The Rosy-Bottomed Gardener Strikes Again!

The Rosy-Bottomed Gardener Strikes Again!

At the start of Spring I was tempted, as always, to go absolutely crazy buying up plants at the nursery.  I greatly enjoy both my exotic variety of houseplants as well as tending to a great variety of trees and plants in our back yard.  While Daddy loves to indulge me, one day, he told me he was creating a new rule about me buying plants.  The rule was this: for each dollar that I spent on plants, I would receive one smack of the paddle from him.  Daddy felt this would be a helpful deterrent for me and my overspending on plants and he was right…I definitely mended my ways!

While I have been very good about not buying new plants all summer, today I found myself at my favorite nursery.  I was like a kid in a candy store.  I haven’t had that much fun (outside of the bedroom) in a long time.  When my cart was literally full, I snapped a picture and sent it to Daddy.  The caption read, “Please, Daddy?”  Daddy responded right away with his permission, adding “hope it’s worth it baby girl”.  That got my attention.  I considered putting a few plants back.  But, in true Daddy fashion, as he loves spoiling me, he sent a follow up text, telling me that he would reduce the number of paddle swats in half.  Looking back over my desired plant babies, I took the deal with Daddy and made my purchase.

Now, as I bask in the glow of my newly bought plants, looking forward to an evening of planting with Daddy…I feel the start of the butterflies in my tummy.  I spent $133 today…which means, rounded up,…67 paddle swats to my bare behind before I get to enjoy any planting.  Yikes…how did it add up so fast?

Despite the consequences, I am truly looking forward to our evening together.  Daddy has promised me the big O, companionship and drinks while planting, and of course, a paddling 🙂

Love you, Daddy!

Happy writing, all!

Love, nora


10 thoughts on “The Rosy-Bottomed Gardener Strikes Again!

    1. LOL…I LOVE gardening, and I love sitting outside and enjoying the fruits of my labor…so does Daddy. He may discourage me from going crazy and buying too many, but he sure enjoys our back yard in the evenings 🙂

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      1. Things are going well but my Queen has developed a bladder infection. Medication has just arrived but it will be 8 days before she can drink!🙁
        So we’ll just have to do some other stuff. (We do have some punishment tools with us).

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        1. Oh no!!! I hope she feels better quickly. Just a warning about those meds…they have a long half life and take a few days to completely leave your system. She should refrain from drinking for a few days after she stops taking them or she could get violently ill. Sucks to have that happen on vacation! So…what type of punishment tools did you bring with you? Inquiring minds want to know😊

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