Missing Daddy

While I have been trying to make the best out of this week, it has been a bit tough with Daddy away for work.  He will be back on Friday evening and I am counting the minutes down!  Just because Daddy is out of town doesn’t mean his little girl gets a break though.  Daddy recently discovered the world of Wunderlist (an app for your phone all about task management) and my phone continuously pings throughout the day to let me know that Daddy has added another chore or errand to my daily to-do list.  I think his strategy may be to keep naughty nora so busy she won’t have time to sulk or pout because he is away.  Well…it is working!

I was dreading this week apart.  I worried that the loneliness would feel unbearable.  I worried that because our DD & D/s journey has brought us so much closer and more intimate, that him being away would be even worse than ever.  However; what I am finding is that while I miss him terribly, our DD & D/s rituals bring great comfort during this time of being apart.  Daddy continues to assign me tasks and yesterday he assigned me 150 lines to write, to remind me of my submission to him while he is away.  I was instructed to sit topless, with a plug inserted into my bottom, at our dining room table and write, “I will be submissive with or without Daddy’s presence”.

I feel that this is just another gift that our new lifestyle has afforded us.  Prior to this, when Daddy was away, I felt hurt, lonely, and resentful that I was responsible for not only my own job but also for taking care of everything while he was away.  Now, I am bursting with gratitude that I am married to a man who loves me so much he takes the time to not only help structure my time but send me messages throughout the day reminding me that I belong to him and that he misses what is his.

I love this path that we are on…and I love you Daddy!  I cannot wait to be in your arms again.

Love, nora

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      1. No thank you. I find what you and missy write about mesmerising. Mainly because it’s so alien to me. I never realised how much you have to put in

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Nora.

    While separation causes “the ache,” keeping busy and having structure definitely help avoid a negative spiral. I would love to tell you that it gets easier with time, but the more you grow accustomed to this the more you will grow to need and lean on this structure during absences.

    I don’t necessarily think this is a bad thing but I did want to make you aware of it. Adjusting to the submissive mindset and its quirks takes some time, but it gets a lot easier to predict/manage it. It sounds like he is already doing that quite well.

    Take care.

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    1. Thank you for the thoughtful reply, furcissy! I am pleasantly surprised at how well our dynamic is helping me through this week. I miss Daddy dearly though… I can’t wait to get back to nightly foot rubs and waking up next to him, wearing only my cuffs.

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          1. They are a metal device with D rings on either end, often used with self or predicament bondage. They are technically two pieces that fit together, you fill them with water and freeze them. You have to wait for them to melt to separate the pieces. There are various sizes with the larger ones taking longer to melt. He might find some creative uses for them while he is away, eg sleeping with your wrists locked together (they should melt by morning).

            Take care.

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  2. yayyyy!!!! I am so happy to see you are adjusting well to your place in the D/s DDlg world 🙂 actually, you are doing extremely well, a lot better than a great many (including me) did when they first started *wink*

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      1. for me it was unlearning everything I had been previously taught, being conditioned by Daddi instead of trained,and the biggest, letting go of my own personal hangups, such as using pacifiers in public, calling her Daddi always in public as well as private ( I actually feel queasy just typing her actual name) discipline & sex in public spaces was something I struggled with, it took 2 years to overcome this, and I still struggle at times.

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        1. Thank you for sharing, boi-princess! I have a few hang ups of my own that I am overcoming… learning to be okay with not being in charge, obeying commands without question, learning to put him first over my own emotional needs…. it’s not easy, is it? But so worth it!!!

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    1. Not really…I am pretty good at following the rules we set together. Usually it is my mouth that gets me into trouble. When Daddy is gone I miss him so much I find that I am very careful about what I say and text…I want some husband & wife time when he gets home, not a discipline spanking 🙂


  3. You brought a tear to my eye. I think the DDlg dynamic is something very, very special. No-one knows just how much more love rises to the surface when DDlg becomes part of your life, unless they’ve experienced it for themselves. I think it can be overpowering. But absolutely wonderful! I hope you have an absolute ball when your Daddy comes home.

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  4. I think Daddy would be very pleased if you greeted him at the front door with your head on the floor and your bare plugged tail high in the air with a paddle balanced on your back. Just a little housewarming gift from his little girl.

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    1. That is what I think all wives should do, to a point anyway. I think that wives should meet their husbands at the door on their knees in submission.

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            1. I used to talk to a woman whose husband made her kneel during dinner. She he couldn’t eat until after he did and even when he took a shower she had to kneel on the bathroom floor while he took a shower. There was the way the third Dynamic was and she didn’t fight it.

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                1. Her husband did not know that she was talking to me either and got her hind done paddled bare.

                  So does your daddy want you to tell him or show him all the people you talk to? Or does he trust you that much?

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