She sits alone

She sits, alone,

the morning light,

washing over her melancholy,

like an unwelcomed knock at the door.

The realities of life,

the harsh, unrelenting pain,

suffocating even the strongest of wills.

A connection,

so tightly woven in love and affection,

now severed,

as lights that burned so brightly have been snuffed out.

Two aching hearts,

two lost souls,

living under one roof,

not knowing how to let their hearts meet.

Having forgotten how to smile,

forgotten how to love,

forgotten how to come together.

Desperate, grasping at faith,

and longing for brighter days.


I miss you, Daddy.

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  1. Nora, I hope everything gets better. I know that you were struggling with time and allocation of that time to your relationship. This poem is very deep and sounds like the issues are a lot bigger then what I initially thought. If you ever need someone to talk to then feel free to reach out. My submissive and I know the struggles of not having enough time. ❤

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