30 Days of Submission- Day 3

30 Days of Submission- Day 3

How do you know you are submissive or have the potential to be submissive? How do you feel when you express your submission?

I had a bit of a chuckle when I read this prompt.  How do I know that I am submissive?  Well, to be honest, I am not naturally submissive, quite the opposite and I know that.  However, I knew that I had the potential to be submissive as I believe that as humans, our greatest power lies in our control over our minds.  My mindset prior to D/s was one of total dominance which served me well in getting ahead at work, and yet, my marriage was suffering…almost failing.  I could see this, but my dominant personality was not helping me at home.  Not only that, but I began to see what these dominating traits were doing/had done in the lives of my grandmother, mother, and aunt.  I knew that I didn’t want that to be me.  I wanted to change.

I knew that I had the potential to be submissive.  In fact, I had always desired sexual submission but at the time, my husband wasn’t the dominating type so this part of me went unfulfilled.  However, while I might have desired my own sexual submission, but husband needed me to submit to him outside of the bedroom.  And thus, we began following the principles of domestic discipline which required him to lead and me to follow.  This was not an easy transition and I will say that while we have come a LONG way, we are still transitioning and learning our new roles.  A very important step in this process is that I have learned to feed his Dominance, and he has learned to feed my submission.  We are a team in this endeavor.

How do I feel when I express my submission?  Fulfilled.  Free.  Complete. Beautiful. Desirable.  I long to serve my husband now and his needs are paramount in my world.  I see him differently.  Prior to our new dynamic, I frequently looked at him and only saw his flaws.  Now, I see this incredibly handsome, strong man who works hard to take care of me and who has an endless amount of positive character traits…hard working, smart, loyal, motivated, caring, funny, both firm and gentle, intuitive…and best of all, dedicated to caring for me.

I can now freely say, and feel proud to say it…. I am submissive to my husband, and for me…that is a beautiful thing.

Thank you for reading!

Happy writing 🙂

~ nora

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  1. Sounds like besides your dominance, you have a very high intellect! Many wouldn’t have seen what you saw–and then wouldn’t have been able to act on it. Congratulations once again.

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          1. Just fighting a period that is heavy and two weeks early!! This menopause thing is annoying! I had hoped to give her 75-100 orgasms this holiday but I’ll be lucky to achieve 10 at this rate. Still we’re having fun!

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    1. Hello, 3isRight! Yes, it is difficult to feel submissive at times. Sometimes I just want to yank the reigns back and do things my own way. For you…what makes it challenging to feel Dominant?


      1. Oh it’s just making decisions that may not make other people happy. And I fall apart. lol I don’t argue well. I mean I do but afterwards I feel awful. I hate it. It’s so not my natural state. I want to please and make people happy.

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  2. Fascinating to hear that you CHOOSE to be submissive, not are naturally fit into it. Or maybe you always were and needed to be in the right moment to think that way? OR maybe that’s just the relationship with your man?

    Variables are annoying. Regardless, it’s lovely to see you take things head on.

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