A little more strict…

This morning, after a pretty good spanking, Daddy informed me that he has been too lenient with me lately.  He warned me that he was going to focus on greater consistency with regard to monitoring my behavior and attitude, and that I should expect him to be a little more strict.   Unfortunately, this translates to more discipline for me, unless I can reign myself back in and be more submissive.

I earned a spanking after throwing a bit of a tantrum last night.  Daddy and I were watching The Ranch on Netflix (which I LOVE), when he paused it to share with me some thoughts on politics which were mentioned in the show.  First off, I hate discussing politics, with anyone, least of all after I’ve had a few drinks to relax.  Second, did I mention how much I love this show?  Sadly, instead of nicely asking Daddy to resume the show, I got a bit mouthy.  Daddy informed me that I had a bad attitude and that I would be spanked the following morning.  That shut me up real quick.

So, now I am writing this post on a fairly sore behind.  Daddy brought out the wooden paddle with holes in it…one of our more painful and effective implements.  Followed up with six of the best from the cane.  I was sobbing and promising to be a good girl by the end of the session.

Despite the craziness of the holiday season, I must focus on my submission to Daddy.  He needs my respect and my obedience, and, I truly desire to give that to him.

Be good, my friends! Happy writing 🙂

Love, nora

35 thoughts on “A little more strict…

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  1. Firstly, The Ranch is awesome. I want to be Sam Elliott when I grow up.

    Secondly, Are you good at being bad….or bad at being good? Whichever, I hope you can do something very pleasing for the hubby and get a wonderful reward.

    (Note my aversion to saying “daddy”. Again I feel like a friend secretly reading your diary. Which, I will count as a positive.)

    Thank you again for the manner in which you present your lifestyle.

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  2. I am fabulous. Every time I look in the mirror I fall in love. ROFL!

    PS- the nice list is boring. I’m trying to add more naughty to my life. Good naughty though.

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