The Punishment Book

A few weeks ago, Daddy and I re-committed ourselves to our domestic discipline lifestyle.  We both felt that we had become very infatuated with D/s, sexual exploration, rituals, etc., and that the purpose of why we were changing our relationship climate was getting lost in the excitement.  Not saying the other stuff isn’t hugely exciting and satisfying, but….

We decided that it would be beneficial that I record my transgressions and my punishments throughout the week so that Daddy could review my behavior each week before my Sunday maintenance spanking.  I had recently seen a beautiful leather journal in a book shop and now having a valid reason to buy it, I brought it home.  Daddy and I both wrote out our commitments to one another on the first page.

Daddy’s commitment reads, “I promise to love, honor, cherish, to take care of, and to hold accountable my beautiful baby girl”.

My commitment reads, “I promise to love, honor, and obey my Husband.  He is my Husband and my Daddy and I will always show him respect”.

On the second page, we listed all of our agreed upon punishments, which include things like spanking, tawse to the hands, mouth soaping, punishment lines, grounding, etc.  This was done for Daddy’s benefit as he likes to switch things up a bit and not always rely on spanking.

This week was a rough week.  Daddy and I had many commitments and I was feeling a lot of pressure about traveling out of town for my niece’s birthday party.  It was also ridiculously hot where we live and that is getting to both of us.  When I review the punishment book for this week, I see that Daddy had to discipline me on three occasions.  My misbehavior this week included:

Transgression: Not handling stress well, disrespectful tone.  Punishment: Spanking and corner time.

Transgression: Failure to submit- trying to stop Daddy from touching me as I was afraid someone might see and I might feel embarrassed.  Punishment: 5 strokes of the tawse to each hand.

Transgression: Showing Daddy extreme disrespect by walking outside to grab something while he was talking to me.  Punishment: Hard, lengthy paddling and scolding.

When I review my punishment book for this week, I feel quite disappointed in myself.  While I have come a long way since the beginning of our journey, I continue to struggle in fully submitting to my husband’s will and authority.  My submission to him makes him hugely happy and I want more than anything to give him that gift.  This week, I pledge to continue to read my new book, “The Surrendered Wife” and I will search for a new daily writing prompt, similar to the 30 Days of D/s presented by Loving BDSM.  I found when I was writing about submission daily that I was more apt to stay in the right frame of mind.

Daddy and I are headed out for a swim but I know my weekly maintenance spanking will occur after that.  Feeling a bit nervous as it has been quite a while since I had to be disciplined three times in one week for misbehavior.  I have a feeling that I will be sleeping on my tummy tonight.

I hope you are all well and that you are in cooler parts of the world!

Happy writing 🙂

~ nora

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    1. You are so right, collaredmichael! I wish we’d always had one so that I could see my growth, with regard to my behavior. Daddy is much stricter now than he ever has been, but I respond very well to that. This week, he created a whole new list of rules and punishments but I find myself excited by the challenge. As always…thank you for reading 🙂

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  1. Though I want to be Daddy’s good girl and be submissive, at times, I struggle with it myself, Nora. For years before I met Alpha, I was the one who ran the show, by default in my case, and it’s not an easy thing to let go of–even though I want to.

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    1. Thank you for the thoughtful reply, kat! It is not easy to let go, but I am working towards it. Our relationship is so much better when I am able to let go of my need for control and follow his lead. Please take good care, nora

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  2. I think that you sound like you are being quite hard on yourself. You say that your Daddy has been really strict and there are also other things running on in the background so three times in a week doesn’t sounds too bad to me. It would be great if we could behave all the time but unrealistic. The point is that you have come such a long way already and that you are striving to improve and be better. In find that blogging and talking to others about D/s helps my mindset too 😊

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    1. Thank you for the supportive comment, missy! Daddy has been super strict, but it’s something we both agreed to. It may sound funny, but I feel so empowered by this process. I am really changing, for the better, and it feels great!😊

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  3. MrsL and I are actively discussing recommitting to our discipline plan. I like the idea of a journal; however, we still have an adult offspring at home for a few more weeks. Hopefully we can get back on track in a few weeks.

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    1. Having kids in the house would definitely make this more challenging! The journal has been nice, instead of relying on imperfect memories of what happened throughout the week. It was suggested by my dear friend, furcissy, and it has been a great help for us😊


  4. Stupid WP dropped me from your site but they couldn’t keep me away from you!!!! 😈😈😈

    Love love LOVE the journal idea and think that it’s wonderful that you and your Daddy are re-committing yourselves to the “other” parts of D/s (Giggle). Hope your bottom was ok as I know that you felt TONS better emotionally after that release.

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    1. WP dropped you from my site? How the heck does that happen? I’m so glad you are back!!! Thank you for the compliment about the journal…it has been a wonderful way for Daddy to keep track of my behavior, and it has really helped me too….seeing it in writing. I do feel so much better once I get that emotional release!!!

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