Cuffs & Panties

Today is the first day in months where Daddy and I had absolutely nothing that had to get done, nor did we have anywhere we needed or wanted to be, other than at home.  We’ve been experiencing a bit of a heat wave here, so we’ve been tucked away all day at home, fully enjoying and appreciating our air conditioner.  Per our new norm, I woke up wearing nothing by my leather cuffs which Daddy affixed to my wrists the night before.  I enjoyed my morning with coffee & WordPress and eventually headed back to bed where Daddy was still sound asleep.  Daddy wrapped me in his arms and we both fell back to sleep for hours.

I am almost ashamed to admit that we did not get out of bed until nearly 1pm!  And we didn’t even engage in any naughty shenanigans, we just slept!  When we did finally leave the comfort of our marriage bed, Daddy told me that I would remain in my cuffs all day and that I was to remain nude with the exception of a black pair of panties.  And I must say…it has been a decadent feeling wearing nothing but panties and cuffs all day!

I recognize that my Daddy works VERY hard.  He gives his all to his job and then comes home and gives his all to me and our property.  For him to have slept this long, I know that his mind and body just needed a rest.  I have not put any demands on him today (and trust me…I would love to demand some hot sex right about now) and am doing my best to take care of him.  He is currently parked in front of the TV, watching whatever he pleases, while I am in the next room writing and reading blogs on WordPress.  However, a few minutes ago he did send me a text, instructing me to bring him the large plug, which is now as you probably guessed, inserted into my naughty bottom.  Thankfully, Daddy pulled my panties back up after insertion of the plug.  I feel just a little bit mortified and a lotta bit sexy right now…sitting here, writing about Daddy and I, wearing nothing but panties, cuffs, and now, the large pink plug.

I am unsure if I will get to pleasure Daddy tonight or not.  That is his call, no matter how much I might desire him.  And, I wait in nervous anticipation of my maintenance spanking, as it is Sunday.  What I do know is that D/s has brought an element to my marriage which is both freeing and intoxicating.  What might have been just a boring Sunday is instead, a day spent just wearing panties and cuffs and anticipating what Daddy might do next.

Oh, and I might add that I have spent much of the afternoon reading the fiction of my good friend, furcissy!  His delicious femdom stories can be found at:

Happy writing all 🙂  Hope it has been a delicious Sunday for you as well!

~ nora

16 thoughts on “Cuffs & Panties

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  1. Yays!!! to lazy D/s Sundays! 😀

    We don’t ever have the house to ourselves but weekends usually find me in just my cuffs and collar or that & scantly clad! 😉 (at least until the teens awake!) It is a pretty intoxicating thing ….. *sigh*

    Happy Sunday nora! 😀

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  2. Happy to hear you are enjoying wearing little to nothing. As you know, I am kept totally nude whenever in the house. I sleep nude as well, so when we have a relaxing day inside I am nude all day and of course all the next night. During extremely cold or rainy weather, I have worn nothing for days and nights. Enjoy the freedom of nudity or near nudity.

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    1. It sure feels nice, spankedcowboy! And sexy! Every time I walk by Daddy, I am aware of how my bottom jiggles a little. And of course…as this is pretty new for us, he still comments every time… 🙂


  3. Black panties, leather cuffs??…… what a gorgeous sight that would be……oh the sound of this is intense……

    Reading others WordPress whilst in prep mode, must be a hard feeling for you to control yourself….

    You have painted a beautiful picture of your day Miss N

    Beautiful 🙏🙏🙏😈😈😈

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  4. Sounds like a wonderful day! I’m betting that last night your Daddy exerted his desires–I mean the butt plug has an effect on him too! It builds his desire for his good girl. I have to read furcissy’s femdom stories. Thanks for the shoutout. I follow the blog but wasn’t aware of stories.

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