The Beginnings of our D/s Contract

Last night, Daddy and I had a long conversation about contracts, written to guide Dominants and submissives in their dynamics.  And, we decided that we wanted one!  We reviewed several examples contracts that I found on-line (yes…you can actually Google “D/s contracts” and find helpful material), as well as the contract that DDJennifer has shared on her blog, which can be found here.  After reviewing a variety of contracts, Daddy asked me to take notes on some of his thoughts.

This morning, I woke up to find that Daddy had assigned me a task in our Wunderlist app (an easy download to either I-phone or Android).  The task that appeared was, “Write the intro to our contract”.  Taking Daddy’s notes into consideration, I wrote the opening statement to our D/s contract which appears below.  Daddy has not yet seen this rough draft so I am sure there will be revisions and he has stated that he would like to write his vow to me.  But, this will give you an idea of where we are headed with regard to our contract.  Any recommendations are surely welcomed!

As always, thank you for reading!  Happy writing 🙂

Love, nora

P.S.  I know it reads a little funny using the names “Daddy” and “naughty nora”, but that’s the price we pay for anonymity 🙂

A D/s Contract

Opening Statement

This contract serves as an agreement between Mr. Daddy and Mrs. naughty nora, that binds them to each other as Dominant and submissive.  This agreement goes beyond the vows made in marriage unto each other and is made from both the free minds and open hearts of both parties.  In essence, Mr. Daddy desires that Mrs. naughty nora pledge her trust, her respect, her loyalty, and her obedience to him in all matters.  In return, naughty nora requests that Mr. Daddy takes her into his loving care, provides stern guidance as to her well-being and character, and allows her to strive to satisfy his needs and desires whenever possible.

Daddy’s vow made as nora’s Dominant:


nora’s vow made as Daddy’s submissive:

            I vow to trust, respect, and obey my Dominant in all matters.  I will learn to please him by demonstrating respect through my tone, my reactions, my mannerisms, and my behaviors.  I offer him the use of my abilities, my body, and my mind in whichever ways he finds pleasing or conducive to my training as his submissive.  I promise to always represent him well and to put his needs before my own.  In addition, I willingly accept any guidance or discipline he deems necessary.

I: Code of Conduct

25 thoughts on “The Beginnings of our D/s Contract

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  1. A lovely start Nora! I sometimes wish we had done it this way but I think the prewritten contract I used made this lifestyle possible. Best of luck writing something that works for the both of you. Make sure you set aside times to review and discuss how it’s working so you can make mutually agreeable changes.

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    1. Thank you, Michael! We are currently considering committing to this contract (when it is done) for one month and then making any necessary revisions, with the idea that we would commit to the final draft of the contract for one year. How have you and your Queen handled this? How long of a commitment to your contract did you make?

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      1. The first contract was a little over 2.5 months. Then we had a few months gap before the second contract started. The second contract was initially for a year. We’ve extended that contract since then. We haven’t really made any changes to it. I suppose any changes are verbally between us. Our current contract isn’t supposed to end until late June in 2019. This was so that I would be allowed an orgasm before the end of our contract! lol

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  2. Great – concise, succinct, to the point and covers all the bases. (I was just trying to find my contract to compare and I can’t find it! Oops…)

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  3. After reading your entries on creating a contract I mentioned to my wife that we should revisit my ‘Agreement list’ and update it. I have found that as time passes and things get added to the routine some are less clear. We end up in a “this was you responsibility” – “you mentioned it but I didnt thing it was now a weekly thing’ type of conversation. I dont want to debate with her and I and happy to accept what she wants but I dont want it to look like I was not doing what I should have when I didnt know I was responsible for it — If that makes sense.

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    1. That totally makes sense! That is another excellent argument for creating a contract. I would love to read your agreement list, if you don’t mind sharing it…I’ve found it is really helping our process to read the contracts and/or agreements of others.

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  4. This is so helpful Nora. We’re looking to write our agreement now. We’ve got a draft of the rules, but we’re missing this initial part. Thanks!

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