30 Days of Submission- Day 3

I had a bit of a chuckle when I read this prompt. How do I know that I am submissive? Well, to be honest, I am not naturally submissive, quite the opposite and I know that. However, I knew that I had the potential to be submissive as I believe that as humans, our greatest power lies in our control over our minds.

30 Days of Submission- Day 2

Learning submission has been greatly challenging for me but also greatly rewarding in many ways. My husband is the only person that I truly submit to, and he expects my submission both in and out of the bedroom, 24/7. As a couple, D/s is fairly new to us, but we have found that both of us are much happier in more traditional male and female roles.

30 Days of Submission- Day 1

While I do not consider labels to be all that important, as they fail to ever be all-encompassing, it is inevitable that labels are used in our human quest to describe ourselves and our experiences. My most important label is the one my husband gave me 14 years ago…wife. I am my husband’s wife, and this is a label I plan to keep for life.

Hot Summer Nights #NSFW #18+ only please

Last night was hot in more ways than just the weather outside! Little did I know that the big O which Daddy had promised me would include a very intense scene and a frosty new experience, much to my delight. My husband, who has been reveling in his new-found dominance, began by texting me with instructions to be kneeling by the front door when he returned home from work.

The Rosy-Bottomed Gardener Strikes Again!

At the start of Spring I was tempted, as always, to go absolutely crazy buying up plants at the nursery. I greatly enjoy both my exotic variety of houseplants as well as tending to a great variety of trees and plants in our back yard. While Daddy loves to indulge me, one day, he told me he was creating a new rule about me buying plants. The rule was this: for each dollar that I spent on plants, I would receive one smack of the paddle from him.

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