Seeking Ideas on Gratitude

Seeking Ideas on Gratitude

As I enjoy my coffee this morning and interact with my peers on WordPress, I think back to earlier and the amazing O that Daddy gave me before he had to go into work this morning.  My husband doesn’t typically need to work on the weekend, but in order to be ready for a big job tomorrow, it was necessary.  However; despite the fact that he had to get up early on the weekend, he still made time to bring me great pleasure.  And while I did say thank you and show him my appreciation in return, I feel like a bit more gratitude is in order, in general.

After reading an article titled “5 Ways to Express Gratitude to Your Dominant” by lunaKM, I decided that I want to put great focus on gratitude over the next week.  While being submissive certainly has its challenges and it requires a lot of work, so does being a Dominant.  The constant state of control over another being can be a very exhausting task, especially when married to a naughty little minx such as myself, and I want to show Daddy this week just how grateful I am that he has taken on that role in our marriage.

In the article, lunaKM discusses five ways to express gratitude, which include to offer, to create, to do, to make, and to rededicate.  Each day, I would like to focus on one of these areas, and express in some way to Daddy how grateful I am for all that he does and is to me.

So…Day One…something to offer Daddy.  Some of the things that I regularly offer him are foot massages, doing his laundry, cooking his meals, and all of the cleaning.  Any suggestions for what else I might offer him?

Hope you all are having a wonderful day 🙂

Love, nora


13 thoughts on “Seeking Ideas on Gratitude

  1. By the way, I forgot to mention that I chose this particular picture as I feel the expression on her face is one of pure bliss and gratitude to the Dominant who has silenced her…


  2. Time. One of the things I find my husband has the hardest time taking for Himself is time. Not for work, not for the house, or me or the kids, just for Himself. His life just like mine is always busy with things to do and people who need Him, having space to put His feet up and work on nothing and think of nothing (without anyone around) is something He doesn’t think to do for Himself.

    A cold drink, a snack, a paper or remote and my best smile says ‘nothing but You and rest please Sir, I’ll be in the library when you are done’. If I stay in the room His focus is still on me, no matter how He enjoys it, this ‘time’ is just about Him. 😀

    Not sure if I’m getting that out right, but alone and quiet without a task to think on is hard to come by around here! LOL

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  3. Hmmm it sounds like you do so much already for him. I like the above ideas of time and having a beverage ready for him. How about an offer of assistance? Is there anything he has been putting off that you can do for him such as a task or errand, to ease his burden?

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