On the Eve of 2018

Hello my friends!  It feels incredibly nice to sit down and do some writing this morning after the craziness of the Christmas holiday.  I have missed my daily routine of reading your fabulous blogs and interacting with each of you.  Daddy and I finally have our home all to ourselves again, though it was wonderful hosting family on and off over the last two weeks. Whew…what a whirlwind!

After brewing some fresh coffee this morning, I spent a bit of time reflecting on my journey and I enjoyed re-reading my very first blog post here on WordPress.  Daddy and I began exploring domestic discipline in February of last year and I started this blog as an outlet for discussion (as discussing how your husband spanks you for misbehavior can make for awkward dinner conversation).  We began implementing domestic discipline into our marriage as a way to strengthen our connection and improve our communication.  While that may sound funny to some, we have found that marriage is a much easier ride when there is one clear, established leader.  This was somewhat of a role reversal for us, as I had been “leading” our marriage up until this point, but it brought about some wonderful changes in both of us as well as within our marriage.

Another reason we began to experiment with domestic discipline and D/s is because I was searching…searching for something to help me find myself again.  As many of you know, I suffered the traumatic loss of both my mother and my younger brother this past year.  Both losses were unexpected and tragic…there were no goodbyes, no time for processing…they were just…gone.  As I have learned, this type of loss and grief changes you.  I was lost for a long time and I am no longer the same person that I once was.  But…while I may not shine quite as bright, or be quite as optimistic as I once was… this journey in DD and D/s has taught me a lot about myself, it has given me something to focus on during the healing process, and it helped Daddy and I to reconnect during a time where I was struggling to connect with anyone and anything.  I am pleased to report that I am reading again (I was unable to focus on a novel for almost a full year and I desperately missed it), I make it through most days without a major cry session, and I am actually looking forward to the future.

I am looking forward to 2018 and that makes me feel happy.  While I don’t doubt that life might throw a few curve balls, I look forward to living my life with my Daddy.  I am looking forward to our continued exploration of DD and D/s.  I am looking forward to the erotic and kinky play I know we’ll engage in.  I am looking forward to the continued training of our new puppies who I refer to as the “miniature loves of my life”.  I look forward to completing some of the goals that I have set for myself.  I look forward to self-improvement.  I look forward to making this a good year.

To my friends here on WordPress…I know that this year will hold good things in store for you as well!  I raise my glass to you and your fabulous-ness!  Thank you for being a part of my world.  And, here’s to a brand spanking new year!

Love always,


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  1. Thank you for sharing Nora … I wish you every imaginable happiness for the coming years (I say years for my hope isn’t limited by time) I understand how loss changes you and your life having lost my dad suddenly 13 years ago. I still miss him but when I look back his passing has made me be true to myself, to stop living as others expect and gave me permission to be happy my way. I can again remember him with love not sorrow and I hope you soon reach that point. You will never miss them less.. you will simply learn to live with it.


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  2. Nora, you have always impressed me as a special lady. I see that you are slowly healing from your year of tragedy. I wish you a fabulous 2018 where you and your Daddy grow closer together and the sun shines upon you. I also look forward to reading all about it. With great sincerity, all the best!!

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  3. Seen as an entire year, 2017 marked such major changes in your life that trying to encapsulate the ups and downs probably makes your head spin. I hope 2018 brings you joy, fun, peace and lots of bare-bottomed spankings.

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  4. Thank you Nora and a Happy New Year to you and yours. I can relate to your recounting of last year. During 2016, I lost 4 family members. Like you, I am optimistic for the new year ahead and wish the best to all living the DD lifestyle.

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  5. Happy New Year, Nora. Your blogs were a real highlight of last year, and even if they started in a place of sorrow, you have turned that feeling into a real positive and it is great to see. Looking forward to more in 2018. xx

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  6. What’s a pleasure it has been following you. Your post are always brilliantly form. I’m glad our paths crossed and hope they continue to. Best to you and yours sweet Nora.

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  7. Well done you. None of us are the same after such events in our lives but we pick up the pieces and move on. Getting your bottom spanked can be a very rewarding pleasure as you now know.

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