Part 2- What naughty girls get

I woke up that morning, already tingling with nervous anticipation.  The previous day, Daddy and I had visited a sex shop and bought some new toys…including an under-your-mattress restraint system, which could effectively tie this little girl down, spread-eagle, and completely vulnerable to Daddy’s advances.  Daddy and I had very little experience with bondage and had only used a spreader bar a couple of times during punishment scenarios so I was pretty nervous as to how it would feel being completely restrained.

When Daddy woke up, he laid out our day for me.  He said that we would first go to the nursery to buy some plants that I had been wanting, we would then go to a hunting store to buy some ammo he’d been wanting, and when we got home we would do a few chores that needed to be done.  He told me that at some point, mid-afternoon, we would retire to our bedroom for some play time.  By this time, I was already wet and just wanting to get on with everything…counting down the minutes until we got home and it was time to play.  Daddy warned me that he would be giving me a hard spanking after he restrained me but that he would also be bringing me pleasure as well.  It was hard to focus on much else that morning.

When we got home, I had a message from my best friend saying that she needed to talk.  Daddy told me to invite her over for coffee and a chat (he’s so wicked…he knew I was going crazy in anticipation of play time!).  So, obediently, I invited her over, hoping she wouldn’t stay long.  My best friend and I have known each other for over 30 years, having grown up on the same street as kids and as adults, choosing to buy homes on the same street to stay close.  She there within a few minutes and we talked about her son a bit.  I think she could tell I was a little worked up.  After Daddy was done with his chores, he came in and joined us.  My best friend totally caught me off guard when she asked if we had a “date” that night, sensing why I was worked up.  Blushing, I told her that we did indeed.  She then proceeded to ask me, in front of Daddy, what we had bought at the sex shop (she knew we were planning on going there the day before).  Daddy nodded at me that I should tell her and the three of us ended up having a conversation about the restraint system we bought and the new vibrator.  Now, please remember that my best friend is one of two people that we have shared our new D/s dynamic with.  She is aware that that our new dynamic includes a shift in power in our marriage, that Daddy is now the head of our household, and that he spanks me when I disobey him.  And, she thinks it is fantastic!  Daddy shared with her the story of how he made me keep the vibrator in when we went to the grocery store and how he turned it on high when we were in the check-out line…I was a little mortified as he described the sound I made when he switched it on.  My best friend and Daddy get on quite well and at this point, I felt they were conspiring against me, making me wait for Daddy and I’s “date”.  At one point she even asked for a second cup of coffee which she lingered over.  Finally…it was time for her to go and Daddy and I were alone at last.  She winked at me when she left and told me to enjoy myself that night.

Daddy immediately took me by the wrist and led me to our bedroom.  He stripped me completely and left me standing there to watch him install the restraint system in our bed.  The restraint system consists of 5 straps.  The main strap runs down the center of the bed, under the mattress.  The other four restraints clips to the main strap under the mattress but come out at each of the four corners.  Once the system was installed, Daddy put me in my wrist and ankle cuffs.  He then told me to lay face-down in the center of the bed.

When Daddy said to me “This is what naughty girls get” as he tied me to the bed, facedown, I shivered and realized that I had never felt as vulnerable in my entire life.  He took his time clipping each of the restraints to my cuffs, tightening each one so that I was stretched out tightly across the bed.  It is hard to describe the sound the restraints made as he tightened each restraint to his liking, but with each pull, my body became tauter and I grew wetter between my thighs.  When Daddy was finished he walked around the bed, examining me.  He touched and prodded and told me that he could see everything.  As he lightly fingered my most vulnerable places it shook me to my core to find that I could not wiggle at all.  I was completely at his mercy and I was surprised to find that I was a little scared.  I vocalized this to Daddy and he told me that he would take care of me and that he wouldn’t push too far.  He told me that we would start with the spanking he promised me.

As this was a spanking purely for Daddy’s pleasure, there was no lecture.  He warmed my bottom up with his hand and then he took the leather paddle to me.  While I don’t think he was spanking me any harder than usual, being completely restrained was having a strong emotional affect on me and it felt more painful than it usually did.  Daddy then switched to the flogger and I couldn’t help but scream when Daddy placed a painful stroke right between my legs.  I had never been flogged on my most sensitive folds and this felt like pure agony, though being under Daddy’s control like this took me to subspace for the very first time.  Daddy continued his spanking and the grand finale was a dozen with the cane.  Prior to this day, I had shared with Daddy that a fantasy of mine was to be completely restrained and given a “real” caning.  By “real”, I meant 12 hard strokes in which I could not escape.  Daddy was determined to allow me to feel the extent of this experience and I suffered 12 perfectly delivered strokes of the cane to my backside and thighs.  Daddy didn’t stop, even when I screamed out in pain and tears flowed freely.  But after he caned me, Daddy did crawl onto the bed with me and rub my back until I calmed down.  I was in such a state, that I had forgotten Daddy had promised me pleasure as well…

Leaving me in my restraints, face down, caned bottom on display (I still have marks today, by the way), Daddy retrieved our new vibrator.  He inserted the vibrator into me which has a component that goes inside the vagina and which also reaches externally to the clitoris.  He began teasing me, changing the speed and tempos until I was going quite crazy trying my best to grind onto the vibrator but being unable as I was still tightly tied down.  I will never forget the timber in his voice as he suggested that perhaps I needed a vibrating anal plug as well.  I begged him not to, but his response was to blindfold me and insert a plug.  He didn’t actually turn it on but the threat was there.  He then began to lightly kiss my neck and back and I cried out when he bit my already punished bottom.  Daddy had never bit me before and this was a HUGE turn on for me. He then decided he was ready to play with new parts and he undid my restraints, flipped me onto my back, and re-tied me up.

At this point, Daddy began to tweak my nipples and manipulate the vibrator inside me.  He told me that I was to cum for him and I gladly obeyed.  He took advantage of the fact that his baby girl was restrained face up on the bed and soon he was fucking my mouth with his cock.  This was a difficult position for me as my face was turned to the side but I did my best to take all of him inside me.  One of Daddy’s fantasies that he had shared previously was to cum on my face and that is how our scene ended.  Emotionally and physically, I felt used and abused…and completely sated in all ways.

Daddy cleaned me up a little and then released my restraints.  He crawled back into our bed and held me.  I actually cried a little, but they weren’t tears of sadness in any way…more, just a release.  We stayed that way for a long time, Daddy holding me and me recovering from all we had just experienced.

I have always enjoyed sex.  But Daddy took me to places that I have never been before, even in our 14 years together.  We are CHANGED… and in a good way.  Daddy felt it too and he said that he has never experienced anything like what he felt knowing that I was under his complete and total control.  Where we will go from here… I can only imagine and look forward to.  But I will never forget what it felt like this first time…Daddy truly dominated me, in all ways.

I belong to you, Daddy…yesterday, today, and forever.

Love, nora

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  1. Thank you for sharing, Nora. It sounds like you had a wonderful time.

    It surprised me a little bit that this type of play hadn’t been a part of your lifestyle before but I have a feeling as things begin to shift more and more into D/s that it will be quite common.

    True helplessness and vulnerability do heighten the experience quite a bit. There’s no real substitute for that “shit just got real,” feeling. I have spent many hours locked down to the bed with chains and remember them fondly and vividly.

    I can’t help but be a little evil and share some ideas, but it might be interesting if it became a regular occurrence to say, rig up some chains with your wrists locked to your collar or a belt that allow you enough movement to still perform tasks (although with some added difficulty). It might make your foot rubs more interesting. Attaching the anal hook to the back of your collar can also be an interesting sensation to exist in.

    Take care.

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    1. A little evil, furcissy? Wicked evil, more like it. You know my Daddy will read this tonight. The anal hook is an incredible turn on but is a bit scary to me…which makes it more of a turn on.

      I think we are a bit surprised by the changes in our sex life as well! We were pretty vanilla before, with just a little bit of spanking play. I can’t help but tremble a bit when I think of Daddy coming home…he is full of surprises lately 🙂

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      1. See? It’s a turn on, I’m helping!

        It is such a joy to be in that period of rapid growth. If you really want to get confused, try and figure out if you actually liked something or if it was the symbolism feeding your subspace that made it good. Sorting that out will take a while 🙂

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          1. Well… the rabbit hole goes very, very deep 🙂

            You would be surprised how long you can keep the intensity going for. There are always ways to inject some new excitement 🙂

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  2. Such a great date night.

    I can relate to that feeling of complete and total surrender of the spread eagle. It is, at once, terrifying and exhilarating! I have asked MrsL to buy an anal hook and she is a bit hesitant.

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    1. Thank you for your comment, chastecyclist! When you research anal hooks, we got a medium sized one with a ball on the end. It goes in fairly easily but it is a little scary being attached that way…


  3. Fabulous Nora!! I’m so glad this was such a good experience for you. It was fun for all of us too. Btw, great pic to illustrate the post! Very hot!!

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  4. Love the photo. I’m in that position often except I am standing and restrained between two posts. She then has access to my entire body without being untied and turned over. I am sure you will get a lot of use out of your restraining device and enjoy it to the fullest.

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  5. Holy Mackerels!! what an awesome way to kick off your journey down the Bondage path, I am so happy and relieved you had such a positive first time, to be honest I was a little worried that you may not like it from the way you spoke of your concerns and fears, and that you have never had control taken from you prior… may you and your Daddy be blessed with years of joy and positiveness as you learn and grow together , thank you for sharing, I will leave a picture on my blog for you in the next post to give you ideas or something to think about while you learn the joys of bondage/restraints 🙂

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      1. Hey 😊. I have had a couple people say they are having trouble commenting on my blog so I wanted to message people that I’m not ignoring them and having technical difficulties.

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        1. I had problems like that when I first got started…WordPress thought a lot of my comments were spam, until people would check their box and unspam my comments. Weird…


          1. Ugh, I contacted them and hopefully they will get back to me. This is rather annoying. And don’t even get me started on the app, lol.

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  6. Sounds like an amazing time! Can’t wait to hear about your next adventure with Daddy. And I totally understand the different level it must’ve felt like you were on while restrained. It’s a feeling like no other.

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