone. Came home refreshed and was promptly spanked for maintenance. We were unable to live our normal DD lifestyle while away.

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            1. Understood…traveling and D/s can be quite challenging! We went to Europe for a few weeks last year and were unable to do regular maintenance spankings…just too many people in too small of spaces. Glad you are home and able to get back to it! 🙂


            1. I am researching what implement to purchase, a good quality one is so expensive how do you determine what to buy? I am hesitant to spend a lot of money then find it does not work for us

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              1. I know a good horse switch (quirt) costs an arm and a leg at leather or bdsm stores. I went to a horse place (saddles bridles etc) and theycjad a nice one for less than ten bucks. I think it depends on the sensations you want. No time right now, but I’ll try and answer you better a little later.

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                  1. When choosing your implement, it will be important if you are looking for more sting or more impact. Heavy wooden implements (paddles, heavy hairbrushes, etc.) give a harder impact, while many of your leather implements provide the stingy sensation. If I could only choose two implements to buy, I would get one of each…a wooden paddle (minimum 1/4 thick, ours is 1/2 inch), and the tawse. You’ll definitely get your monies worth in these two! A good site for toys is Cane-Iac. Happy shopping, Jad!

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                    1. Thanks Nora I’m back in Australia now so my options are a little bit more limited for places to purchase things from but I’ll definitely look into this

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  3. Nora, thank you for your post about this situation. It was just what I needed to read right now. I’d been considering asking to be disciplined for something that I did in my misspent college years but I wasn’t sure if I wanted to go through that pain of a what surely would be a very hard spanking and battle of submission (as my toppy pants has been winning out for a long time now) without knowing if it would help get rid of some of the guilt. I think your story is comforting know that others have felt the need to be spanked for something in the past and that it indeed will help. So thank you. 😊

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