Daddy’s Little Girl’s Mantra

Daddy’s Little Girl’s Mantra

Recently, blogger Wicked Daddy wrote about incorporating a mantra into one’s D/s dynamic.  Wicked Daddy discussed how to write an effective mantra and the benefits of having the submissive recite the mantra, even when away from the Dominant.  While reading this piece, I felt something stir within me and I immediately emailed the link to the article to my Daddy.  Daddy has given me permission to provide him with ideas, however; ultimately he decides when/if we incorporate something new.  In this case, Daddy also liked the idea of incorporating a mantra into our dynamic.

Daddy always puts his own spin on things, which I love, so just about every time we come together (for example, when he gets home from work), he says the following:

Daddy: Who am I?

nora: You are my Husband and my Daddy.

Daddy: And who are you?

nora: I am Daddy’s beautiful, obedient baby girl.

I cannot express how much I love this simple exchange!  My mantra, “I am Daddy’s beautiful, obedient baby girl” is one that I repeat in my head often and it reinforces in my mind who I am and what my role is within our dynamic.  I find it comforting, soothing, reassuring…and just repeating it in my head puts me firmly in my submissive mindset.

Thank you for my mantra, Daddy!  I hope it pleases you to think of your baby girl repeating your words in her head throughout the day.  I am yours, always.

Happy writing, all 🙂

~ nora


11 thoughts on “Daddy’s Little Girl’s Mantra

  1. Fantastic idea! This may be something I bring up to my Sir sometime in the future. Right now I am writing my own mantra though to teach myself some things that I need to learn to be a better submissive. Seems like all kinds of great minds think alike.

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