Daddy, would you please…?

Recently, I set out on a quest to find a new set of writing prompts that would focus my thoughts and writing on submission.  One of the sites I came across is hosted by lunaKM.  The author provides a set of journal prompts intended to “help mental blocks and tickle your submissive thoughts”.  A new aspect to this blog that I discovered is that you can click a button that will generate random writing prompts.

The prompt I received today is: “How important are manners to your owner?  Are there any you’ve had to learn or relearn?”

I really appreciate this prompt as my Daddy is a stickler for manners!  This is something that I didn’t really recognize in him until we began to incorporate domestic discipline (DD) into our lifestyle.  Right from the get-go, Daddy informed me that I would preface any and all requests of him with “please”.  Now, this is something that small children are taught, right?  You can probably still hear your Mom or Dad’s voice in your head…”now, what do you say when you want something, honey?”.  Well, as a couple who has been together well over a decade, I had lost the habit of saying please to my husband when I made a request of him.  Daddy decided enough was enough and that his little girl was going to learn some manners.  The hard way.

Daddy implemented a rule about saying please.  Each time I forgot, I earned 10 swats with the wooden paddle.  If you’ve been given a spanking with a wooden paddle, you know how much it hurts, especially without a warm up.  And, if I forgot a second time it was to be 20 swats.  A third bout of forgetfulness…30 swats, and so on.  Daddy’s strategy worked.  The last time I forgot to say please, which was a long time ago now, I earned 30 swats.  It is always in the back of my mind that I do not want 40 swats, so I mind my P’s and Q’s.

If you’ve never researched what “minding your P’s and Q’s” means, you should…generally, it is the consensus that it means “mind your manners”, but there are some interesting theories out there.  I digress…

Now, it is quite common in our household to hear, “Daddy, will you please hand me the cutting board?”, or, “Daddy, will you please give me a spanking for disrespecting you?”, or “Daddy, will you please give me the mind-blowing orgasm you promised me?”…lots and lots of “pleases”.

Also, I want to mention that Daddy is quite the gentleman.  After 14 years, he still opens the car door for me and any other door we may be passing through.  He always makes sure that I am seated first at a restaurant, and he always inquires about my needs when we are out and about.  Also, he usually lets me cum first…which is the sign of a true gentleman, right? 🙂

Thank you for stopping by!  Care to share any manners you’ve had to learn or re-learn?  Would love to hear about it!

Love, naughty nora

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  1. I’ve always been a stickler for manners as well. I feel they go straight to the root of your character and are much more important than money or social stature.

    Having good manners for everyone and in all situations makes me someone my Sir can be proud of, and I can be proud of too! Not exactly what you asked for, sorry, but you did hit on a pet peeve of mine that I’m glad at least a few are putting back into society. 😉 Manners!

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    1. LOL…I always adore your comments, nijntje. I, too, believe that manners are incredibly important and am glad to be able to say mine are impeccable in most situations. Unfortunately, as it goes with many couples who have been together any length of time, I had forgotten the importance of saying “please” to my spouse…instead, it sounded more like “do this” and “hand me that”. I am very grateful Daddy implemented this rule…he should get my best self, not my “too comfortable” self 🙂

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      1. I know what you mean, I have seen it all too often. I know it seems natural and almost inevitable for most but I have always been of the thinking that if those around me deserve a certain energy and propriety, shouldn’t the one I thought was important enough to marry deserve more? As He does for me as well … 😉 lol

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  2. Daddy is quite right, as daddy is in all matters. Proper behavior is if critical importance, and the rude transgressor ought to be spanked until their bottom fairly glows in the dark.
    In my household, doors are closed, and lights are turned off once a room is exited. Should my strictures not be adhered to in this matter, then chastisement ensues. To wit, a generous and determined scourging of the cheeks with the paddle, until said cheeks are quite rosy.

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    1. Whippoorwill….you are quite strict! So far, Daddy has only implemented the one rule about manners, as I am actually well-mannered in most areas, but I know when he reads your comment later he may decide to re-think the situation! Thank you for stopping by 🙂

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  3. Manners are very good to have to all contexts! My favorite use of “please” is “please may I cum now Sayyid? Please oh please pleeeeease….” 🙂 sometimes he says not yet which makes my “pleases” more insistent.

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  4. Please is VERY hard for me to remember at times! I try to be mindful of it but I do forget at times. The lesson that I had to re-learn was to not be prideful. I sometimes get in the “I can do it myself” mode that I forget to let others help me to the point that I wear myself down to nothing.

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