Nightly Ritual

The further we travel down the D/s road, the more Daddy and I are both learning about how to encourage Daddy’s dominance and how to encourage my submission.  One way we have found to accomplish this is through the establishment of rituals.  One of our nightly rituals includes a foot massage for Daddy.

During the evening at some point, I am to offer Daddy a foot massage.  While he typically says yes right away, he’ll sometimes say yes, but not just yet.  When he decides he is ready, I am to kneel on the floor in front of his recliner.  Then, if I am not already undressed, I am to expose my breasts to him for his enjoyment during his massage.  I then proceed to give Daddy a lengthy foot massage while he relaxes in his recliner.  When I am finished, I give each of his big toes a kiss before requesting permission to once again join him in my chair.  He usually grants me this permission, but sometimes he has me remain on the floor at his feet while we continue watching television.

Wanting to please Daddy, I spent some time researching how to give the best foot massage.  I will share what I have learned for any of you who might be interested.  First, it is important to use some sort of lotion during the foot massage so that your hands glide easily over the skin.  When it comes to feet, creams and butters seem to work best as they are thick and feet are often calloused (though Daddy jokes that he now has the softest feet in the county after two months of nightly foot massages!).  Currently, I am using a lavender scented shea butter.  I’ve heard there are oils that work as well, but I have yet to try that.  Next, consider positioning.  When I massage Daddy’s feet, he is typically in his recliner with his feet up.  He could also be lying on the bed or the couch, but I think the important thing is that the feet are elevated for maximum relaxation.

When I begin his foot massage, I typically start toward the top of the foot and work my way down and repeat.  Sometimes I massage one foot at a time, but as my fingers and hands are growing stronger, I’ve found I can actually massage both of his feet at the same time, one in each hand.  I am sure to always massage more firmly on the soles of his feet which typically causes Daddy to close his eyes in pleasure.  When he has to pause his show because he is unable to concentrate, I know I am doing a good job.  I also make sure that I give his toes some light massaging and some special rubbing around the ankle area.  I sometimes will use my fist to massage the arch of his feet, but now that my hands have gotten stronger I usually just do this with my fingers.  A specific technique that I employ is referred to as the milking stroke.  To do this, you hold the foot in both hands and apply 10 strong pulls on one side of the foot and then the other.  I’ve noticed Daddy really likes this method.

There are certainly other advanced techniques that I will look forward to mastering and one can always continue to work further up the leg (wink wink).  But, for now, I think Daddy and I are both satisfied with incorporating this nightly ritual, no matter where we are.  Daddy was quite pleased when he saw that I brought the foot butter along with us camping a couple of weekends ago.  I love when he tells me he’s proud of me.  He loves when I am kneeling before him rubbing his feet, like his good little girl.  All around, a win win.

Happy writing 🙂


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  1. For my wife to be kneeling at me feet while we am in the chair, I would say screw the feet and suck my cock. Watching her on her knees would b a huge turn in for me. Plus I have sensitive feet and would laugh a lot if she was to do my feet like that.

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  2. I love giving foot massages. Work your fingers between his toes, and make sure the pads of his toes are done. Using your knuckles in soles of feet is great tool.

    I am certain Daddy would love you massaging higher up his leg. The calves need attention too😉😉

    There would be other cream you could use on your own feet then👏👏👏👌

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