This is what naughty girls get…

This is what naughty girls get…

When Daddy said to me “This is what naughty girls get” as he tied me to the bed, face down, I shivered and realized that I had never felt as vulnerable in my entire life.  Prior to restraining me, he had stripped me completely nude and had enjoyed my discomfort as he had me watch him affixing the new restraints under the mattress on our bed.  When he was finished, four heavy nylon restraints were visible in each of the corners of the bed.  He made a show out of placing a leather cuff on both my wrists and ankles.  When he issued the command for me to lay face down on the bed, I just about melted at his feet but I obeyed his order, more than willingly.  After all, I had asked for this.

To preface this scene, I’ll start by saying that Daddy and I had a very sexually stimulating conversation about fantasies after reading all of the comments on my last post.  After that conversation, I could see that he was determined to take our sexual adventures to the next level and he promised me that not only was he taking me to this cute little mountain town the next day for some fun but that on the way, we would be stopping at a sex shop that we had never been to.

The sex shop was decadent!  Two stories filled with anything and everything that one could imagine to spice things up in the bedroom.  We had a delightful salesman who was very eager to answer our questions and show us how certain toys are used.  After agonizing over our purchases for nearly an hour, we bought the following: a sturdy, adjustable, under the mattress restraint system, an anal hook, leather ankle cuffs that match the cuffs Daddy makes me wear nightly, and this store’s version of the We-Vibe for couples.

Unable to wait until we got home to play with our new toys, Daddy plugged the new vibe into the USB charger in the car to get it up and running, while we enjoyed the day shopping and being in the sun by the lake.  We had been in the car for about 20 minutes, making the 2-hour trek back home, when Daddy told me to take down my pants and insert the new vibrator.  He of course, would hold the wireless remote.  I must say, I have never felt quite as naughty as I did with my bare bottom on the leather seat of my car, vibrator inside me, while Daddy explored the various options.  I squealed and squirmed, much to his delight.  When I grew close to orgasm, he immediately would turn it off.  This went on and on the entire car ride home, including when we stopped at the grocery store for dinner.  Daddy made me keep the vibrator in and he turned it on, full force, while we waiting in line to check out.  Thankfully, this vibrator is super quiet, but the little squeal that I let out was no doubt heard by some.

Once home, Daddy removed the vibrator and stripped his little girl down.  He then gave me a spanking, for his own pleasure, and because he enjoys seeing a nice red bottom.  He then decided to insert the new anal hook into my spanked bottom.  This was a very different sensation as it was cold steel and the shape quite different from the anal plugs we have used.  Daddy then attached my cuffs behind my back to the anal hook and made me sit on the couch beside him as he watched TV.  I had to hold very still because if I moved my arms at all, it pulled on the anal hook which was a little painful.  I was feeling quite submissive at this point and was eager to please Daddy.  Shortly after, Daddy helped me to stand up and he made me walk to the bedroom in front of him, hands still attached to the anal hook.  I took a lot of pleasure in the sound he made as he watched me walk down the hallway, trussed up to his liking.  He told me that seeing me like that was F-ing hot (please excuse my French).  At that point, we both just needed sex, so that is what we spent the next hour doing…no toys, no extras…just me and Daddy.  However, Daddy promised me that the very next day we would be installing the restraint system under our mattress and that he would be fulfilling my fantasy of being completely restrained, spread eagle on the bed.

More to come tomorrow!  Please look for Part 2 🙂

Happy writing!



25 thoughts on “This is what naughty girls get…

  1. In love the picture and your account. I am also looking forward to part two. I wondered how you got on with the anal hook. We have one also but it is very large and so it would not be something to be quickly inserted. We had been thinking about trying a smaller one as we enjoy the vulnerability that goes with it.

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    1. The anal gook definitely evokes feelings of submission in me. At the sex shop, there were three sizes, and we selected the medium one. It goes in fairly easily as the ball is about the width of my husband’s thumb. However, once it is in and attached (in this case, to my wrists cuffed behind my back) and movement is a little painful. I would definitely recommend it as it enhanced my feelings of submissiveness and was very visually pleasing to my Husband. Trying the next size down might be worth it for you two.

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  2. Oh, nora! The anal hook was one of my favorites, if not my favorite, as a sub. It always made me feel very submissive and it is very versatile. I hope you two have loads of fun with it.

    I have to ask, did you get one with the ball at the end?

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  3. Ok what do I do now???? My mind is racing and heart rate is elevated……

    Now I am the one in need of a cold shower.

    I think it is fantastic that you have enjoyed the comments on your last post and this has ‘opened up’ a few more avenues for you both to explore….

    🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 reading Miss N

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  4. This sounds more like what GOOD girls get. I hope you enjoy you new toys and what is to come next. I will say for myself, I like being restrained and spanked. The helpless feeling and the vulnerability are great.

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  5. holy mackerels !! you have a very creative and amazing Daddy, and you are having such a wonderous experience, you must be a very very good girl to get such splendiferous rewards like that.

    looking forward to your part 2 , interested to know how you feel about being restrained, it is quite the intense experience and one I do believe you are going to enjoy … a lot! *wink*

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