His Prey

Hello all!

Life has been hectic lately.  We suffered another death in the family, this time on my husband’s side.  We are prepping for another remodel, which is always stressful (but will be so worth it!).  And, my husband came down with a horrible flu.  Needless to say…D/s has not been the focal point lately, and creating our D/s contract has been put on hold for now.  I am still doing my best to submit and follow through on my end with established protocols (kneeling at bedtime, serving him, etc.), but it’s been quite awhile since my bottom felt the sting of Daddy’s paddle.  I am so in need of a spanking!  In any case..felt like doing some sexy writing today.  It’s brief, but I hope you enjoy!

Happy reading and writing 🙂

Love, nora


His Prey

The minute he entered the room, every nerve in her body seemed to come alive.  Her senses heightened, she felt much like a gazelle about to be devoured by the lion; the unrelenting master of his domain.  It felt like eternity passing as she stood there, waiting for his touch.  When he lightly brushed his fingers down the bare skin of her shoulder, her body shuddered in helpless anticipation.  He exhaled hotly into her hair, and then inhaled deeply as if to never forget her scent.  His arm snaked around her, right below her breasts, pulling her firmly against him.  She felt his hardness against her bottom, and she lay her head to one side as his mouth found the sensitive area of her neck.  Gently, his teeth scraped at her skin, claiming her as his.  He lowered the strap of her dress and cupped her bare breast with his other hand, all the while suckling the white skin just below her hairline.  Masterfully, he spun her around and lifted her, his hands roughly gripping her behind, bringing her legs around his waist.  Kissing her deeply, he carried her to the bedroom, where they both knew he would take her and use her body until they were both fully satisfied.

The chase, the hunt, the seduction…whatever you might call it, is the most delicious, intoxicating feeling I’ve known.  Dang…this girl (me) really needs to get laid 🙂

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  1. I usually feel that “dang I really need to get laid”. So I know how you feel. You’ve been scarce around here. I’m sorry to hear about another death. My condolences to you and your Daddy. All the best!! The spankings will come… lol. But first the healing. All the best!

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    1. Thank you, Michael! I believe we are in a healing phase. Loss isn’t easy, and we’ve suffered too much over the last two years. But…this is life. As we can’t control it, we just roll with the punches, right?😊

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  2. So sorry Nora. You were missed. Sending love a prayers. I am doing what will hopefully be the last upgrade on “my house” so hopefully it will be back on the market Friday. I hope your daddy is back and at’em soon.

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  3. Very sexy story… and another great photo.
    We have revamped our ‘contract’ after you got me thinking. I may post it next week.
    Hope all gets back on track with you soon.

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  4. Sorry for your loss Miss N, thoughts and prayers from me.

    On the other side, you may need to take matters into your own hands….. so to speak😉😉😉😈

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